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Iphone 5 News & Analysis

Apple Stores Will Buy Back Old iPhones for up to US$ 250

Apple Stores Will Buy Back Old iPhones for up to US$ 250Apple is now allowing trade ins of old iPhones at its retail stores, something other electronics retailers have already been doing, and customers can get from between US$ 150 to US$ 250 per device.

Samsung Unveils Galaxy S4 Mini, Now Packs a 4.3" Screen

samsung galaxy s4 mini android

As part of the Galaxy family's ever-growing line up, Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy S4 Mini for those with diminutive digits, but while the baby of its own family, it is still a touch bigger than an iPhone 5. 

Nokia Takes On the iPhone and Galaxy in New Lumia Video Test

nokia_logo_2013.jpgPhotos and video are so easy to shoot on phones, it is easy to overlook the quality differences, and few of us shoot enough video across devices to compare the results. So, Nokia is taking its message to the streets (well, YouTube) with direct comparisons against rival models.

Apple Releases iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone 5 Users Only

applelogo.pngHow's this for flat design, Apple's latest iOS update improves precisely one feature for one model of iPhone. Flat? Largely redundant more like. 

A Better LTE iPhone 5 Coming To T-Mobile and Apple Stores

applelogo.png Apple will release a new unlocked model of the iPhone 5 in its own stores and through T-Mobile in a couple of weeks, adding advanced wireless services for improved LTE performance. 

Jailbreak-Busting Apple iOS 6.1.3 Update Out Now

applelogo.png Apple has finally released its third iOS update in around a month, this time to combat those using the Evasi0n tool to jailbreak their devices.

iPhone Now Leads the World in Mobile Internet Usage

applelogo.png       While it may not be the best-selling device or be the most used ecosystem, Apple can lay claim to iPhone being the most profitable smartphone on the market, and now the most used device for those accessing the mobile Internet. 

iOS 6.1 Released for iPhone and iPad, Adds Minor Features and Updates

applelogo.png       Those on LTE networks with the latest model iOS devices get better support from the new Apple update, while Passbook, iTunes Match and a few other features get a quick touch-up. 

High Telco iPhone Sales Could Help Apple's Earnings

applelogo.png The knives have been well and truly out for Apple ahead of today's earnings call, with analysts predicting relatively weak numbers. Yet, Verizon, AT&T and others are reporting huge iPhone sales in their latest reports as earnings season gets into top gear, but that might not be enough to help push Apple's usually stellar numbers. 

Samsung Unveils A Titanium Galaxy SIII Model as Apple iPhone 5 Orders Drop

samsung_titanium_thumb.jpg Information released over the weekend shows Samsung's Galaxy range ship over 100 million units, with a new Titanium model going on-sale, while Apple is supposed to be reducing build orders for the iPhone 5. The Galaxy range now has massive appeal across the board, while Apple's take-our-model-or-leave-it approach may now be starting to bite.

Apple's iOS Winners and Losers in 2012

applelogo.pngFrom the success of Passbook to the gloom of Maps, and the dings on the new iPhone and confused iPad updates, Apple has had a mixed year, but will have learned some lessons for 2013. 

Our Take on Time Magazine's Top 10 Lists for Gadgets and Apps

It’s that time of year again. In lieu of sending everyone a new sweater, publications’ gifts to their readers are “best of the year” lists. This year’s end-of-year summaries from Time magazine, one of the most venerable list-makers, include compilations of Top 10 Gadgets and Top 10 Apps. 

Apple Looking to 2013 as iPhone 5 Shifts Two Million on Chinese Launch

 iphone5_thumb.jpgDespite the lack of huge queues and choatic scenes, Apple has announced sales of two million units to Chinese customers over the three-day launch period of the iPhone 5. But now all eyes will be on Apple's plans for 2013. 

Aussie Police Warn Against Apple Maps iPhone App Use

maps_app_icon.jpgApple's beleaguered Maps app users get another warning, this time from Australian Police, called out to rescue several lost travellers in recent months trying to navigate a Victoria State National Park. 

What if Apple Launched an iPad and No One Showed?

ipadmini_thumb.jpg The iPad Mini has gone onsale in China and, aside from the gangs snapping them up for resale or export, there was little in the way of consumer interest for Apple's baby tablet. 

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