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Intellectual Property News & Analysis

A Sneak Peek Into Information Governance's Future


Information governance is slowly moving beyond its traditional image as a center of risks and costs as it evolves into a technology practice that delivers added value for companies.

That was one of the themes yesterday in a CMSWire Webinar, "Real Customer Successes: Business Transformation with Information Governance." The speakers were Barclay T. Blair, executive director and founder of the Information Governance Initiative (IGI), and Stephen Ludlow, the director of product marketing at OpenText who leads that company's e-discovery and information governance (IG) practice.

The core of the presentation was a preview of a benchmarking study by IGI that is based on interviews with 30 information governance managers.  You can watch the full webinar by clicking here or at the end of this story. The full IGI study is scheduled to be released in January.

Social Ideation Finds Ideas Worth Pursuing

2014-03-June-sticky-notes.jpgKnowledge-based companies have been driving much of the economy, especially in the United States and Europe. Information technology, media, biotech and pharmaceutical, financial services companies and many more are based on the ability to generate good ideas, turn them into technology and, eventually, products. The “business” of these companies is intellectual property (IP) -- basically an idea that has value. Even companies that don’t make money directly on IP have to worry about it.

IP is not only a product idea. It may also be a better way of doing business, a price model that offers a competitive advantage, or a way to achieve operational efficiencies.

Social Media Analytics Can Help Reduce Legal Risks

Information Management, Social Media Analytics Can Help Reduce Legal RisksPractically any discussion of social media analytics revolves around marketing. This is unfortunate since it diminishes the impact social media analytics should be having in other parts of the company.

Document Management Roll-up: Dell Gets Into Document Management, Alfresco Offers Content Migration

While Lexmark announced last week that it was moving into the Enterprise CMS space with the acquisition of Perceptive, Dell continues its move into the managed services market by adding document management to its printers. Alfresco is also making moves by making content migration to its ECM easier than ever.

EMC SourceOne Adds Email Supervisor for GRC

GRC is at the forefront of most industries and they all struggle with managing policy-based information so as to meet compliance and mitigate risks. Because email can generate massive amounts of information and is subject to great scrutiny, companies are always eager to implement new tools designed to make the management process easier. Like this new one from EMC (news, site).

Ringing in the New Year with Clean Intellectual Property

In 2008, the open source community saw the year end with a headline catching lawsuit, the Free Software Foundation files suit against Cisco for General Public License (GPL) violations. Not to be outdone, 2009 also ended with a bang.

Best Buy, Samsung, JVC and eleven other consumer electronics companies were named in a copyright infringement lawsuit filed on December 14, 2009, by the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) on behalf of the Software Freedom Conservancy. The scope of this lawsuit is unprecedented as it includes fourteen defendants.

Taeus Unveils Web CMS For Marketing Intellectual Property

IPortalware_logo_2010.jpg It has been a while since we came across a first-in-class content management system. However, intellectual property (IP) consulting giant Taeus International says it has just launched just that with its SaaS web content management system IPortalware.

Cisco and WebEx Bring New Enterprise Platform

When Cisco acquired WebEx, the technology world waited in anticipation for what the combined company would bring to market. Cisco answered back recently by releasing a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) communications platform that brings users a combined presence, instant messaging, Web meeting and team space for workplace collaboration.

The company aims to offer an attractive set of communication tools that will deter enterprise users from looking for external options that are outside organizations’ firewalls. Cisco WebEx Connect is designed around enabling communication and collaboration while respecting the security and management surrounding an enterprise application.

Knowledge Tree 'Open Sources' More Than Just Code

Knowledge Tree Logo

The idea of “open sourcing” a company’s intellectual property has traditionally been applied to the source code that makes up a particular application. Yet in a surprising move, Knowledge Tree - which already offers its document management system under an open source license - is releasing all of its documentation, developer guides, and marketing materials under a Creative Commons contribution license.

Creative Commons v3 Protects Your Inner Genius

Creative Commons 3.0When a large corporate body and a suburban teen can use the same platform to air a great idea or persuasive stream of thought, what protects one or the other from negligence of source citation or outright content theft? It’s harder to track information back to its origins when the origin itself can be added, edited, published and deleted on a whim.

Noting that the corporate machine might be slightly better able than the teen at navigating the complex world of content rights, Creative Commons came up with a solution as simple and fluid as the flow of information it is often meant to protect. And recently, the 3.0 version of said solution has been unwrapped.

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