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Ipad Mini News & Analysis

#BlackFriday Tech Winners, #CyberMonday Deals


As the focus shifts to digital sales on Cyber Monday, you may be wondering: What products scored wins on Black Friday?

Retailers are already seeing how shopping on mobiles and tablets is changing our buying behavior. Whatever your perspective, the results make for interesting reading as stores plan for future sales to drain us of yet more cash.

Apple Boosts iPhone 5S Production

iphone5s_300.jpgApple's production partners in Asia are stepping on the gas to get iPhone 5S models on the shelves by Black Friday.

Apple expects high demand for the device and related accessories — which could soar even higher during holiday sales.

With tablets likely to win most hearts this selling season, Apple has held off releasing numbers for the newest generations of iPads. Instead, it seems to be looking to its smartphone to increase revenues to a record high.

Apple's Tablet Moves Please Analysts

If the key to a financial analyst's heart is profit margin, then Apple did a good job yesterday of reassuring Wall Street with its roll out of new products. That's because it introduced new iPads with higher prices.

Apple Fixing iMessage Bug, But Retina Supply May Threaten iPad Mini Launch


Apple is having a few gremlins with iOS 7, with its massive user base magnifying any issues, so expect a new iOS update very soon to fix that pesky iMessage bug. However, a far bigger problem could be a lack of retina screens for the new iPad mini. 

Apple Sailing Into A Perfect Storm? In Transition and Under Fire

apple ios 7 iphone 5s, samsung, android, power

Apple is all revved up for its a big second half to 2013 with iOS 7, new iPhones and iPads plus its future (not so) mystery gadgets. But are forces starting to conspire against Apple? Facing angry legislators and market rivals, new partners and a pragmatic, more cynical customer, Apple's efforts might not be enough to maintain its lustre.

Samsung's Budget Galaxy Tab 3 an Entree for the Nexus 11

samsung_logo.JPGSamsung is keeping its broad, every-man, appeal going by announcing a new, low-cost, Galaxy Tab device. But back at base, the company is working hard on new 8" and 11" tablets, along with a possible new Nexus 11 for Google. 

[Infographic] Mobile in 2012

Looking back, as we do in December, it's hard to imagine what life would have been like had there been no mobile. During 2012, our smartphones became smarter, faster, slimmer. Tablets multiplied. Operating systems expanded. Mobile devices became our books, our shopping carts, our mobile wallets, our second screens, our offices and an extension of ourselves.

Apple Looking to 2013 as iPhone 5 Shifts Two Million on Chinese Launch

 iphone5_thumb.jpgDespite the lack of huge queues and choatic scenes, Apple has announced sales of two million units to Chinese customers over the three-day launch period of the iPhone 5. But now all eyes will be on Apple's plans for 2013. 

What if Apple Launched an iPad and No One Showed?

ipadmini_thumb.jpg The iPad Mini has gone onsale in China and, aside from the gangs snapping them up for resale or export, there was little in the way of consumer interest for Apple's baby tablet. 

Apple Takes the iPad Mini and iPhone 5 to China

 applelogo.pngThe lure of huge sales has seen Apple carefully negotiate its way into the Chinese market, and now it is ready to go with its latest products, bringing the iPhone 5 to local networks. 

Nokia's Free Mapping App Rolls Out on iOS

nokiahere_tab.bmp Frustrated by the iOS 6 native Maps app and lack of Google's old app? Nokia has you covered with its well-regarded "Here" app now available on iPhone and iPad.

Apple Stock Price Bounces Back, Thanks to AC/DC and eBay?

applelogo.png Apple's star-kissed run may finally have come to end on the stock market, despite the company's recent run of launches and with more positive news coming out. Is reality finally knocking down Apple's distortion field?

LTE-Equipped iPad 4 and iPad Minis Go Onsale Today

 applelogo.pngThose who were waiting for the mobile-equipped versions of the latest iPads can now rush out to the store and bask in their 4G goodness, and the ensuing huge data bills. 

Adobe Updates Digital Publishing Suite with Analytics, iPad Mini, Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Compatibility

Adobe is releasing the latest edition of its Digital Publishing Suite. Version 24 includes expanded device support and analytical capabilities, among other upgraded and new features.

Apple Selling A Million New iPads Per Day

 applelogo.pngContinuing to dominate the tablet market, Apple has announced sales of three million new iPads over the three days launch. That's double the sales of the previous iPad launch, but with two models to choose from, which was more popular? 

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