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Kentico CMS Platform Debuts Version 8

Kentico's integrated marketing solution got an update today with enhanced personalization and segmentation and what they call a better user interface.

The mid-market web content and customer experience management provider released Kentico 8, which it said helps marketers launch integrated campaigns to target today's fragmented audiences across all digital channels. The CMS provider touts its ability to provide a marketing experience in a single environment that integrates with real-time CRM and ERP data for personalization.

"We believe the difference between success and failure in digital marketing can come down to the time, expense and ease with which to launch, manage and update one’s campaigns," Thomas Robbins, chief evangelist for the US- and Czech Republic-based Kentico, told CMSWire. "That’s why Kentico 8 democratizes integrated marketing by providing a sophisticated platform that allows anyone to quickly deliver the right message at the right time on any digital channel. It’s easy to use, affordable, and quick to set up."

Consistency of Voice Delivers Strong Digital Marketing Campaigns #KenticoConnection

customer experience, CEO: For Digital Marketers, One Voice Means Strong Campaign #KenticoConnectionDigital marketers naturally are seeking connections. Intimate connections with existing customers and potential new ones.

But what’s the message your brand is delivering? And who in the organization is delivering it? And, perhaps most importantly, is it consistent across all channels?

It better be, according to Petr Palas, Kentico CEO and founder.

CEO: Mission to 'Democratize' Digital Marketing for Strong Web Experience #KenticoConnection

customer experience, CEO: Mission to 'Democratize' Digital Marketing for Strong Web Experience #KenticoConnectionWhen we caught up with Kentico last month to discuss how the Web experience management vendor is handling personalization, we learned that it bakes digital marketing into its system’s core through Kentico CMS 7 in its Enterprise Marketing Solution. 

How 5 More Web Experience Management Vendors are Dealing with Personalization

A few months back, we took a close look at how a handful of Web experience management vendors dealt with personalization. Now, we have five more WEM providers to check out, including OpenText, Kentico, Acquia/Drupal, CoreMedia and Sitecore.

Facebook Updates Ads Manager Reports, Mobile Apps Install Ads

Facebook Updates Ads Manager ReportsThe steady stream of updates to Facebook’s advertising platform continues with changes to the Ads Manager Reports and the Mobile App Install Ads tools.

Oracle Finishes Cloud Push With NetSuite Partnerhip

Oracle NetSuite PartnershipOracle’s “startling” week continues with a third announcement in a series of partnerships that were flagged by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison last week. This time, it’s with NetSuite, which in partnership with Oracle will bring Human Capital Management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to the small-and-medium business (SMB) space.

Kentico Integrates Questionmine Video for Its Enterprise Marketing Solution

Video on the Web has become a key part of many companies’ marketing toolkits. To offer that capability, Web content and customer experience provider Kentico Software is adding to its Enterprise Marketing Solution video integration and hosting from Questionmine. 

Kentico's Thom Robbins Talks Web Experience & Marketing Automation

Thom Robbins, Chief Evangelist for Kentico, a mid market customer experience management provider, dishes on marketing automation and the struggle for customer experience management.

A Look Back at Content Management 2012

Need to add more websites to your growing company or just testing out a few systems to make a short list of new Web CMS candidates? We've gathered up a few highlights from the past year to help nail down a few contenders.

Kentico CMS 7 Adapts to Mobile with Device Data Integration

Kentico wants to make sure all the beautiful websites its customers build are fully deployable to mobile devices, and it has teamed up with to make it happen.

Rethinking the Intranet - Where Does Search Fit In?

There have been some great articles this month on CMSWire on the future direction for intranets, and how your organization might want to "re-think" or re-imagine its intranet. Subjects such as Information Architecture, the changing nature of work, and developing employee trust in your digital workplace have been covered. I would like to follow up with a few paragraphs on how search and your search strategy fit into your views of an ever evolving intranet. So, how is search evolving on your intranet? Are you equipped from a strategy and personnel point of view, or have you been fooled into concentrating purely on the technology?

Kentico CMS 7 Goes GA: Mobile Web Development, Automated Marketing Simplified

Kentico has released version 7 of its ASP.NET based Web CMS. For those focused on the mobile customer experience, you'll be happy.

Autonomy Product Innovations for Law Firms & Legal Departments More Social, Mobile

Lawyers have some new tools with which to fight their battles. Today, HP-owned Autonomy unveiled three new innovations for its products that are designed to help law firms and corporate legal departments utilize the convergence of social, cloud and mobile technologies.

This Week: Failing Your Marketing Data + SharePoint 2013 - The Good, The Ugly

Data. It overwhelms us.

Most marketers say they're failing to use it optimally. A recent survey showed that most people are not leveraging analytics well. Another study found a lack of analytical minds and skills in key roles.

Getting Good Data
Good data is step one and Forrester recently evaluated Tag Management Systems -- looking at this evolving role of data capture.

Analytics vendors play a key role too and are constantly facing new challenges. This week we saw Webtrends improve measurement of both web and social activity.

In September we'll focused on how marketers can better use their data to make decisions and optimize digital experiences. Stay tuned.

SharePoint 2013 - Disappointing, or Not?
SharePoint's evolution is pleasing many (see SharePoint 2013: 7 Features Users are Going to Love). But worth a read is SharePoint 2013: Not Quite What I Expected.

This week we also checked out SharePoint 2013 workflows and social networking and climbed up for a 35,000 foot view of SharePoint 2013 for Designers.

Forrester: The New Rules of Social Knowledge Management
Join Forrester analyst Kate Leggett on Aug 29th. Get the scoop on how enterprise knowledge is going social.
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