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Mobile Roundup: Samsung Profits Big As Apple Sees a Thunderbolt in the Future


Asian tech companies are announcing their latest figures in force this week with Samsung bagging record sales for smartphones. Meanwhile, CES will see a raft of new innovations for mobile gadgets as Apple plans to bring Thunderbolt to future iOS devices.

Apple Dominates in Mobile Web Browsing, Android Comes in Third

While it wasn't the record-breaking 61.64% share of mobile web browsing that Apple's iOS achieved in October 2011, Net Applications, the company that counts hits on its 40,000 client sites, said that Apple's popular iOS browser dominated the mobile web again in December with 52.1%, well ahead of its closest competitor, Java ME (Micro Edition), designed for embedded systems and claiming just 21.27% market share. 

Android ranked a distant third at 16.29% in December, with Symbian and BlackBerry at 5.76% and 3.51% respectively.  But Apple's share has been dipping since topping out in October, losing ground to the embedded Java ME source code licensed under the GNU General Public License and found in cell phones, and other computer products such as PDAs and set-top boxes.  

Mobile: A Look Back at Smartphones, Apps, Tablets in 2011

2011 was when the smartphone reached its peak, leaving the tablet as the go-to device for makers to aim at. But, the rules in tech are changing, meaning a lot of players went home empty-handed while apps became the focus for users settled into their smartphone OS of choice.

Recession Relief: New Job Openings at Yammer, Telligent and Squiz (15-Dec-11)

If it's time for a change, we've got a shopping list of hot jobs in our spiffy little corner of the world. Our weekly featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Launches, Ice Cream Sandwiches All Round


Samsung finally gets ahead of the iPhone in the power, prettiness and sheer impressiveness stakes. Is that enough to eat into the Apple high-profit pie?

Amazon's Kindle Fire to Get Performance Fix


While Amazon's attractively-priced tablet still flies off the shelves, users are starting to realize that the bargain price came with some rather cut corners. With UI issues and too-easy purchasing being complained about, Amazon is promising to fix them with a software update soon.

HP Open Sources WebOS, But What Will Use it?

Thumbnail image for hptouchpad.jpg

With the drama building over the week as a decision loomed, HP has taken the halfway route and decided to offer up its WebOS and the ENYO app framework to the open source community.

#NewTwitter Version Adds Features, Polarizes Users


A new version of Twitter is now out for iOS, Android and Web users, showing off a smarter look and new features as it aims for a more social feel.

New, Improved Box for Apple

box.net_logo_11.jpgBox has made a significant update to its iPad and iPhone applications just in time to entice users who took advantage of the iOS free 50 gigabytes for 50 days promotion to continue using the personal cloud service and become paying subscribers.

iPad 3 vs. New Samsung Tablet: War Starts in February

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While the smartphone tech race is pretty much over, there's plenty of gold in them there tablet hills, as Apple and Samsung may clash, toe-to-toe, next February with new cutting-edge models. Grab your pom-poms and start cheering for your favorite now!

Android Users Getting Instagram App Soon and Faster Facebook Now


Android users have millions of apps to enjoy, but there's still some envy for iOS's best-in-class products. Another of those pins will fall down soon, with the upcoming release of mega-popular photo app Instagram while a faster updated Facebook app is out now.

Android Market Passes 10 Billion Downloads, Offers Discounted Apps

logo_android-market_2011.jpgGoogle has reason to celebrate, with Android Market breaching the 10 billion app download mark. To celebrate, Android developers are offering 10-cent downloads for select premium applications on a limited time basis.

'Ting' Virtual Mobile Network Adjusts Billing Plan According to Usage

Managing your personal or corporate mobile plans can be a hassle, especially if you're prone to going over your monthly voice, messaging and data allocation. Under-utilizing your monthly plan can also be a waste. Tucows is launching a service that will help deal with changes in usage patterns more easily.

Mobile Apps Approach One Million Milestone

Word on the street is the humble app, which turned the cell phone into an all-purpose Super Smart Phone device, is getting close to the 1 million milestone. That includes everything from mobile games like Angry Bird and Civilization to retail banking links like Chase and Bank of America, to full-blown enterprise apps.  Mobile analytics firm Mobilewala said Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile 7 combined have collectively hit almost 992,000 and are due to hit the 1 million mark sometime next week. And the growth is just getting started -- the group said that number more than doubled this year with only 484,000 apps developed by the end of 2010.

Context, Agile Infrastructures Key to Managing Mashups #gilbane

Context, Agile Infrastructures Key to Managing Mashups #gilbaneYour website is dead. But your content lives in other formats, across other devices. What is currently available is only the beginning -- the world is changing, and as a result the way we interact with information is changing. In the session, Managing New Kinds of Content Mash-ups, Stefan Schinkel of Hippo walked us through the endless possibilities that content engagement afford us.

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