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Connecting: Columbia University's David Rogers on Digital Marketing

Connecting with Bill Sobel

David Rogers is a globally recognized leader on digital strategy and brands, known for his pioneering model of customer networks. Based at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business, he is the faculty director of the school's Executive Education programs on Digital Marketing Strategy.

He is also the founder and host of the Center on Global Brand Leadership's BRITE conference, which brings together leaders from media and business to discuss the ways innovation and technology are transforming the ways we build great brands.

His recent research has focused on in-store mobile shoppers, digital marketing ROI and big data. He is the author of three books on brands and digital strategy, most recently, The Network Is Your Customer: 5 Strategies to Thrive in a Digital Age. His next book will focus on how businesses adapt and survive in an era of constant digital disruption.

New England Patriots Content Chief Talks Social, Video, Analytics

Tom Brady GameDay Live.png

Fred Kirsch, vice president of content and publisher for the New England Patriots — the NFL team —knows a little something about moving and managing content. Huge amounts of content.

In the emerging omnichannel world, that's a complex job -- not only the production and management of content itself, but how it is marketed and distributed over multiple platforms including web and mobile. He's a great guy to talk to, and was fortunate enough to interview him last week.

Connecting: How to Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing

Connecting with Bill Sobel

If you don't know Bill Sobel, you should. Sobel is the Chief Connections Officer at SobelMedia and founder of NY:MIEG/The New York Media Information Exchange Group. He's has been described as a master connector — someone who opens the door to "an interconnected world of endless opportunity."

Starting this week, you'll get a chance to connect, too, through his column Connecting ... with Bill Sobel on CMSWire. "I'll be interviewing interesting, unique people who have a lot to say about customer experience management and social business tools and practices," he said. Enjoy! Noreen Seebacher, Chief Editor, CMSWire

Chris Brogan Shares the Secret to Digital Relationships

If you don’t already know who Chris Brogan is, you need to read this. If you do, you won’t need any convincing, skip past the next paragraph.

Complaints are a Gift in the Age of the Empowered Customer

CXM, Interviews, Complaints are a Gift in the Age of the Empowered CustomerEmpowered customers are more demanding than ever and traditional views of marketing continue to be entrenched. One enterprising marketer has built his own value matrix to help companies figure out how to become the kinds of organizations those empowered folks love to talk about.

How Local Librarians Can Impact the Digital Asset Management Industry

How Local Librarians Can Impact the Digtial Asset Management IndustryLocal libraries are going digital at the same time organizations are building their own internal digital asset repositories, so who's to say those librarians can't help companies organize it all?

Talking Content Strategy with Lithium's Bonnie Thomas

Digital Marketing,Customer Experience, Lithium's Bonnie Thomas on Meeting Customer Needs with Content MarketingHow do B2B marketers create the right content for their audience? What's the best social channel mix to reach audiences? Which metrics should social media marketers be measuring rather than "likes"? We turned to Lithium's Director of Content Strategy, Bonnie Thomas, for some answers.

IBM's Mark Heid on Digital Marketing, Big Data Hype, The Role of Context

Customer Experience, IBM's Mark Heid Talks Digital Marketing, Big Data Hype, The Role of ContextIt was the best of digital marketing times, it was the worst of digital marketing times. The opportunity for marketers to know their customers has never been greater and the potential is growing by the day. Between social media, online forums, purchase histories, mobile data -- customers are practically (and literally) drawing a map to their doors. But how do marketers unravel this mass of data to derive actionable insights?

Acquia: Just Another Cloud Hosting Provider? Think Again

Some say Acquia is just another cloud infrastructure provider. Some question its position on analysts' lists for WCM software when they don't actually sell any. But with Drupal as its underlying web content management platform, Acquia has big plans, and everyone should be paying attention.

Social Business Held Back by Corporate Culture, Not Technology

Social Business, Social Business Held Back by Corporate Culture, Not TechnologyHardly a day goes by without talk of how social business and social technologies are transforming the workplace. Like all areas of business there are obstacles to achieving social business goals and some of them are not that obvious. Recently, we asked one of IBM’s social business heavy-hitters what she thought the major obstacles were, and how to overcome them.

Interview: Melissa Risteff On NewsGator's Ongoing Quest to 'Make Social Real'

interviews, newsgator, social business, social enterprise

NewsGator found itself in a position that may sound familiar to other businesses: its employees were disengaged. The work was getting done, but there was no emotional connection to it. It was time for a change.

Interview: Moxie Software's Megan Murray on Building Customer Communities

Moxie Software customer communities Interview, cxm, customer experienceCustomer communities fill different roles for different companies -- they act as a source of feedback and innovation for businesses; as training centers for onboarding new employees; as a form of customer service, giving customers an outlet to answer their own questions about a service or product. But how are these communities formed? And what can be done to ensure they thrive?

Interview: Daniel Kraft on NewsGator & The Future of Work

Interview: Daniel Kraft on NewsGator & The Future of Work Daniel Kraft's goal has always been to look at how people work and how to make them more productive and happy. It seemed appropriate for him to take the reigns at NewsGator and from our interview, it appears he has fit in perfectly.

Matching Customer Journeys to Lifecycle Marketing: Widen's Approach

DAM Decision Journey.png
Widen's Four Phases of the Customer Decision Journey

Customer journeys are getting a lot of attention these days. That’s largely because, in designing customer experiences, many companies find it’s helpful to understand the customer’s path to purchase and possible brand loyalty, from a customer’s point-of-view (POV). But a company has its own POV, trying to determine the likelihood that someone will become a customer. As digital asset management (DAM) vendor Widen looks at both POVs, CMSWire asked it to provide some insight on its approach.

Navigating a New Era of Client Retention

The insurance industry is experiencing a major shift in market behavior. Whether this becomes a perfect storm for failure or a new growth opportunity will depend on the insurer’s ability to respond to the sea change. 


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