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Yep, Brands Talk Like 5th Graders on Facebook

A majority of Facebook posts by brands -- 67.3 percent of them, to be exact -- are written at an elementary school level — with 1st grade being the grade level most frequently targeted. That's the not so surprising results of a study by Track Maven, a competitive intelligence company.

Grade level is determined using the Flesch-Kincaid readability test, which analyzes passages and rates them on a scale from 0 to 100 according to difficulty. Passages suitable for 11-year-olds —  most of what is apparently on Facebook — score between 90 and 100. 

Forget Likes, These Are the 3 Facebook Metrics to Watch

Forget Likes, Here Are the 3 Facebook Metrics You Should WatchMarketers nowadays are data driven numbers people. I get it. I consider myself a numbers guy, too. That said, when it comes to Facebook, I think a lot of marketers have it all wrong. The Facebook metric marketers tend to focus on -- a page’s Like count -- does not matter as much as marketers and business owners think it does.

How to Gain Social Media Momentum Now that the Holidays are Over

How to Gain Social Media Momentum Now that the Holidays are OverThe holiday hustle is officially over and, along with it, perhaps some of the excitement that was happening on your social media networks. Now it’s time to come back to social media reality and to come up with tactics that will keep your engagement and reach up, well into the new year.

The CMSWire 25: Our Most Popular Stories of 2013

Top 25

It's a New Year -- the perfect time to take one more long, analytical look back at 2013 -- through a sampling of 25 of the most popular CMSWire stories of the year.

We have selected some of the best of the best stories, based on reader interest. The list does not include SharePoint related stories, a topic that warranted the separate ranking we shared with you yesterday.

So sit back, relax and catch up on all your favorite CMSWire content as you map your strategy for a successful 2014. 

5 Ways Facebook Apps Can Complement Your Website

If you visit the website of any major brand, chances are pretty good that you’ll find a page, or cluster of pages, that complement the main site. Nike has lots of these “microsites” for products such as FuelBand, Sportswear and NIKEiD to name a few. Volkswagen has microsites devoted to its various models, plus pages devoted to financial services and shopping tools.

While it might seem like a good idea to have your content sectioned off like this, users can easily get lost or find it difficult to quickly locate the information they want.

5 Things Savvy Marketers Need to Consider Before Running a Facebook Promotion

Customer Experience, Social Media Marketing, 5 Things Savvy Marketers Need to Consider Before Running a Facebook PromotionThe idea of running a simple promotion without having to go through the hassle of a third-party platform is exciting and intriguing at first. However, there are still a few things brands should consider when they choose between running a Timeline promotion or a using a custom app.

How to Use Facebook's Four Most Popular Advertising Options

Facebook's Four Most Popular Advertising OptionsRecent changes to Facebook's advertising options leave advertisers with four main choices. Let's take a look at the differences between the four and some suggestions for how and when to use them.

Like Count Not Budging? 4 Ways to Snap Out of It

shutterstock_90274051.jpgHere’s a typical scenario: You’ve created a Facebook Page for your business, reached out to all your networks, asking them to Like your Page -- and maybe even gained a few thousand fans -- but now there’s a lull in new Likes.

5 Ways to Bring Your Content Marketing to Facebook

Social media has become a top resource for content marketing. This article teaches best practices for bringing your content marketing efforts online and to Facebook.

Facebook Advertising Works - If You Don't Make These 3 Mistakes

There are still marketers who do not believe Facebook advertising works. For those people, this article is for you. By avoiding these three mistakes, learn how your brand’s Facebook advertising efforts can be effective.  

5 Must-Do Tips: How to Improve your Customers' Facebook Experience in 2013

Have you thought about the customer service goals you want to accomplish in 2013? This article provides five New Years’ resolutions to help your company give your users a better Facebook experience in the coming year.

8 Ways Businesses Can Use Facebook and Customer Relationship Management

CRM + Social = Power. Social media is the latest and greatest tool for customer relationship management, learn how to use it to your advantage.

How Bill Nye the Science Guy Would Monitor Social Media

There is a scientific method that can be applied to monitoring social media. Businesses must first learn about their efforts and then fine tune them to prove their time and money is well spent.

Eight Ways to Use Embeddable Apps and Microsites to Your Advantage

There’s a new trend emerging in the way brands approach their social media content. Previously, if a brand wanted to create an app for a website or social network, the app had to be designed specifically for that location. That meant lots of content duplication and extra time and expense. Today brands can have all that same great content in a central place, and distribute it across multiple channels using embeddable apps and microsites.

6 Ways to Repurpose Content - Even if You Think You Don't Have Any

Fresh content is great for social media, but sometimes deadlines, budget or writer's block get in the way. Take these tips to repurpose existing content from your business for social media.

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