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Salesforce Chatter Mobile App Adds Customer Record Editing

Salesforce Chatter Mobile App Adds Customer Record EditingAllowing workers to take their business tools along with them when they leave the office has long been the goal of many enterprise apps, and Salesforce has added a customer record editing feature to its Chatter app that surges ahead on this point.

Apple Reported to Buy HopStop for Even More Maps Data

Apple Reported to Buy HopStop for Even More Maps Data

Apple is getting closer to a mobile overhaul with the upcoming release of iOS 7, and it now looks as if the company has gone out and bought mapping app HopStop.

Apple Acquires Locationary to Boost Maps App Credibility


 As Google ramps up the pressure in the mapping app space with a new version of its Maps app for iOS devices, Apple is still on the back foot, acquiring to add more relevant data to its offering.

Reports See iPad Mini and iWatch in 2014, as Apple and Samsung Ink New Chip Deal


A whole bunch of snippets about Apple are popping out of the woodwork, suggesting that the company may only have the iPhone 5S and a budget model to show in 2013, with other devices drifting into next year. 

Dropbox Datastores Introduces a New Way to Sync and Save


In the future, everything we interact with digitally -- files, images, games, messaging -- will be everywhere with us. No thumb drives, no email attachments, just an ubiquitous app that seamlessly syncs information across devices. At present, Dropbox is hard at work crafting this future and has rolled out the beta release of its Datastore API. 

Apple Celebrates Five Years of the App Store, Most Popular Titles Listed, Some Go Free

apple app store free apps games

Enjoy some of the iTunes App Stores' most popular apps and games for free as the store celebrates its fifth birthday on 10 July.

Box App For Expands its Collaboration Credibilities


Why offer random users your service across the Web, when you can appeal to a massive army of captive users? Box has done just that offering a solution to those looking beyond the office and server for their content as mobility increases.

Yahoo Acquisitions Continue With A Qwiki for $50 Million


Yahoo continues to throw its money around to attract features and talent to the company. This time adding a short-video service, in response to the success of Vine and Instagram. 

Microsoft Launches SkyDrive Pro For Windows 8 and iOS Devices


Hot on the heels of the Office 365 for iOS app comes SkyDrive Pro allowing enterprise users to access and store their SharePoint and other Office data on the go, with a Windows 8 app for those still tied to their tablet or notebook. 

Smartwatches and Consoles To Drive the Digital Ecosystem, Could Save Your Life

hon hai iphone smartwatch

All the mobile players already have, or are working toward, a smartwatch as a companion for their phones, with potentially life-saving utility for users. It also seems that a games console will be the next desirable ecosystem-expanding object to keep users invested.

Apple Sailing Into A Perfect Storm? In Transition and Under Fire

apple ios 7 iphone 5s, samsung, android, power

Apple is all revved up for its a big second half to 2013 with iOS 7, new iPhones and iPads plus its future (not so) mystery gadgets. But are forces starting to conspire against Apple? Facing angry legislators and market rivals, new partners and a pragmatic, more cynical customer, Apple's efforts might not be enough to maintain its lustre.

Watch Microsoft's Build 2013 Keynote To See Windows 8.1 In Action #bldwin

microsoft build keynote windows 8.1 azure developer

Microsoft has another stab at a second coming today with the unveiling of Windows 8.1, along with a host of developer-related products, news and events at this year's Build conference. Watch the keynote today to see if there's any big surprises. 

Securing Enterprise Collaboration, BlackBerry-Style on iOS and Android

blackberry 10 secure work space, ios, android

As recently promised, BlackBerry has released its secure workspace app to enable workers to share content safely on almost any device. Will playing nicely with ecosystem rivals help BB's bank-end sales, or will the move put another nail in its hardware strategy?

Sony Goes Large and Fast With the New Waterproof Xperia Z Ultra

sony xperia z ultra android

Trying to regain some relevance in the market, Sony is super-sizing its latest high-end Xperia Z, the dunkable Android, with a 6.4" full HD display. Is this, and its associated new SmartWatch 2, now a truly desirable device or the last stylings of a dying breed? 

Samsung's Galaxy Tab 3 Lineup Priced, Chips May Get Dumped From iOS Devices

samsung galaxy tab 3 price and date

Samsung's continued onslaught of the mobile and tablet market will continue with three models of Tab priced and dated for American users. But, having long since cast out Google from iOS, Apple is now likely to ditch former friend Samsung as its A-series chip maker. 

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