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Google Bringing More Relevance and Semantics to Search Results

google_search_button.jpg Despite the vast amounts of revenue generated from the service, Google's search service has remained relatively staid for users, bar the odd funky logo. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, it will soon be getting up to speed, offering direct answers to questions and more relevance via semantic searching.

Magnolia v4.5 Extends Mobile Capabilities

The promise of a March delivery from Magnolia was kept this week as the Miami based company announced the latest release of the web content management system Magnolia CMS 4.5, bringing us a little further down the highway to the full v.5.0 upgrade.

Accellion Launches KiteDrive, Secure Enterprise to the Cloud, With 2GB Free

Palo Alto, Calif.-based Accellion Inc. has announced "Kitedrive," a mobile file sharing technology meant to warm the heart of any IT professional dealing with the BYOD (bring your own device) phenomenon, which answers both the security and file sharing flexibility challenges of cloud-based mobile computing.

Bring Your Own Data Retention Policy: Recommendations for Employees

As we enter a new Bring Your Own Device era, the line between personal and corporate data is becoming more blurred. With more consumers becoming more proactive about protecting their information across social media and mobile devices and becoming more in tune to how their information is being protected (or not), we at CMSWire were curious how consumers' own data retention behaviors are affecting how companies manage data.

iPad 3: The Last Pieces of the Tablet Puzzle

applelogo.pngThe loneliest thing I saw today was an iPad 2 in a shop, still being sold at full price right up to the minute its successor is announced. Expect a price cut for these lingering relics as the replacement is unveiled Wednesday.

Mobify Optimizes Your Website for Tablets, and Bigger Bucks


Having a tablet-friendly website is rapidly rising up the tick list of must-haves for anyone selling online. Mobify takes the hard work out of desktop browser to mobile or tablet browser conversion, fine-tuning and optimizing your site along the way.

Customer Experience Management: The Key to Web Strategy in 2012

In the age of social and mobile customers, all paths lead back to your website.

Crowd Funding Grows, Commerce Trends Evolve in 2012

2012 will see further pushes in the way stores try to get us to buy stuff, but don't just be a passive consumer this year, expect appeals for you to fund or work on apps and games to become increasingly common.

Why Everything is Made in China & What it Means for U.S. Jobs

Virtually everything today is manufactured in China. While it used to be that gadgets, gizmos and other products were made in the U.S., Taiwan or a brand's home country, businesses are now outsourcing mostly to manufacturing facilities in China. Amid calls for offshored jobs to return to local soil, will China retain its advantage in this industry?

IBM Targets Mobile Enterprise With Worklight Acquisition

With smartphones now outselling PCs and a recent global CIO  study showing 75% of respondents targeting mobile as a top spending priority, IBM took action to secure its place in the mobile enterprise domain, announcing a "definitive agreement" to acquire mobile app and infrastructure software developer Worklight.

“Our clients are under increased pressure to meet the growing demands of a workforce and customer base that now treat mobility as mission critical to their business,” said Marie Wieck, general manager, IBM application and infrastructure middleware.

Infragistics Acquires SouthLabs, Developer of SharePoint-For-Mobile Clients

Aiming to be a bigger player in the mobile collaboration and data market, UI and UX company Infragistics has snapped up SouthLabs, the developer of SharePlus, a leading SharePoint-on-your-iOS/Android/BlackBerry smartphone client.

A Week in Mobile: Profits, Losses and the Big Player's Plans for 2012

For the sellers of smartphones and their stockholders, the numbers in this week's financial reports were all important. For us users, however, we'd just like a phone that works and has some neat features. But those crazy numbers will have some interesting effects on what we be seeing in 2012.

kCura Tackles the Challenge of Big Data

kCura Tackles the Challenge of Big DataFor the last few months, we’ve been talking about big data. From social media to customer experience to cloud storage, the enterprise is struggling to manage and leverage copious amounts of data. The real issue for big data isn’t just where to put it all, but rather how to gain access to it when you need it.

Huddle Undermines SharePoint With Free Access to Enterprise Accounts

Huddle Undermines SharePoint With Free Access to Enterprise Accounts Huddle's new Enterprise Unlimited offering will open up business accounts to customers, partners and others to expand the concept of collaboration beyond your office's walls.

A Week in Google: Q4 Shocks Investors, PageRank Changes May Shock Users

Google briefly shocked investors with poor fourth quarter results which, on top of its recent troubles, can be defined as a distinct wobble in the company's otherwise stellar evolution. But, down at the coalface, it continues to tweak its search systems, throw out new apps and improve features in its fledgling social network.

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