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Kindle News & Analysis

Amazon Extends "Send to Kindle" Button to Websites, Blogs

So much to read online and still no one has come out with an app to stretch time. Workarounds for non-elastic time include several kinds of “read it later” apps. And now, Amazon is extending its “read it later” functionality, with a Send to Kindle button for Websites and WordPress blogs. 

Amazon's Earnings Highlight the Consumer Transition to Digital

Thumbnail image for kindlefirethumb.jpg Amazon posted its earnings last night with sales up 22% on the quarter. But the key trend highlighted is the massive move to digital reading and consumption on Kindle devices, with physical book sales at their slowest growth since Amazon's founding. 

Appcelerator Reports: Not all Mobile Devices Expected to Have a Good 2013

With the release of its "IDC Q4 2012 Mobile Developer Report," Appcelerator has announced its mobile predictions for 2013 that stem from trends during the latter half of 2012.

Nook Becoming Very Important for Barnes & Noble

nookhd_small.JPGWith revenue for its tablets and e-readers reaching $160 million for the latest quarter, B&N's Nook tablets are taking a hold in the market, can it make a bigger play out of them?

dotCMS Releases Version 2.1, New Site Search, Scheduled Workflow

Thumbnail image for dotcms_logo_2010.jpg DotCMS, an open source, Java-based Web content management system, has released version 2.1. The latest upgrade to dotCMS includes improvements to site search, workflow task automation, administration and content.

Amazon's Big Play in Tablets and Smartphones Coming Soon

newkindlethumb.jpg Following months of rumors of an Amazon smartphone, it looks like the company is going to make far greater strides into the hardware market, with a range of tablets and other devices to create demand for its digital content. The company is also opening up a new design center in London, England for future digital products. 

Amazon Smartphone Reportedly Under Testing Stages

Amazon is reportedly developing a smartphone, with the aim of competing with established players like the Apple iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S III. Given the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet's success in the low-end tablet and e-reader market, will Amazon likewise succeed in selling its Android-powered smartphones using content as a draw?

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablets Might Run Windows 8

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablets Might Run Windows 8There is no question about the dominance of Apple in the tablet market. With Google's Android lagging in second place, everyone else is in the minority. But a recent deal between Microsoft and Barnes & Noble might turn Windows 8 into a major contender in the tablet and e-reader market soon.

Document Mgt Roll-up: SpringCM Upgrades Doc Approval, Send It to Kindle for Mac

This week, SpringCM upgraded its document approval software, Amazon released Send to Kindle for Mac, OpenText and BigHand released their first integrated offering, Agility upgrades its Web CMS and NovoDynamics releases device-neutral OCR.

A Week in Google: Android 4.0 Updates, Open Wallets and Good Prospects

For once, I haven't read about Google upsetting someone this week, is the company taking it easy in the run up to Spring Break? Instead, there's useful new features in Android updates, a push on Google Wallet and the company is seeing positive corporate signs in a highly competitive market.

iPad Apps Getting a Retina Boost Across the Board

ipad3thumb.jpg With the new iPad out in the wild, apps are being updated to add more information on-screen or improved visuals via the retina display. Flipboard, TweetDeck, Kindle Reader and others are getting rapid makeovers as Apple shows off some of its star performers.

Tablet, E-Reader Ownership Doubled Over Holidays

Deck the halls with pads and tablets! It seems the recently concluded holiday season has resulted in healthy sales figures for tablets and e-readers. This has probably lined Apple's and Amazon's pockets with enough cash to last until next Christmas. Would you believe that tablet and e-book reader ownership doubled over the past holiday season?

Document Mgt Roll-up: Send Microsoft Files to Kindle, New Office Functionality for iPad

It’s been a mixed bag this week. Amazon has released an application that lets users send documents to Kindle, the CloudOn app enables users to create and edit Office documents on iPad, SAP expands in the education market, PSIGEN pushes into Asia Pacific while Due Diligence extends the scope of V-Rooms.

Amazon's Send to Kindle Simplifies Documents Synching for Windows

Amazon has released a handy new feature that allows Windows users to send any document to their Kindle with a single click. If you happen to use another operating system -- tough luck.

Will Apple's January Announcement Reinvent Textbooks?

Anyone who’s ever lugged a backpack full of textbooks across a large college campus has fantasized of a better way of transporting content to a lecture hall. Add a laptop, chargers and other ancillary electronics to the journey, and chances are that you'll be dialing your chiropractor in short order.

Update: Breaking news- Apple to announce its move into Digital Textbooks on Jan. 19

It’s now official. Apple will be hosting an “education” event at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City on Thursday Jan 19 at 10 AM. Invitations were sent to select members of the press this week.

The invitation, which looks like a chalkboard, shows a profile of the New York City skyline with an apple wedged in its center. The text reads:

Join us for an education announcement in the Big Apple.”

The latest rumors suggest that Apple and a select group of textbook publishers will announce that students will soon be able to buy digital textbooks from the iTunes store.

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