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Barnes & Noble Nook Tablets Might Run Windows 8

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablets Might Run Windows 8There is no question about the dominance of Apple in the tablet market. With Google's Android lagging in second place, everyone else is in the minority. But a recent deal between Microsoft and Barnes & Noble might turn Windows 8 into a major contender in the tablet and e-reader market soon.

BlackBerry World: RIM's Last Chance Saloon, BB10 Dev Beta Out Now

bbworld_2012small.PNGBlackBerry World is starting up in Florida today. It is pretty much the final opportunity the company has to win faith and generate buzz from developers by showing off its next-generation BB10 operating system. We look at some highlights from the BB10 keynote.

Apple iPad Accounts for 97.3% of Enterprise Tablet Activations in Q1 2012

A recent survey has determined that Apple remains dominant in the enterprise tablet market, with over 97% of activations being iPads. Apple's lead over Android has been further bolstered with the launch of the new iPad, which is now considered the de-facto standard for enterprise tablet computing.

Google's 'Mobile Playbook' Brochure Won't Get You Out of Little League

Google's 'Mobile Playbook' Brochure Won't Get You Out of Little League Google's head of mobile advertising has put together a little show-and-tell project, The Busy Executive's Guide to Winning With Mobile, which looks at strategies for success in the mobile space. The thing is, if you don't already know what the content is, you really shouldn't be running a company. Or have access to firearms. Or heavy machinery. Or livestock.

Box Focuses on Developers, Partners With API Overhaul, 15 iOS Apps

Box Focuses on Developers, Partners With API Overhaul, 15 iOS Apps Only a day after Box CEO Aaron Levie said he doesn't see Google Drive as a competitor, Box rolls out major enhancements to its application programming interface and the Box OneCloud App to App Framework.

Apple Keeps Up the Pace With Massive iPad and iPhone Sales

Apple Keeps Up the Pace With Massive iPad and iPhone Sales For most of the day, analysts were downbeat on Apple's prospects, sending the stock price dipping 2%. Cometh the hour, cometh Apple's usual miraculous figures with a 151% rise in iPad sales.

Yammer Adds Universal Search, Aims to Replace the Intranet

Earlier this month we pointed out that Yammer has moved past basic social networking and into primary productivity tool territory. But that news was nothing compared to its latest announcement -- universal search.

Microsoft's SkyDrive Gets New App Versions, Adds Paid Storage Options

skydriveapp_logo.jpg SkyDrive users gets a whole new app to play with on Windows, Mac, Windows Phone and iOS, while the cloud service expands with some paid-for storage options to help boost your web filing power.

Apple, Samsung to Resolve Smartphone, Tablet Patent Disputes

Apple, Samsung to Resolve Smartphone, Tablet Patent DisputesApple and Samsung have been on an all-out war against each other for the best part of 2011, with either claiming patent infringements by the other. With some successes and failures in each one's patent claims, Apple and Samsung now appear to be willing to settle their disputes outside of costly court litigation and potentially damaging injunctions.

Stuff Your Data in the Cubby With LogMeIn's New Cloud/Desktop Service

cubby_logo_2012.jpg If you're not satisfied with your existing cloud storage facility, then why not give the beta of Cubby a go. Billed as "one giant leap for your stuff", it offers a mix of local or 5GB of cloud storage and access from browsers, iPads and other devices for easy collaboration.

CloudOn Brings the Full Office to iPad Via Dropbox

cloudon_logo_2012.jpg Merging cloud storage, a Microsoft Office license and Adobe Reader access, CloudOn lets users access, edit and share their Word, Excel and other Office files, all from the swish confines of their iPad.

Facebook Buys Photo App Instagram for $1 Billion

facebook_logo_10.jpg All those mobile photos now belong to Facebook as the social networking giant snaps up its rapidly expanding rival, which started as a touch-up and share service, and became a social network in its own right.

Dropbox to Fix Security Hole With iOS App Update

Dropbox to Fix Security Hole With iOS App Update Security researcher Gareth Wright discovered a Facebook app security hole on iOS devices, and then The Next Web revealed that the Dropbox file-syncing app is also vulnerable.

Zoho Brings Docs and CRM Apps to Android, Projects to iPhone

zoho_logo_2010.jpg Zoho is bringing its impressive lineup of Web-based office apps from the desktop to smartphones with the arrival of Zoho Docs and Zoho CRM for Android (available now) and. Zoho Projects for Apple's iPhone, which will be available shortly.

Apple Integrates with Baidu iOS in China, Reduces Reliance on Google

Competition in the smartphone and tablet market is getting tougher between Apple and Google. Apple is reportedly reducing its dependence on Google in various online and mobile services, and with recent reports that Baidu will soon be a default search engine for iOS mobile devices in China, Google might just lose its already weak hold in this market.

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