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Internet Explorer News & Analysis

Is Internet Explorer Still IE - Even If You Call It Spartan? #Conv15

It’s not official. But it’s just about certain that Microsoft plans to kill Internet Explorer (IE).

At the Convergence conference in Atlanta yesterday, Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela acknowledged the company is researching a new brand or new name for its browser.

This is not the first time Microsoft has hinted the end is near for IE. But it is the first time that anyone from Microsoft has addressed the subject directly.

Microsoft Eats $731 Million Fine from European Commission for Browser Violations

The interaction between Microsoft’s browser and its operating system has been a subject of interest by monopoly watchers almost since the Web began. Now, that interest has resulted in a whopping US$ 731 million (€561 million) fine by the European Commission (EC), a decision which the technology giant has said it is “highly unlikely” to appeal. 

Forrester Report Makes Case for a Single Standardized Browser

Analysts at reputed Forrester Research have released a study on making the business case for standardizing on a single browser. The report was commissioned by Microsoft, however, so it takes a bit of a limited approach to the browser question.

Bringing HTML5 to Windows Phone 8

Microsoft is promoting the new software developer kit (SDK) available for the IE10 browser as containing an emulator that allows testing of sites on the Windows Phone 8 platform. Microsoft says this functionality will help IE10 sites provide the same experience on mobile devices running Windows Phone 8 as they do on PCs and other devices.

GRC Roll-up: Google Warns Email May Be Attacked, IBM Offers Mobile Security

This week the focus was principally on security as Google warned that some accounts may be the focus of state sponsored attacks, while IBM offered security components for mobile devices. Also this week, both RSA and Lockpath upgraded their GRC platform offerings.

Firefox to Challenge IE on Windows 8 ARM Devices

firefox_logo_2011.jpg Microsoft's Internet Explorer market share is back on the rise thanks to its use in Windows Phone 7 smartphones. But it won't have everything its own way as Mozilla plans to bring Firefox to Windows 8 tablets.

Internet Explorer Regains Market Share From Firefox, Chrome

"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated," says Internet Explorer, as Microsoft's default Windows web browser regains some of the market share previously lost to its major competitors Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Chrome Continues Its Rise to Fame, Internet Explorer on Downward Spiral

A new year is here, but the Microsoft Internet Explorer team might be wishing they could roll back the hands of time. The latest statistics from data firms StatCounter and Net Applications shows that Internet Explorer is consistently losing market share to rising star Google Chrome

Security Drives Microsoft IE Automated Update Strategy

Calling it an important step in moving the Web forward, Microsoft announced plans to automatically upgrade all Windows customers to the latest version of Internet Explorer, starting in January.  

With 40% market share, Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) dominates both the worldwide and US browser markets, and the company wants to leverage that position to make the Web a safer place from the likes of malware and other malicious software.

Windows 8 Gets IE10, Faster Install and Massive Drive Support


Microsoft is progressing at an electric pace with Windows 8 development, and beta users can try the latest test of Internet Explorer 10 exclusively. But analysts reckon it may come too late to save the company's tablet ambitions.

Google Apps Kicks Internet Explorer 7 to the Curb

The official e-mail went out to Google Apps administrators this week: As of August 1, Google will only support modern browsers across Google Apps. For Internet Explorer 7, Safari 3 and Firefox 3.5, this means the end of the line. 

Enterprise Collaboration: Start Celebrating Adoption, Not Deployment

So, you think that new shiny tool or technology you found will be the answer to your organization's problems. Unfortunately it's not the tool that provides business value, it's adoption of it you should be looking at.

MIX11 Kicks Off In Vegas, IE9, Orchard Web CMS, Azure Among Keynote Topics #mixevent

Today Microsoft opened its doors to MIX11, a web/mobile industry conference with heavy emphasis on Microsoft development tools and related standards. This was my first visit to the conference and I came to the opening keynote expecting to hear the gospels of Silverlight, Windows Phone and Windows Azure being preached to me, but that (almost) didn’t happen at all.

Take Internet Explorer 10 for a Spin as Windows 8 Leaks

ie10logo.jpgMicrosoft (news, site) was showing off some early code for IE10 and Windows 8, but you can actually go play with the in-development browser right now.

Browser Speeds & Stability Compared; Should You Switch Browsers Now?

Web browsers are often a highly personal choice. You would usually have a preference based on speed, feature set and compatibility. With the recent release of IE9 and Firefox 4 claiming to be faster than ever, tests have been run to determine speed and stability on each.

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