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Interact News & Analysis

Interact Intranet 7 Released, Includes Updated Search Tools + Design

Enterprise social networks is a ballooning sector, and the activity in this space picked up yet again this week with the release of Interact Intranet 7, a polished update on the intranet theme that includes search tools and a responsive design.

Interact Upgrades to Intranet v5.1, Enhances Social Capabilities

You may recall from the Intranet and Advanced Portal conference in Amsterdam a few weeks ago that the social business elements of intranet development are one of the big trends at the moment. Interact has obviously been paying attention to market needs because v5.1 contains a number of new functionalities that will make intranets more social and easier to manage.

Perceptive Software Launches Interact Mobile Apps

The Interact Mobile product family provides remote access to Perceptive Software enterprise CMS solutions.

Interact Intranet 5.0 Released, Dedicated User-Centric Homepage Introduced

Interact Intranet 5.0 Released, Dedicated User-Centric Homepage IntroducedInteract Intranet wants to make sure enterprise social networks are used to the fullest, with users not missing a beat when it comes to online interactions, conversations and relevant updates. The release of version 5.0 of Interact's popular on-premise and SaaS Intranet solution introduces user-centric features designed to make interaction more convenient for users.

Expert Advice on Building Better Intranets at Interaction 2011 in London this October

Interaction 2011 London Intranet ConferenceIntranets have gone far beyond merely being vehicles for sharing files and printers. As networks become more social in nature, the intranet also has also evolved to become an essential tool for communication and collaboration within organizations. Interact Intranet's (news, site) upcoming Interaction 2011 conference will allow participants to listen to experts share their experiences and best practices in implementing and managing intranets.

Interact SharePoint Connector Unifies Document Storage Into Searchable Knowledge Base

Microsoft SharePoint (news, site) enables collaboration and document sharing within teams. However, bigger organizations that have multiple teams within might experience islands of information as each team has its own unlinked site. Interact's (news, site) SharePoint Connector tool enables document search across multiple SharePoint sites for better knowledge management within the corporate intranet.

Internal Crowdsourcing with Interact Answers

Crowdsourcing has become popular of late, with certain niches. For example, Joel Spolsky's Stack Exchange recently received US$ 12 million in VC funding for what is essentially a question-and-answer site among software engineers. The same concept will apply with organizations. Because organizations will always have questions -- and answers -- Interact Intranet is releasing a crowdsourcing engine meant for intranets.

Stuck for Ideas to Make Your Intranet a Success?


When Interact (news, site) announced the winners of its annual Intranet innovation awards, we thought it might be more beneficial to see if you could take advantage of the lessons learned.

Latest Interact Intranet Update Adds Collaboration Features


U.K company Odyssey has cranked up development on its update to the company's Interact Intranet (news, site) suite to cram in features that make an instant communications hub for your intranet.

Interact 4G Intranet Web 2.0 in New Clothes

Odyssey Offers the First 4th Generation Intranet called Interact 4.0

Odyssey Interactive is offering up a new term to add to the many we already seem to be confused about. It’s called a 4G (fourth generation) Intranet and it’s the next generation of intranets inspired by social networking sites like Facebook, Amazon and Google. They claim to have created the first one.

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