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Ilta12 News & Analysis

Relativity, Information Governance and the Future of Legal Tech #ILTA12

ilta2012-logo-740.jpgWalking the halls at ILTA it’s very clear how far the legal tech community has come. Wasn’t it just two years ago that vendors in the e-Discovery space were talking about how lawyers should get empowered to adapt new technologies into their workflow? And now, not only have they begun to adapt, they’re reshaping the landscape of legal tech.

Leading Change Through Better Communication #ILTA12

ilta2012-logo-740.jpgWhen we came to ILTA it was telling that the focus of the conference was no longer exclusively about e-Discovery. Legal tech has evolved to include so much more than collecting and reviewing information. Over time, the legal tech community has had to confront issues associated with the cloud, mobile and social media.

Overcoming Limitations in the Pursuit of Better Brainstorming #ILTA12

Tom Koulopoulos started off Tuesday’s ILTA keynote telling us we’ve been brainwashed. We’ve let technology change the way we behave and thwart us off the course for which we’ve been originally wired. We check our email from our bed. We take photos of our food. We need to be constantly connected.

Diversity Drives Innovation #ILTA12

ilta2012-logo-740.jpgToday starts our week-long coverage of ILTA 12. Though the International Legal Technology Association brings together a variety of legal professionals, the focus of this year’s conference relates to most, if not all of us in the enterprise -- Act, Collaborate to Drive Change (AC2DC).

The iPad Cannot Replace the Company Laptop #ILTA12

Could the iPad Replace the Company Laptop? #ILTA12Is the iPad becoming a laptop replacement? That’s the question three panelists at ILTA sought to answer on the first day of sessions. As iPads become more popular and used within the workplace, it’s not uncommon for lawyers and other professionals to use their iPad to complete work-related tasks. While everyone loves the flexibility that the tablet device provides, not everyone agrees that it’s the right tool for every job.

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