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Ipad 4 News & Analysis

Skype Updates iPad App; Some Features Only Available on iPad 4

customer experience: skype ipad app HD video callingSkype introduces a few new features with its most recent iPad app update; one of which will be especially useful for those who use the video calling function.

Apple Unveils First 128GB iPad 4, Aims for the Enterprise

This week, Apple released a 128GB version of its fourth generation iPad, with a high-resolution 9.7-inch Retina screen. This is the first iOS model with more than 64GB of storage, and as tablet variations from other manufacturers begin to crowd the iPad, bigger storage better positions the iPad for productivity applications.

iOS 6.1 Released for iPhone and iPad, Adds Minor Features and Updates

applelogo.png       Those on LTE networks with the latest model iOS devices get better support from the new Apple update, while Passbook, iTunes Match and a few other features get a quick touch-up. 

High Telco iPhone Sales Could Help Apple's Earnings

applelogo.png The knives have been well and truly out for Apple ahead of today's earnings call, with analysts predicting relatively weak numbers. Yet, Verizon, AT&T and others are reporting huge iPhone sales in their latest reports as earnings season gets into top gear, but that might not be enough to help push Apple's usually stellar numbers. 

Apple's iOS Winners and Losers in 2012

applelogo.pngFrom the success of Passbook to the gloom of Maps, and the dings on the new iPhone and confused iPad updates, Apple has had a mixed year, but will have learned some lessons for 2013. 

Apple Selling A Million New iPads Per Day

 applelogo.pngContinuing to dominate the tablet market, Apple has announced sales of three million new iPads over the three days launch. That's double the sales of the previous iPad launch, but with two models to choose from, which was more popular? 

iPad Mini Reviews Out as Nexus 10 and iPad 4 Clash

ipadmini_thumb.jpg       The scores are in on Apple's unexpected update to the iPad 3 and the contentious iPad mini. Will these gadgets finally see the decline in Apple's fortunes, or will the juggernaut continue? 

Apple's iPad Mini "In Production," No Reason For an iPad 4?

Thumbnail image for apple_ipad.jpg The moral of this story appears to be, "never say never," as Apple apparently makes production orders for a smaller version of the iPad to compete with Google's new Nexus tablet and Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Ceramics, Liquid Metal and Magic Glass, What Could the iPhone 5 Tempt Us With Next?

applelogo.png Apple has settled into a nice pattern recently. The iPad, dominates its market with a sleek, subtly changing, tablet with metal and gloss in all the right places. The iPhone 4 generation has that striking metal band and flat surfaces. But both are getting on a bit in design terms in a fast-evolving market. So, what can Apple bring to its next generation devices to add some magic?

iPad Mini Reports Suggest Apple is Thinking Little

ipad3thumb.jpg After the iPad 3 launch, things have gone rather quiet, with disquiet about its actual capabilities. Since any new iPad will struggle to push the tech envelope much further, is it time for the iPad Mini to step in and expand the brand?

Mobile Roundup: Samsung Profits Big As Apple Sees a Thunderbolt in the Future


Asian tech companies are announcing their latest figures in force this week with Samsung bagging record sales for smartphones. Meanwhile, CES will see a raft of new innovations for mobile gadgets as Apple plans to bring Thunderbolt to future iOS devices.

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