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The Two Most Overlooked Opportunities in Corporate America

"Why should the business pay for that? How will that impact top line revenue?" Although it may have been a while since you asked or have been asked either of these questions at your place of business, I bet you are familiar with them — and just as familiar with the goat rodeos that arrive when the questions are asked.

Harness Your Social Platforms for Innovation: 4 Essential Principles

It’s been said that no man (or woman) is an island, and this is as true in innovation as it is anywhere else. Communication and the ability to collectively brainstorm has proven to be a great benefit to the corporations that engage in it, and social platforms like Jive, Telligent, Chatter and internal wikis have allowed this process to be faster and more inclusive than ever before.

But most companies with social platforms use them primarily for knowledge sharing. Innovation goes beyond knowledge sharing and requires breakthrough thinking. Implementing a social platform within an enterprise has its challenges, but companies who fail to use them to spur innovation miss out on a significant growth opportunity.

The 2 Biggest Time Sucks in Corporate America

Goat rodeo.jpg

"Please shoot me now! I can't do it anymore! Why does everything have to be so slow and painful? There has got to be a better way!" Does this sound familiar? Although it may have been a while since you heard or muttered any of these phrases at work, I would be surprised if you have not heard some similar sense of frustration at your job.

Let's take a look at the greatest "Time Sucks" in corporate America ...

How Awesomeness Dies

awesome wave.jpgI once collaborated with a business leader on a team, and she really liked an idea I had. After a conversation about the idea, she asked how we could make it real "without killing the awesomeness." In that moment, with that question, I immediately knew how awesomeness dies.

5 Things to Banish from Digital Offices


Every day something in the digital office annoys a few hundred million workers. Not enough to stage a mass revolt, but just enough to ferment our collective disdain for technology.

Here's a wish list of things those of us at CMSWire would like developers, vendors and IT specialists to fix in 2014. Their cooperation will help save our souls from everything from the inevitable cloud outage to expletives over the latest snafu and personalized ring tones that sound like moose calls. 

The Hidden Dangers of Customer Requests

Customer Experience, The Hidden Dangers of Customer RequestsWhy listening to customers can sometimes be a bad thing

“We listen to our customers” is a claim we hear from product makers frequently. It’s supposed to assure us that the company has in mind the best interests of its users. But what if listening to customers is actually the last thing a company should be doing?

Three Ways to Drive Business Innovation, Every Day

Social Business, Three Ways to Drive Business Innovation, Every DayWhere do great ideas come from? The kind that drive innovation -- original ideas with purpose that can transform a person, a business or even an entire industry?

It often seems that there is a random creativity to innovation and a dependence on the unexpected, perhaps even the accidental. We cannot simply say, “go forth and innovate.” Or can we?

Creating Value from Chaos: Defining and Encouraging Innovation

1375251_600129090029481_1666320026_n.jpg Think about a company like Apple and you probably think, accurately or not, about innovation. We're always waiting for the next big thing. The new. The unusual. The useful. The latest innovation.

"Innovation" is as big of a buzzword as "big data" -- and just as hard to define. Blame it on the very nature of innovation: to innovate means to create change, which, by necessity, implies breaking rules, making mistakes and upsetting the status quo. So how do you define change … and, more importantly, why should you bother?

Canyons of Manhattan/Photo by Asa Aarons

The Key to Innovation: Solve a Problem

Innovate by Solving Your Own Problems
Is the key to innovation simply working to solve our own problems?

This was a popular theme at a recent DEMO conference in California's Silicon Valley. Several founders of startups and entrepreneurs echoed that sentiment as they pitched investors and customers about their upcoming projects.

Cubicles, Corner Offices, Open Workspaces: Who's More Satisfied?


Does how and where you work affect privacy and communication? As anyone who's worked in a cubicle or a corner office can attest, it's an obvious question. And yet, the answer isn't as straight forward. Many tech firms will tell you how open workspaces have helped teams collaborate more efficiently, while most executives know they've made it when they achieve the corner suite. Recently a team of researchers set out to find out the distinct benefits associated with various office spaces and how they affect workspace satisfaction. 

What Does a Good Manager Do? Inspire.

What Does a Good Manager Do? Inspire.What would you say if I asked you what your main objective as a manager was? You'd probably answer that it was to delegate tasks, oversee projects and if there's time, confidently lead your team to success. It seems reasonable, but considering all that you do, how much time is spent actively inspiring your team members? 

Why Resistance is Essential to Transformation

Customer Experience, Why Resistance is Essential to TransformationDeploying a new piece of technology is much more than a technology challenge. It’s a change challenge.

A New Formula for an Innovative Culture

new formula for innovative cultureLooking back over the last few years, people across every industry and discipline have tried several methods to increase innovation. The executive leadership teams have told people to "speed up product development." They have told people to "fail fast." They have created formal innovation teams and processes. They have put a mix of processes, both formal and informal, for handoffs from the innovation departments to the enterprise at large. They have even gone so far as to set up separate campuses right next to college campuses with the notion that proximity to the youth culture will somehow infect the enterprise.

Forrester: Want Marketing Innovation? Change Your Corporate Culture

Forrester: Want Marketing Innovation? Change Your Corporate Culture

What’s the key to adopting the kind of marketing innovation that is necessary in today’s environment? According to a new report from Forrester Research, it boils down to one thing: a culture of innovation.

#SXSWi Hasn't Jumped the Shark. Have You?

It is all clear now. I figured it out. My absolute favorite thing about SXSW is this: The pretentious people say it has jumped the shark. Do you know all those people who are so busy telling everyone “There’s nothing new at SXSW”? Yeah, they’re gone. The people who remain are the ones who are taking risks. The ones who are creating new and interesting stuff. And because the naysayers have taken their negative attitudes home, the makers are free to do even more cool stuff.

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