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Hiring a Social Business Vendor? Ask About Their Funding

If you’re a brand considering hiring a company that provides social business software or services, you need to ask questions about the vendor’s funding. That advice is what Jeremiah Owyang, an analyst with the Altimeter Group,offers up.

Choosing an Enterprise CMS: Ovum Names Market Challengers, Followers

My previous post discussed the three ECM vendors (EMC, IBM and OpenText) that Ovum named as Market Leaders in its report: “Decision Matrix: Selecting a Content Management Application Vendor.” With this article, we'll take a look at the vendors named Market Challengers and Followers.

Social Media Marketing Success in 2012: Forget About the Sale

A funny, seemingly backwards thing is happening: Our increasingly connected and technology-filled world is causing consumers to crave the basics of human interaction. As a result marketers are getting personal, relying on empathy rather than logos. This trend will continue well beyond 2012, so if you're thinking about how to be successful going forward, read on.

Goodbye Corporate Website Hello Web Presence Management Framework?

These days, companies of all sizes have tired of the expense and complexity of many WCM / WEM solutions, and would dearly love agile alternatives. And, yes, there are lesser expensive options. But what may be the most important factor for a lot of companies, is a strong emphasis on the customer-focused web presence for the company. And this may mean that company web presence will show up on other websites, instead of on the corporate website --which leads to the notion of whether or not the “corporate website” is becoming obsolete for many types of companies.

Jeremiah Owyang, Dan Rasmus to Keynote #GilbaneSF


The registration for Gilbane San Francisco Conference is in full swing. For those of you coming out to the event, don’t miss the keynote sessions presented by visionaries Jeremiah Owyang and Dan Rasmus.

Social Media is a Social Reef

If you’ve ever felt like a fish out of water when it comes to Social Media, it’s probably with good reason, as this method of networking and community interaction has been touted as not only the fastest growing, but also the fastest moving segment in the industry.

With more and more companies attempting to increase their value by incorporating a social network component into their traditional products, understanding how these relate to each other, and their dependencies, isn’t a simple task.

So, if you’ve been waiting on the sidelines until now to get your feet wet in the social media scene, Jeremiah Owyang’s recent storyboard, “Social Reef: An Industry Persepctive,” may just be the arm rings necessary to help you understand this complex eco—or shall we say, techno—system.

The Social Media Minute

The Social Media landscape changes so fast, it’s hard to keep up. Here are the top stories from the field, distilled into a minute’s worth of scanning.

Forrester: New Wave for 'White Label' Social Media and Community Platforms

Forrester Wave shopping for a enterprise cms product white label social networks software Analyst Jeremiah Owyang is Forrester’s man at the bleeding edge of social media and web communities. He is building a dedicated ‘Wave’ (Forrester’s vendor database and recommend-engine) for Social Web products and community platforms, aimed at helping organizations decide which solutions in the space are right for them. The Wave will also help CMS, ERP and other developers figure out which ‘White Label’ services are worth pursuing for partnerships or investment.

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