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Inbound Writer's New Topic Buzz Module Adds Twitter Analysis

Content producers can use big data to their advantage when researching relevant ideas, search terms and keywords for their Web writing. Now, one company wants to make it even easier for writers to scour the Internet for the most searchable and insightful ideas that can make any marketing or publishing solution perform as needed. Inbound Writer has added a new module called Topic Buzz -- a Twitter analytics tool for cutting through the social network's stream of information.

Inbound Writer's Search Intelligence Solution Gets Plugged into WordPress

InboundWriter_Logo.gifLast week we talked about InboundWriter’s social writing application and its impact on web content. This week, Inbound Writer gets plugged-in. The launch of a new WordPress plugin (made possible by with help from Eightfold Logic, an inbound marketing innovator) enables InboundWriter users to access real-time search intelligence within one of the most popular blogging software platforms.

Can a Social Writing Application Optimize Web Content?

InboundWriter_Logo.gif When it comes to content strategy, we tend to focus more on the strategy and less on the content. And while the content strategy community doesn’t lack for advice about employing the right content in the right places, there aren’t many tools that can help model effective content based on keywords and content goals. Thanks to a handy tool called Inbound Writer, writing content that’s both targeted and strategic is now possible.

Smarsh Offers Resources for Social Media Compliance

smarsh logo.png

As more and more financial advisers wade into social media, the seas are still uncharted. There are still risks associated with combining the financial and social media industries.

Though many businesses are still resistant to engage via social media platforms, research has shown that if done correctly, the results can be beneficial.

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