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Will PrimeSense Acquisition Bring 3D Sensors To Apple's 2014 Lineup?

Apple finally confirmed this weekend that it acquired PrimeSense, the Israeli company that developed the Kinect 3D motion sensor for Microsoft. So what does the deal mean in practical terms?

Having miniaturized its sensors, 3D gesture tech will likely end up in future iPhones and iPads. Expect future generations of these products to offer advanced depth perception and perhaps face and feature recognition, as well as a new range of gestures available without touching the device.

Dropbox's Mailbox App Hits the iPad

Dropbox Mailbox App Hits the iPad

The rollercoaster success story of Mailbox, acquired by Dropbox after barely a month in existence, should get heavy email users excited as the iPad version of the app arrives to save their in-box. 

How Apple Can Put the Wow-Factor Into iOS 7

applelogo.pngWith the announcement of its Worldwide Developer Conference for June, Apple has set the wheels in motion for the reveal of iOS 7, a monumental event if Apple is to keep up with the ingrained social-media-friendly, music-streaming and up-front services that users now expect.

Twitter #music Goes Live, Plays With iTunes, Spotify and Rdio

 twitter_music_logo.jpgTwitter's music app is now live for mere mortals, after its celeb-only launch last week. Prepare to find new music or your favorites, via the power of social media and popular apps.

iOS 6.1 Released for iPhone and iPad, Adds Minor Features and Updates

applelogo.png       Those on LTE networks with the latest model iOS devices get better support from the new Apple update, while Passbook, iTunes Match and a few other features get a quick touch-up. 

Aussie Police Warn Against Apple Maps iPhone App Use

maps_app_icon.jpgApple's beleaguered Maps app users get another warning, this time from Australian Police, called out to rescue several lost travellers in recent months trying to navigate a Victoria State National Park. 

Apple Launches iTunes in 56 Countries, Grabs iPhone 5 Pre-Orders in China

applelogo.png       Showing just how important the global stage is to all tech players, Apple has rolled out iTunes with local artists to many new territories, while China Unicom bags 100,000 pre-orders on day one for the iPhone 5. 


Today's the Day for the iPad Mini Reveal, With a Live Feed

 applelogo.pngSince the unveiling of the original iPad, there have been mutterings about it perhaps being smaller, followed by a stream of rumors since the first small, cheap, Android models appeared. Today, those rumors end and the real deal is shown, with a live stream of the event breaking with recent Apple tradition. 

Post-Launch Reflections and Opinion on the iPhone 5 Unveiling

iphone5_thumb.jpg Apple expended huge amounts of time and effort creating what it considers to be the ultimate smartphone. What does the world think of the new iPhone 5, and what could Apple have done better as it faced an impossible task to live up to the hype? 


New Google YouTube App Arrives Ahead of iOS 6.0 Axing

youtube_app_logo.PNG One of the first ever apps for the iPhone, Apple's own YouTube player is being removed in iOS 6.0. But Google is ahead of the game and has already launched its own video player with new features. 

Apple Ditching YouTube App From iOS 6

applelogo.png Since the launch of the very first iPhone, the YouTube app has sat proudly on the front screen, eager to play the latest video content. That all changes as Apple cuts it from the smartphone, for various reasons, in the upcoming iOS 6.0.

Apple Kills Ping in iTunes, Streaming Services and Better App Store on the Way?

applelogo.png Among all the shiny new announcements at WWDC, Apple's social service Ping looks like it was left to exit via the back doors, without so much as a goodbye wave. But what will Apple be looking to add for users with the next iTunes upgrade?

Facebook App Center Launches to Complement iTunes and Google Play

facebook-logosmall.JPG Facebook promised its App Center last month and has now launched the shop front for web and download apps. It caters for both Facebook desktop and mobile users, with iOS and Android users getting some 600 apps to try.

Ready or Not, Apple HDTVs Are Coming To Take the TV Market By Storm

applelogo.png Regardless of whether the end users are there to buy them, if content producers will play ball or if Apple needs to risk huge capital in making them, it seems the company is starting early production with its Chinese partners of HDTV sets, as polls suggest current iOS users will be the lead converts.

ERP in the Cloud: Know Your Customers Before You Scare Them Away

Yes, I know, it’s a pretty harsh title, but I experience this week after week: ERP vendors coming up with the cloud-hosted copy of their ERP software and not understanding why it doesn’t sell. I wrote this post to stop them repeating this mistake and to share the lessons I’ve seen at least 10 times in the last three months.

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