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How Does Lead Scoring REALLY Benefit Businesses? [Infographic]

How Does Lead Scoring REALLY Benefit Businesses? [Infographic]In their pitch for lead scoring, salespeople will name dozens of reasons why its adoption is crucial for your business. But you know that the proof is in the pudding. So let’s see what those already using it have to say. What benefits have they really gained? Which exceeded their expectations and which fell short?

How Is Hadoop Like Teenage Sex? [Infographic]

How is Hadoop like teenage sex? It’s an old riddle whose answer is changing quickly. If you don’t already know what it is, read on. And if you do, read on anyway (and check out the Infographic) because we have some marvelous visual statistics to share.

How to Catch Customers #BlackFriday [Infographic]

Customer Experience, How to Catch Customers #BlackFriday [Infographic]You couldn't have made it through the past month without hearing one prediction after another about the importance of  mobile commerce this holiday season. And guess what? Everyone who emphasized that optimizing for mobile was an essential retail strategy was apparently right, according to early insight from IBM.

Talk Faster: You Only Have Seconds to Make Your Point [Infographic]

ClockDid you get the impression your boss tuned you out while you were making that elaborate presentation? You're probably right. A new survey from the Chicago-based The BRIEF Lab found nearly three in four professionals lose interest in presentations within a minute — and have equally limited attention spans for email and conversation.

TESTED! Personal vs. Business Email Contacts on B2B Websites [Infographic]

Thumbnail image for personal business emailIt's common practice in B2B marketing to require business email addresses on websites and online forms, but does this requirement leave valid leads on the table? 

Marketers Pick Their Social Media Channels of Choice [Infographic]

Despite being lumped together under the social media banner, not all social sites are the same, a difference that is reflected in how social media is used by marketers.

Social Media Briefs: Fake Tweets, Embedded Infographics & Custom Scheduling

This week, social media was drowned out by the likes of Chromecast and Hootsuite's Vidyard app, but have no fear, there were some other news that caught our attention. 

A Timeline of How Marketing Got Personal [Infographic]

Marketing is a continually evolving field; an evolvement that is highlighted in an infographic from Infogroup Targeting Solutions that looks at marketing tools and strategies from the last 50 years.

The De-Evolution of Tech Learning

De-Evolution of Tech Education.jpgHave we lost patience with learning about technical topics? Or are we just so inundated with nonsensical “content” that there just aren't enough hours in the day?

Crowdsourcing the Voice of the Customer Through Feedback Management

Your customers are talking about you. Are you listening? While more and more companies are embracing the voice of their customer, what the customers says isn’t always true or accurate. How can organizations begin to filter reliable feedback from the noise? We spoke with Questback’s Senior Methodologist, Darren Bosik about how feedback software management solutions can amplify the voice of customer.

Lack of BYOD Strategies Risks Creation of Personal Content Silos [Infographic]

With information management reaching a crisis point in many enterprises as more and more channels pump data into disparate silos, an unlikely champion for breaking down content silos has arisen in the shape of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) strategies.

The State of the Mobile Enterprise [Infographic]

The mobile enterprise is picking up. Companies are spending more on mobile device management, implementing BYOD policies and working to help employees do more, from anywhere and any device.

Understanding and Implementing the Customer Journey [Infographic]

This month we’re learning to understand and implement the customer journey. Already, we’ve learned so much about what the customer journey is and why it’s important to designing the perfect customer experience. 

customer journey.png
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Create a Community Opportunity [Infographic]

This month we've discussed how you know your customer community is working, ways to grow it and even why communities matter. But are you leveraging the opportunity that communities afford you and your organization?

What Would You Do With a Billion Data Points? [Infographic]

Another day, more Big Data. How are you harnessing the big data in your organization? Are you finding that you’re able to extract power from it, or does it have power over you?

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