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Microsoft's Surface Struggles in Q1, Apple Outperforms Estimates

There doesn't seem to be much of a recession in the tablet space. According to figures just released by International Data Corporation growth in the market is estimated to be 142% year-on-year with Microsoft climbing into fifth position on the back of Surface.

Facebook's Revenue Beats Estimates As Mobile Use Continues to Boom

facebook_android_logo.PNGSocial media giant Facebook has just reported earnings of $1.46 billion and a profit of $219 million as it continued to grow its global user base in the first quarter of 2013. Recent efforts have seen the company increasing its mobile focus as it aims to utilize its massive on-the-go user base.

Google Now Arrives on iOS to Challenge Siri as your iPhone's Favorite Information Source

google_now_logo.jpg Google Now has landed on the iPad and iPhone in an update to the company's search app, bringing Google's power to match your thirst for local, relevant and useful information on the go. 

Google Snaps Up Wavii For Natural Language Search

 wavii_logo_2013.jpgWavii has closed down its existing summarizing service app after being acquired by Google, where it will likely fulfill the same role that Summly now does for Yahoo. 

Facebook Invests in Mobile App Development With Parse Acquisition

parse_logo_2013.jpgWith plenty of revenue from all those desktop web games, how will Facebook translate that as users access social media and games increasingly from their mobile? The acquisition of Parse whose mobile app development SDK for iOS and Android and other platforms powers thousands of apps seems to be one answer. 

LinkedIn Creates Super-Integrated Contacts App for iPhone

linkedin_ios_logo.jpgSocial business service LinkedIn is making lots of moves this month, and its latest effort integrates your contacts with the likes of Outlook, your Google information and other sources to create a new breed of personal assistant app.

Apple Announces WWDC for June, Tickets Onsale Thursday

 applelogo.pngApple has just announced that tickets for its next Worldwide Developer Conference event will go onsale tomorrow with developers likely to get their hands on the next innovations in iOS and OS-X. 

Apple Q2 Results, Nearly $10 Billion in Profit, iPhone and iPad Sales Firm

applelogo.pngApple has reported slightly better than expected results ahead of its earnings call, but sales of iPhones and iPads are losing their dramatic growth of recent years, as the company reports its first drop in profit in a decade. 

Tumblr Adds Adverts to Mobile Feeds, Tapping into Revenue

tumblr_ios_logo.jpgWith just about every report showing a boom in mobile advertising revenue, that blissful serenity when viewing Tumblr blogs on iPhone or Android is now being blighted by adverts, but not too many to turn users off. 

Yahoo Puts Summly To Work in New Search App

yahoo_30_summly.jpg Yahoo has barely put the welcome mat back in the cupboard for new acquisition Summly, yet it already it has an updated iOS app to make use of the service's summarizing features.

TweetDeck Apps are Dead, Web Version Is the Future

tweetdeck_ios_logo.jpgTweetDeck has long been a favorite resource for those scanning Twitter across multiple accounts and dimensions. But the app editions will soon be removed from iOS, Android and PC stores to make way for a pure-web version. 

Box Edit Lets Users Create and Alter Documents in the Cloud

 box_ios_logo.jpgBox's latest PC-based feature update allows users to create and edit documents within the cloud, avoiding the need for discrete downloads, juggling apps and version conflicts. 

New LinkedIn for iOS Update Focuses On News and Advice for Your Business

linkedin_ios_logo.jpgLinkedIn might have started out as a social enterprise jobs board, as far as users were concerned. But now, with all these linked professionals sharing advice and news, it is evolving into a useful information source with posts from CTOs, CIOs and others taking up the front page feed. 

Opera Report: iOS Still King for Mobile Traffic, Monetization

Sure, Android is king of the worldwide hill as the most used mobile platform. But iOS is laughing all the way to the bank. A new report from Opera Mediaworks indicates that the iPhone has retaken the lead for traffic volume, while iOS continues to be on top overall for traffic and for making money. 

The Budget iPhone Might Just Be Real

applelogo.pngAs myths go, the budget iPhone is up there with unicorns and mermaids. It is the phone that could destroy or save Apple, depending on who you believe and, like the Loch Ness Monster, is pretty camera shy, until now.

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