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Ip News & Analysis

Social Ideation Finds Ideas Worth Pursuing

2014-03-June-sticky-notes.jpgKnowledge-based companies have been driving much of the economy, especially in the United States and Europe. Information technology, media, biotech and pharmaceutical, financial services companies and many more are based on the ability to generate good ideas, turn them into technology and, eventually, products. The “business” of these companies is intellectual property (IP) -- basically an idea that has value. Even companies that don’t make money directly on IP have to worry about it.

IP is not only a product idea. It may also be a better way of doing business, a price model that offers a competitive advantage, or a way to achieve operational efficiencies.

Microsoft, Facebook Announce $550 Million Patent Deal

In a half-billion dollar cash deal between two technology titans, Microsoft agreed to sell up to 70% of the patents it recently acquired from storied AOL just two weeks earlier for about twice that sum (US$ 1.056 billion) in cash. Terms of the Microsoft/ Facebook deal include ownership of 650 AOL patents and patent applications, plus access (via license) to the patents and filings that Microsoft will retain. 

IPv4 Out of Stock! Will IPv6 Finally Make it Mainstream?

IPv4 addresses are almost out of stock. This isn't the first time somebody rang a bell about it, but now the situation is getting desperate. According to reputable institutions and individuals, within the first quarter of 2011, we could run completely out of IPv4 addresses.

Web CMS: MODx Revolution Targets Drupal, Joomla Markets

MODx Revolution 2.0 is availableThis past March we saw a hint of what was coming from the open source Web CMS project called MODx (newssite). Now their latest release, MODx Revolution v2.0, has officially arrived. This is the future of the MODx project. Let's take a peek.

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