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Twitter's Music Service Ramps Up the Hype With Private Membership

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for official-twitter-bird-white-on-blue.png Twitter is a lot of things to a lot of people, but for those who follow it to expand their musical scope and social circle, a new mobile app and service should help focus attention for all those into top and new tunes. 


Microsoft Office Apps For iOS, Android on Hold until Fall 2014?

If you actually believe that there is any such thing as a leak from Microsoft, then the most recent one should annoy quite a lot of people. It seems that according to a leaked roadmap, Office for iOS and Android won’t be available until the fall of next year.

Doc Mgt Roll-up: Office, SharePoint 2010 SP Beta2 Releases, and the Paperless Office?

There were a number of interesting releases in the document management space that are definitely worth a look. Among them are the new Service Pack 2 beta releases for Office and SharePoint 2010, WatchDox apps for mobile-desktop collaboration and sharing, and Docstocs new link-up to the Microsoft store. We also revisited the paperless office through EchoSign.

Google Drive Adds New Features in iOS Update, Has Starting Problems

google_drive_ios_logo.jpgGoogle Drive is motoring along nicely with a new 1.30 update out for the productivity app, allowing users to better access and edit their documents in Google's updated cloud storage service, but some users are stuck at the Sign In button.

Facebook Unveils Home for Android Devices, Making Mobiles More Sociable

facebook_android_logo.PNG After months of rumor, Facebook's smartphone is likely the one you already own, as Home opens up a new way to put social front and center on selected mobile devices. 

Gartner: PC Market in Terminal Decline as Tablets, Smartphones Take Over

If there was any more bad news for PC makers in Gartner’s figures for the devices market between now and 2017, mobile and tablet makers would be fit to burst with happiness. According to this set of figures, tablet sales this year will be up 69%, while that of smartphones, excluding all other mobiles, will more than double to sales of over 1 billion units worldwide.

New Updates for iOS SkyDrive and Twitter Apps Show the Hostility Among Services

 Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for official-twitter-bird-white-on-blue.png The animosity between companies seems to be affecting the flow and interoperabilty between apps. So, its been some time coming for Microsoft's new SkyDrive app, while Twitter tries to replace some of the features it lost when the social apps started falling out with each other.

Acquia Releases Drupal Create Source Code for Building Native iOS Publishing Apps

Like posting content to Drupal sites from an iOS device? Acquia, the commercial provider of Drupal Web CMS services, has released the code base for building native iOS apps that can post content right to a Drupal website -- the first of its kind.

Nuxeo Mobile Debuts Native Apps on iOS + Android, APIs for Hybrid App Development

Open source CMS provider Nuxeo has debuted native mobile apps on iOS and Android devices, and developers now have access to tools for building feature specific hybrid apps of their own.

Facebook's Smartphone is an Android in Disguise, Press Event Next Week

Thumbnail image for Facebook-logo.jpg Social media giant Facebook has sent out invites to a new event next week, likely the unveiling of the company's much-rumored smartphone. A broad hint suggests the device will be a modified Android running some clever Facebook-centric features.

AT&T To Take Pre-Orders for Samsung's Galaxy S4 From $249.99

Thumbnail image for galaxy-s4.png Having scooped the market with the BlackBerry Z10, AT&T claims to be at it again, looking to sign up the first pre-orders for Samsung's hotly-anticipated next superphone, at a price. Meanwhile Best Buy stores will soon be decked out in Samsung colors with new mini-stores to help sell the new phone. 

Google's iOS Gmail App Gets Swiping in New Update

 gmail_app_logo_ios.jpg Google's Gmail app is dragging its way toward respectability in the usability stakes with a new swipe feature and more in the latest update. 


Facebook's IDC Survey Highlights the Social Connectedness of the Mobile User

Thumbnail image for Facebook-logo.jpgEarlier this month, IDC followed thousands of iPhone and Android users to discover their social habits and how they use smartphones to communicate. The answers won't really shock you, but the numbers are pretty impressive all the same. 


This Week: Yammer vs SharePoint + How Social is Changing E-Commerce

Social e-Commerce
An e-commerce website without social features is like a chocolate sundae without the chocolate sauce -- plain boring. Check out 3 ways that social media is shifting e-commerce.

Your Take: SharePoint vs Yammer
Microsoft has revealed a bit of its SharePoint-Yammer roadmap, but questions still remain. Is it a question of SharePoint or Yammer? Or is SharePoint finally dead?

Google Hangout: Universal Social Standards
Business needs a way to value interactions across social media. Join us on March 28th at 9am PDT, 12pm EDT, 1600 GMT when we discuss the opportunities and challenges of universal social standards. Get your #CXMHangout details here.

White Paper -- Making Sense of Social Analytics
Learn how to measure the real impact of social on your business.
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Decibel Technology Launches Online Behavior Analysis Tool

Website development/management technology vendor Decibel Technology is launching an online behavior analysis tool called Decibel Insight. 

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