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New Kana Customer Service Solution Offers Multiple Language Support

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Customer service can be the key to long-term retail success during the holidays — and more important even than sales, according to Kana Software, a provider of customer experience management solutions.

Kana is out this week with a new release of its Enterprise solution. The new version offers multilingual knowledge management, including translations and multi-language searching, and enhanced reporting that could provide more information to agents, quicker.

Forrester/KANA Report: Customer Service Falling Short in Omni-Channel World

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From the KANA-sponsored Forrester report

So many channels, so little time. That might be the consumer’s lament, if he or she could voice one. A new report from Forrester finds that customers are feeling free to switch between channels of communication and companies will just have to learn how to adapt.

Customer Service Provider KANA Integrates Email Solution with Analytics Platform

With all the talk of social media and other new approaches for customer service, it’s easy to overlook the importance of that old-time communication medium, email. This week, KANA Software released a new version of its email response management solution, which is now integrated with its KANA Experience Analytics customer support platform. 

Customer Service Provider KANA Integrates Email Solution with A

Text Analytics: What are They, Why are They Important to CXM?

It's impressive that the internet can generate so much qualitative data through ordinary online conversations. Your Facebook page asks “how are you feeling?” LinkedIn asks for testimonials rather than rankings to endorse colleagues. We use comments as a way to evaluate the success of our blog posts. And while online reviews may show a star rating, it’s only by reading the full review that we can best appreciate the product’s true worth.

For KANA, Customer Service Is Now About the 'Omni-Channel'

In the entire history of commerce, customers have never had it so good. Not only do they continue to be the focus of retailers’ attention, but personalized shopping, anywhere transactions, social sharing, fast and powerful comparative shopping, a good sense of what the customer will do next and a seemingly infinite recollection of every detail of every interaction are now combined into what can be described as the golden age of customer service.

Report Points to Importance of Contact Center in Customer Experience

For customer service to succeed in the current multi-channel environment, companies need to better align the direction of the customer experience decisions by top executives with those made by marketing and customer service professionals.

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