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Apple to Make US$ 1 Billion from Google to Remain Default Search Engine on iOS

Long have there been rumors of a deal between Apple and Google to keep Google as the default search engine on iOS devices. According to Scott Devitt in a recent investor report, One Morgan Stanley analyst has pegged that deal as one based on a per device sold basis, and it could be worth US$ 1 billion this year alone.

iOS 6.1.1 Update Out for iPhone 4S Models

applelogo.png       After some warnings from telcos last week, Apple has rushed out a patch to improve mobile performance and reliability for just the one model of iPhone. 

Migration Options for SharePoint 2013: Consider Your Options Carefully

I expect to see Microsoft announce the official release of SharePoint 2013 any day now. It’s an interesting time for organizations on the business collaboration platform, and many of you may be considering the move to SharePoint 2013 sooner rather than later to take advantage of some new capabilities. But what’s the best approach to upgrade to the new platform? Let’s check out the options.

Hello Mr. Tucci: Can EMC IIG (Documentum) Have VMware's Socialcast Now?

Someone needs to have a talk with EMC boss Joe Tucci. They need to tell him to take a break from strategizing about the integration of companies in his Pivotal Initiative portfolio, pluck Socialcast from EMC’s offspring company VMware, and move it into EMC ‘s Information Intelligence Group (Documentum).

He needs to do this NOW. There won’t be a better time.

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets Sees Weak Launch, 128GB Out Of Stock

 Thumbnail image for surfacepc.bmp Despite having its launch event cancelled due to Blizzard Nemo, Microsoft managed to get people queueing for its new Surface Pro tablet. But, poor stocks left many users frustrated according to reports. 

Vetting Enterprise Vendors with VendorStack

Everyone knows that consumers these days do not buy a product or service without first going online to consult with a myriad of objective sites (ok, there are attempts at manipulation but savvy consumers know that) and forums to obtain third-party reviews and recommendations. But what about companies trying to decide if a particular solution or service vendor is the right one for them?

Spigit's Social Innovation Platform Updates Improve Engagement and ROI

Social innovation software provider, Spigit has announced a series of engagement and ROI-centric updates to its platform.

Pinterest Updates iOS App, Website Changes to Come

Online pin board and popular social network Pinterest has updated its iOS app and is now testing some, as yet, unreleased changes to its website layout.

iPhone Now Leads the World in Mobile Internet Usage

applelogo.png       While it may not be the best-selling device or be the most used ecosystem, Apple can lay claim to iPhone being the most profitable smartphone on the market, and now the most used device for those accessing the mobile Internet. 

Smartphones Taking on the Giants of Super Bowl Advertising

While we wait to see how BlackBerry Will promote the BB10, the new Star Trek movie already has an app, while Motorola, and others are putting up a heavy advertising presence among the car and beer adverts for this year's super-advertising-bowl-athon.

Workshare Releases Mobile App for Secure Document Collaboration on iPad, iPhone

main_workshare_logo.pngCollaborating on documents has never been easy. Even if you’re working from a desktop with people in the same room there’s bound to be issues, so you can only imagine what it’s like trying to share and edit documents from a mobile device while on the go. Workshare is trying to improve this experience with a new app that aims to offer document comparison for mobile devices.

Report Reveals Mobile App Developers' Choices

While Android is still the leading platform for mobile software development, and iOS is second, there is considerable interest in Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. That’s one of the key findings in a new report on choices by mobile developers.

Twitter Adds Short Video Clips With Vine iOS App

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for official-twitter-bird-white-on-blue.png Looking to expand on brief messages and snapshots, a new iOS app allows users to create short, six second, looping clips ideal for those candid camera moments to share with your Twitter friends. 

Apple Earns $13.1 Billion in First Quarter Profits, Sells 75 Million iOS Devices

applelogo.png On sales of 47.8 million iPhones and 22 million iPads, Apple has recorded $54.5 billion in revenue and $13.1 billion in profit in a single quarter. 

YouSendIt's New Mobile Apps Aim to Close BYOD Security Gap

YouSendIt's New Mobile Apps Aim to Close BYOD Security Gap

Last week, YouSendIt, the cloud file collaboration service, bought Found, a system for enabling file search across devices and clouds. Today, YouSendIt is beefing up its mobile offerings with the launch of some new mobile apps for the iPhone, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. The apps are designed to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile user base while protecting against the growing security risks of mobile file sharing.

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