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Infragistics Acquires SouthLabs, Developer of SharePoint-For-Mobile Clients

Aiming to be a bigger player in the mobile collaboration and data market, UI and UX company Infragistics has snapped up SouthLabs, the developer of SharePlus, a leading SharePoint-on-your-iOS/Android/BlackBerry smartphone client.

A Week in Mobile: Profits, Losses and the Big Player's Plans for 2012

For the sellers of smartphones and their stockholders, the numbers in this week's financial reports were all important. For us users, however, we'd just like a phone that works and has some neat features. But those crazy numbers will have some interesting effects on what we be seeing in 2012.

kCura Tackles the Challenge of Big Data

kCura Tackles the Challenge of Big DataFor the last few months, we’ve been talking about big data. From social media to customer experience to cloud storage, the enterprise is struggling to manage and leverage copious amounts of data. The real issue for big data isn’t just where to put it all, but rather how to gain access to it when you need it.

Huddle Undermines SharePoint With Free Access to Enterprise Accounts

Huddle Undermines SharePoint With Free Access to Enterprise Accounts Huddle's new Enterprise Unlimited offering will open up business accounts to customers, partners and others to expand the concept of collaboration beyond your office's walls.

A Week in Google: Q4 Shocks Investors, PageRank Changes May Shock Users

Google briefly shocked investors with poor fourth quarter results which, on top of its recent troubles, can be defined as a distinct wobble in the company's otherwise stellar evolution. But, down at the coalface, it continues to tweak its search systems, throw out new apps and improve features in its fledgling social network.

Apple Announces iBooks 2 and iBooks Author At New York Event


As expected, Apple's education event at the Guggenheim Museum brought forth new ways for students to read their classic texts in interactive, digital form. As usual, Apple also brought its own magic design skills to shake up the market with a new iBooks 2 and iBooks Author to help create a world of educational content.

Apple Closed the Android Gap With iPhone 4S

The numbers are in and the fall 2011 launch of Apple's 4S iPhone mid-life upgrade proved to be enough to propel the iOS platform to near parity with Android's dominant marketshare. Both Nielsen Research and NPD Group announced recently that the world's two most popular smartphone operating systems are within just a few points of each other, with RIM, Windows and all others in the proverbial dust.   

Now on General Release, AvePoint 6 Unifies, Automates SharePoint Management

Now on General Release, AvePoint 6 Unifies, Automates SharePoint Management If you’re a heavy SharePoint user, you will know that it can be used on-premise, online and in hybrid deployments. Managing one type of deployment is difficult enough, but three? AvePoint 6 -- or, officially, DocAve 6, which has gone on general release today -- aims to help enterprises overcome that by pulling the management of SharePoint into one space.

iPad 3 Event For Early February? iOS Getting Better Facebook Integration


With all the fuss about tomorrow's Apple education-themed event, its easy to forget that the company's next big launch isn't that far off. Reports suggest that the iPad 3's launch profile could match or beat that of the iPad 2 last year, as Apple aims to stay ahead of Samsung.


Apple to Announce a Garageband for eBooks?


Apple's Thursday event won't be a show-stopper in the usual iDevice sense, but early chatter suggests that the company may be about to revolutionize ebook creation. It could achieve this by launching a Garageband-like app to bring content-rich, Web-enabled, digital book creation tools to everyone.

Microsoft on the Move in 2012: the Comeback Is On

microsoftLogo.jpg While some saw its CES offering as lacking in shiny new stuff and general awesomeness, Microsoft (and its partners) have big things planned for this year. What can we expect from Redmond, and who could benefit or feel threatened? 

A Week in Apple: Education and Evolution, not Revolution?

Thumbnail image for apple_ipad.jpg

While everyone else milled around at CES waving new products left, right and center, Apple is quietly getting on with the business of iPad and iPhone development. It also managed to sell rather more Macs than experts predicted.

CES Shows New, Better Featured, More Useful Tablets, All Living In the Shadow of iPad 3

Sure, this site is mostly about code, services, web technology and stuff-in-the-cloud. But if you can't run the end result on a smart-looking box, what's the point? Check out the latest tablets from Lenovo, Acer and Toshiba with some office skills, full HD and super-sleek looks, for work or play anywhere, but all of them live in the shadow of the iPad 3.

Colligo Secures SharePoint Content on iPads

There seems to be no shortage of SharePoint deployments, and,  thanks to consumerization, iPads floating around most corporate offices these days. The risk of sensitive data being accidentally exposed is enough to make the network security team break into a cold sweat. SharePoint solution provider Colligo’s new iPad app for iPad may be just the thing they need.

Mobile Roundup: Samsung Profits Big As Apple Sees a Thunderbolt in the Future


Asian tech companies are announcing their latest figures in force this week with Samsung bagging record sales for smartphones. Meanwhile, CES will see a raft of new innovations for mobile gadgets as Apple plans to bring Thunderbolt to future iOS devices.

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