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Ingeniux News & Analysis

Ingeniux: Our CMS Platform 'Leapfrogs' ASP.NET Market

The Web Content Management (WCM) world was shaken up last week when Forrester Research came out with its first Wave report on the space in two years.

"Web content management software has become the technology and content delivery backbone of digital experiences," Forrester researchers wrote in their report. 

Forrester reviewed 10 CMS vendors. But what about the rest? We've tracked a few more, including Ingeniux. Fresh off its fall release of Ingeniux CMS 9, the Seattle-based company plans a "major update" to the CMS application user interface this year.

"The Ingeniux platform continues to evolve," said David Hillis, vice president of business development for Ingeniux. "We have major enhancements and updates planed for all of our products. What makes it exciting is the evolution of our industry and customer needs. We feel that Ingeniux is really well positioned on a number of areas."

CMSWire Tech Super Bowl: Seattle vs. New England


Forget the Patriots vs. Seahawks. Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts. Tom Brady against Russell Wilson.

The 49th Super Bowl of the National Football League -- set for Sunday, Feb. 1 -- also features an undercard of two respected tech cities going head to head.

With that, we bring you today the first CMSWire Tech Super Bowl.

The matchup: two Web CMS industry players:

David Hillis, vice president of business development for Seattle's Ingeniux.

Tom Wentworth, chief marketing officer of Burlington, Mass.-based Acquia, which moves into Boston later this year.

Pair Writing: A Revolution in Content Creation

There is an accepted wisdom that content creation must be a solitary activity if you want quality and creativity. But this is a consequence of the content tools (pens, typewriters) that have been available. As collaborative, network-oriented content tools emerge, we will see a lot more collaboratively created content. 

Community Management: Impacting Organizational Change #CMAD

Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD), and people across the world are celebrating the role these community leaders play in building brands, engaging customers and improving the overall customer experience.

“CMAD is a great opportunity for community practitioners to look up from their busy days and take some time to connect with peers,” Hillary Boucher, community manager at TheCR Network, told CMSWire. “Only 27 percent of community managers that we surveyed for the 2014 Community Manager Salary Survey found their position through traditional job listings. This means it's essential for community managers to invest in their professional networks."

Jeremiah Owyang, founder of Crowd Companies, initiated Community Manager Appreciation Day in 2010 to "recognize and celebrate" the efforts community managers worldwide play in respect to improving customer experiences.

Technology Can't Ever Solve the Information Management Problem

We’re in an exciting time for information management: cloud storage has become ubiquitous, mobile devices provide a functional (though not yet entirely optimal) experience for end users, disruptive entrants have pushed the envelope, venerable leaders have begun to execute on powerful innovations, and, at least in theory, managing information better seems to be an aspiration of organizations across nearly every vertical. Not to mention the vibrant community of information management practitioners available on the web through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more blog sites than you could ever hope to read.

5 Education-Focused Web Content Management Platforms


By now you know not all web content management systems are created equally. To find the one that’s right for you depends on specific elements of how your organization works, the types of content you create and the types of engagement you want to elicit from your audience. For schools, finding the right fit can be a challenging.

Ingeniux Launches Cartella 4.0 for Social Intranets, Extranets and Portal

Ingeniux Cartella Intranet Home

The latest version of Ingeniux's social software, Cartella, has been released. They call say it has "the power of a portal with the simplicity of an app." What does than mean exactly? Read on to find out.

Ingeniux Unveils Version 8 of Its Web CMS, Focus is Mobile, ASP.NET

Ingeniux has released its CMS 8, with such features as a new deployment server technology, improved mobile optimization and new ASP.NET developer capabilities.

Ingeniux Rounds Out its Mobile Web with Data

Seattle-based Software as a Service provider Ingeniux Corp. said today the company is licensing's mobile Premium Device Data and will use the technology as part of its mobile solutions package. The software will be integrated with its CMS web content management and Cartella community and collaboration software, allowing developers to target content delivery to most mobile devices and accelerate advanced feature development.

Sitecore, Ektron, Mid Market Web CMS Vendors Raise Prices, Switch Focus

We've long considered Web CMS vendors like Sitecore and Ektron to be mid-market players. And to some extent they still are. But with the evolution of web content management towards customer experience management has come a shift in the .NET Web CMS vendor landscape. Here's a look at where the players are today.

Ingeniux 7.5 is the Digital Hub - Unified Web and Mobile Publishing

Ingeniux 7.5 has been released today, offering web managers and marketers a digital hub that supports the management of a single set of content deployed across a range of channels and devices. There are over 126 updates in this release. Here's a look at the major ones.

Ingeniux Offers a new Mobile Web Portal Solution for Web Engagement

Ingeniux (newssite) has always been a prominent supporter of mobile capabilities as part of web engagement management. Today the web content management vendor demonstrates that even more with the release of its new Mobile Web Portal and solution packages.

Ingeniux CMS Review (v7)

Ingeniux is a smallish U.S. vendor with a solid feature set, a mature business posture and a steadily growing list of enviable clients. Here's a background snapshot on the company and our review of release 7 of the Ingeniux Web CMS product.

Enterprise 2.0 Roll-up: Email Doesn't Take Holidays, Mobile Predictions for 2011

Consider the dinner table this holiday season. Will you be eating and enjoying time with family and friends, or checking your e-mail with your mobile device? A couple of recent surveys have revealed some uncomfortable facts about American behavior with regards to the mighty inbox, as well as the mobile trends to look for in 2011. 

Ingeniux Partners to Bring Web and Social Content to Associations

Ingeniux Partners to provide social media solution to associationsIngeniux (newssite) has a new partnership to add to the list. This one sees the integration of Ingeniux CMS and Cartella with software that supports associations online.

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