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Apple Confirms iPhone 5S September 10 Reveal, As Android Goes KitKat Flavored


Remember Apple doubling down on secrecy, that really worked well didn't it, so let's all pretend that the September 10 iPhone and iOS 7 launch date is a shock. What is rather more surprising is Google's choice of flavor for the next Android version.

Apple Ramps Up Support Levels, Expecting Many iOS 7 AppleCare Queries


Even in the relatively straightforward world of iOS, things do go wrong, especially when upgrading iOS versions. So it comes as little surprise that Apple is pushing its frontline AppleCare support to be ready for the millions of new iPhone 5S users and updated OS launch. 


New Parallels for iPad Increases the Cost of Doing Business on the Go


Parallels has canned its existing solutions for the iPad, in favor of a new, app-ified experience, but with a more expensive subscription plan. Will improved speed and flexibility outweigh the added cost? 

Google Updates Gmail for iOS With Improved App Integration

 gmail_app_logo_ios.jpgGoogle seems to finally be getting up to speed with its iOS email app, with each update since the 2.00 relaunch adding valuable features. The latest 2.40 tweak adds direct links to other Google apps, and improves the attachments experience. 

Mobile Roundup, Apple iPhone Trade-Ins, Samsung Galaxy Gear and Note III Event Confirmed


Apple is trying to make it easier to upgrade to the new iPhone with trade-in deals likely though Apple Stores while Samsung's new smartwatch is ticking down for a major launch event. 

Yammer Opens Up to iOS + Windows Phone 8 Mobile App Developers

Yammer Opens Up to iOS + Windows Phone 8 Mobile App DevelopersMicrosoft has finally opened up Yammer for third party mobile app development, and it's released SDKs for both iOS and Windows Phone at launch.

Lack of a New iPad Dents Apple's Tablet Market Share in New IDC Figures


The latest sales figures out of IDC show Android tablets leaving Apple in the dust, as the plethora of new Samsung, Nexus, Kindle Fire and other devices march onward. Apple is stuck waiting for that possible retina-class Mini and an iPad 5, running iOS 7 to be the big drivers later in the year. 

US Android Sales Top iOS in 2013 Q2

US Android Sales Top iOS in 2013 Q2Andoid based smartphones were once again best sellers among the major operating systems during the second quarter in 2013, and posted a 51.5% sales share in the US compared to 42.5% for iOS.

Chromecast Gives Google A Second Chance at Web TV Domination

google chromecast web tv

Somewhere between a WiFi TV antenna and a smartphone/tablet extender, Google's new Chromecast dongle aims to provide a Web link to non-smart enabled sets and an easy link for Android devices to share content across screens. 

Apple Makes Almost $7 Billion Despite Continued Decline In Profits


As predicted, Apple's profits continue to weaken, as buyers go for the less expensive option of the iPhone 4 or 4S over the latest iPhone 5. Still with nearly $7 billion in quarterly profit, it can afford to wait to roll out new product lines, despite the latest year-over-year decline. 

Salesforce Chatter Mobile App Adds Customer Record Editing

Salesforce Chatter Mobile App Adds Customer Record EditingAllowing workers to take their business tools along with them when they leave the office has long been the goal of many enterprise apps, and Salesforce has added a customer record editing feature to its Chatter app that surges ahead on this point.

Apple Reported to Buy HopStop for Even More Maps Data

Apple Reported to Buy HopStop for Even More Maps Data

Apple is getting closer to a mobile overhaul with the upcoming release of iOS 7, and it now looks as if the company has gone out and bought mapping app HopStop.

Apple Acquires Locationary to Boost Maps App Credibility


 As Google ramps up the pressure in the mapping app space with a new version of its Maps app for iOS devices, Apple is still on the back foot, acquiring to add more relevant data to its offering.

Reports See iPad Mini and iWatch in 2014, as Apple and Samsung Ink New Chip Deal


A whole bunch of snippets about Apple are popping out of the woodwork, suggesting that the company may only have the iPhone 5S and a budget model to show in 2013, with other devices drifting into next year. 

Dropbox Datastores Introduces a New Way to Sync and Save


In the future, everything we interact with digitally -- files, images, games, messaging -- will be everywhere with us. No thumb drives, no email attachments, just an ubiquitous app that seamlessly syncs information across devices. At present, Dropbox is hard at work crafting this future and has rolled out the beta release of its Datastore API. 

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