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iOS In-App Purchases Hacked, Content Available For Free

applelogo.png Actually, for "hacked" read "redirected", as a Russian malcontent shows off a simple DNS change that can give Apple users free content from many iPhone and iPad apps, all without the need for jailbreaking or advanced cracking skills. 

Facebook's New API Integrates with iOS 6 For Better Social Interactions

Thumbnail image for facebook-logo.JPG Apple's shunning of Facebook from the native OS feature set was never going to last. And, it looks like everyone has kissed and made up, as the latest Facebook API beta integrates at the OS level for iPhones and iPads, letting app developers have greater levels of social interaction in their products. 

Sharegate Offers Economical, Simple SharePoint Content Migration

If you like SharePoint -- and let’s face it, here at CMSWire we do -- you’re going to like Sharegate and its migration products. This week, the Montreal-based company has just added a new product, Copy Exchange Public Folders to SharePoint, to its other migration capabilities.

Scan Documents from Mobile Devices Faster, Easier with Office Drop

Scan Documents from Mobile Devices Faster, Easier with Office DropA recent report shows that how we use smartphones has changed considerably. No longer are they for making phone calls. Now they have become means for browsing the web, texting, sending emails. Additionally, for the business user, smartphones are changing how we work. As a result, our expectations for what we can accomplish from our phone have increased. To keep up with these demands, OfficeDrop has made significant updates to its iOS and Android cloud scanning and storage apps, beginning with its first Android tablet app.

Apple's iPad Mini "In Production," No Reason For an iPad 4?

Thumbnail image for apple_ipad.jpg The moral of this story appears to be, "never say never," as Apple apparently makes production orders for a smaller version of the iPad to compete with Google's new Nexus tablet and Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Google Launches Chrome Browser for iPhone and iPad

 Chrome Logo The Chrome browser finally becomes available for Apple devices, giving users an alternative to Safari and allowing Google fans to sync their desktop browser content with their mobile device. 

Symantec: Information is 49% Of Enterprise's Value, Still Badly Managed

The really surprising thing about "Symantec’s State of Information Survey 2012" is just how mundane it actually is. Not because the facts that it contains are mundane, but because the problems around information management, or lack of management, are so well known that it seems not a lot can surprise any more.

iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 Putting Windows Phone 8 In Its Place

winphone8new.png Last week Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 and Surface tablet news did something pretty rare, taking some of the limelight from Samsung's latest smartphone and the rarely-interrupted Apple rumor mill. Things get back to normal this week, and it is hard to be enthusiastic about Microsoft's phone or tablet prospects. 


App War or 'Game of Phones': Apple Still Leads (For Now)

The proliferation of mobile app stores has begun. First it was iOS, then it was Android, followed by Facebook, with more to come. But what does this mean for the mobile consumer and which app collection is leading the way?

Don't Call it Gamification: Enterprise Engagement by Any Means Necessary

Don't Call it Gamification: Enterprise Engagement by Any Means NecessaryWhether or not you think gamification is the next big thing, the ideas and principles behind what drives motivation are the keys to unlocking the promise of a gamified world.

Samsung SAFE Offers Enterprise-Friendly Galaxy S III Android Smartphones

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly important in the workplace, thanks in part to the growing trend in cloud computing, virtualization, telecommuting and bring-your-own-device setups. A growing concern, though, is that not all mobile devices are at par with an organization's security requirements, especially when it comes to encryption and data integrity. A recent effort by Samsung called Samsung Approved for Enterprise (SAFE) provides assurance of device compliance with stringent security standards.

Dropbox Kills Public Folders and Updates iOS App with Photo Features

Dropbox Kills Public Folders and Updates iOS App with Photo FeaturesDropbox, one of the most innovative and useful tech startups, is planning to discontinue its public folders for new accounts after July 31.

WWDC Keynote Sees Apple's iOS Future Going Live

wwdc_logo.png Here we go then, another fun joyride through the highs (if you're a developer) and lows (if you expect magical-device unveiling miracles) of an Apple Keynote, with the expected focus on new features in OS X and iOS.

Apple's WWDC Kicks Off Today With iOS 6.0 Beta Unveiling

wwdc_logo.png  Get your Apple rumor bingo card out, as the company hosts the 2012 developer event. Offering the latest developer news, tools and sessions for iOS and OS X, all eyes will be on the updates for iPhone and iPad. Here's what to expect.

Facebook App Center Launches to Complement iTunes and Google Play

facebook-logosmall.JPG Facebook promised its App Center last month and has now launched the shop front for web and download apps. It caters for both Facebook desktop and mobile users, with iOS and Android users getting some 600 apps to try.

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