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Matching Customer Journeys to Lifecycle Marketing: Widen's Approach

DAM Decision Journey.png
Widen's Four Phases of the Customer Decision Journey

Customer journeys are getting a lot of attention these days. That’s largely because, in designing customer experiences, many companies find it’s helpful to understand the customer’s path to purchase and possible brand loyalty, from a customer’s point-of-view (POV). But a company has its own POV, trying to determine the likelihood that someone will become a customer. As digital asset management (DAM) vendor Widen looks at both POVs, CMSWire asked it to provide some insight on its approach.

Navigating a New Era of Client Retention

The insurance industry is experiencing a major shift in market behavior. Whether this becomes a perfect storm for failure or a new growth opportunity will depend on the insurer’s ability to respond to the sea change. 


Percussion's Aaron Dun Feels Marketer's Pain

Aaron Dun feels marketer's pain. In his role as Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Web CMS provider Percussion Software, Dun sees a lot of people “who are stuck.”  

Interview: Webtrends VP Client Experience, John Harrison

For Webtrends, client experiences are critical to the organization's success. And that means it's about more than selling good technology. 

Can DAM Increase Its Role - and Disappear? DAM Vendor NetXposure Says Yes

Is it the destiny of digital asset management to disappear? According to DAM vendor NetXposure, keeping DAM hidden, even as it becomes an uber-system, works out just fine for many clients.

Engaging Naturally is the Highest Form of Employee Engagement

How does technology impact employee engagement? We posed this question to Workshare Co-founder and CTO, Barry Hadfield to see what he'd have to say in light of some of its recent releases.

Moxie Software on the Rise of Big Knowledge - Actionable, Mobile Data

By this point anyone involved in the world of digital content management is familiar with the intricacies of Big Data. But is Big Data already being eclipsed by an emerging concept known as “Big Knowledge”?

Interview: Kevin Cochrane Takes on Enterprise Information Management as CMO of OpenText

What would make the VP of Enterprise Marketing at Adobe, one of the biggest companies touting the benefits of digital marketing and customer experience, jump over to become CMO of enterprise information management company, OpenText? It's simple -- fear of failure.

3 Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing

Social Media is an important part of every digital marketing playbook. But many marketers still struggle with using it effectively. Shoutlet CEO Jason Weaver spoke with CMSWire offering some ideas to optimize social media, especially when it comes to Facebook and Twitter.

Understanding the Potential of Gamification in SharePoint

Interested in increasing SharePoint end user adoption and productivity? Gamification might be for you. 

Ian Truscott: 2013 Belongs to the Content Professional

2012 was an important year for customer experience management and 2013 will drive our CXM strategies even further. According to VP Products for SDL Tridion, Ian Truscott, it's the content professional who will be in high demand this year and to be honest, content is something you simply can't ignore.

Interview: Lithium CEO Rob Tarkoff Has Some Advice for Social Media Consultants

Rob Tarkoff, CEO of Lithium, says he always walks away from prospective companies that have a “Director of Social Media.”

Steve Faktor on Finding Fulfillment in the Digital Workplace

Steve Faktor is the author of Econovation and the Harvard Business Review article “Happiness Will Not Be Downloaded.” Faktor is an entrepreneur, futurist and digital commerce expert. He was a senior executive at American Express, Citi and MasterCard.

Adobe's Loni Kao Stark on Digital Marketing: Think Super Fans and Destination Spots

Loni Kao Stark is director of product & industry marketing for Adobe's Digital Marketing Solutions, which means she's very much aware of what organizations are doing with their customer experience strategies. Here's her take on what digital marketers have been doing wrong, right and where their focus should be for 2013.

Digital Royalty Founder Amy Jo Martin on Social Business, Entrepreneurship, Gender #NMX

Amy Jo Martin sees opportunity where others would see challenges. Contributor Blake Landau interviewed her at BusinessNext Social this week to learn more about her social media philosophy.

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