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Attention Content Strategists, Your New Career is Calling

Woe unto you, content strategists, who have been unlucky enough to end up in a niche discipline that most enterprises look at as a luxury (if they even recognize it as a separate and unique discipline at all). Jumping from one freelance gig to another like a traveling jongleur, simultaneously hoping to find a home, and dreading the thought that you'll end up as a common minstrel in a corporate communications job writing the dreaded corporate-speak content pieces that employees ignore at best and hold in contemptuous disdain at worst.

Collaboration and Communications on the Intranet

The five fundamental purposes to intranets are: content, communication, collaboration, activity and culture. Each purpose plays a key role in meeting staff and organizational needs and successful intranets maintain a balance between all five.

Top Three Weekend Reads: Intranets, Then and Now, Building the Future Website

There were a lot of great features this week, but if you've only got time to read three, these are the ones.

5 Key Ingredients Required to Achieve a Social Enterprise Transformation

In the world of business, knowledge is the most powerful asset that your employees, customers and partners can leverage to sustain a collaborative social culture. The ability to connect the right people with the right knowledge is critical to business success. Becoming a social enterprise makes this possible, but what is needed to sustain the social enterprise vision?

12 Common Patterns that Make Some Companies Successful with Collaboration

What makes an organization successful with enterprise collaboration? They follow these 12 principles.

The ROI of Collaborative Technologies for Business

In this hyper-connected economy and with the rapid growth of cloud-based social technologies, collaboration applications have become an increasingly important part of how work gets done. Many companies are now using these tools to improve efficiencies and sharpen their business practices. With many factors to consider, choosing and implementing the most effective collaborative app(s) for your business can dramatically improve your company’s bottom line.

Gamifying the Intranet

The idea of a next-generation intranet has led to a variety of approaches including the use of social networks to increase personalization and interaction within the intranet to the use of gamification to increase participation. Although these approaches have increased the functionality of the corporate intranet, they have not fully unlocked the potential knowledge benefits of bringing employees and information together. To take advantage of the benefits of social and gamification, intranets must take an evolutionary leap that takes advantage both of game mechanics and the strength of interconnected interactions.

Rethinking the Intranet - Where Does Search Fit In?

There have been some great articles this month on CMSWire on the future direction for intranets, and how your organization might want to "re-think" or re-imagine its intranet. Subjects such as Information Architecture, the changing nature of work, and developing employee trust in your digital workplace have been covered. I would like to follow up with a few paragraphs on how search and your search strategy fit into your views of an ever evolving intranet. So, how is search evolving on your intranet? Are you equipped from a strategy and personnel point of view, or have you been fooled into concentrating purely on the technology?

We Are Not Builders. We Are Gardeners.

"Your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent to the programming of the matrix. You are the eventuality of an anomaly, which despite my sincerest efforts I have been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of mathematical precision. While it remains a burden to sedulously avoid it, it is not unexpected, and thus not beyond a measure of control. Which has led you, inexorably, here." -- The Architect, The Matrix Triliogy

Yes, The Matrix Reloaded was indeed a horrible movie with little to no redeeming value. One of the few interesting spots was the curious dialogue between Neo and the architect to answer Neo's question "Why am I here?" 

A Brief History of Social Intranets

Lots of commentators point a dismissive finger at social intranets and enterprise social networks (ESNs), labeling them simply as vendor-driven hype. On the other hand, there is also plenty of ignorance around about the origins of social software and how it came to be used inside business.

Weekend Reading: Collaboration Needs Trust

skydiving_shutterstock_79760971.jpgWorking collaboratively involves a leap of faith. You enter into a project hoping that everyone will not only carry his or her part of the workload, but will work together to make the project come to fruition. 

Trust came up in quite a few of our features this week. Always a necessity, it is becoming more of a challenge as the number of people working remotely increases. 

What can companies do to foster trust? Are there any tools that help? Read on to find the answers.

Beware the Information Architecture Trap

IBM’s intranet information architecture is not good enough for you; nor is Microsoft’s. 

Enterprise Collaboration in 2012: The Good, The Bad, The ...

When I got word that CMSWire’s editorial focus for the month of October would be “enterprise collaboration and communication,” I immediately smiled, as this in itself showed some real progress for our industry. There’s no doubt journalists covering our space will continue to talk about “social business” and the “social enterprise” for some time to come (I’ve used this phrasing myself more than once), but “enterprise collaboration and communication” really cuts more to the chase of what I think we’re all trying to do here, which is to improve communication and productivity within the enterprise.  

Rethinking the Intranets: Teaching an Old Tool New Tricks

The world is changing fast; even the nature of change itself has changed, says futurist Thornton May. Many corporate systems are holdovers from a time when things changed less frequently, everything was more predictable, and content was created by a few and consumed by many. Corporate intranet gets a bad rap; but it’s just a perfectly good tool designed yesterday and being used by today’s jobs. You wouldn’t check out a book at a library to respond to a tweet from a customer, would you?

CMSWire Tweet Jam Reminder: Evolution of Enterprise Collaboration Today at 1pm EDT #socbizchat

It's that time again, we're only a few hours away from our October #SocBizChat Tweet Jam. Today our chat focuses on the Evolution of Enterprise Collaboration and Communication and we'll be discussing how collaboration and communication have changed the way companies work today and in the future.

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