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Document Management Roll-up: Adobe EchoSign iOS Upgrades, Axceler Aids SP2013 Migration

There was a number of interesting releases this week. Axceler is preparing enterprises for SharePoint 2013, while Adobe has upgraded its EchoSign iOS app and Kofax added analytics to its data capture program. Meanwhile, KonwledgeLake has also upgraded Connect.

KnowledgeLake Offers Accounting Automation Tool for SharePoint

Accounting departments have an updated SharePoint tool for automating accounts payable billing thanks to a release from KnowledgeLake.

Document Mgt Roll-up: The Best Office 365 Enhancements, Metalogix StoragePoint

Office 365 and the release of three new business SKUs dominated this week in document management news, with the ripples of the release being felt with complementary solutions launched by MetaVis and KnowledgeLake. In other news, Metalogix announced some new developments around StoragePoint, Office 2013 got a new touchscreen guide and Version One rebranded.

KnowledgeLake Capture for SharePoint Debuts Native iOS App

Apple's App Store is ready to dispense some new document management fun with the KnowlegeLake Capture for SharePoint ECM app. iOS users can share documents and images right into their workflows with the free app, and SharePoint devotees are now that much closer to a deskfree workspace.

Doc Mgmt Roll-up: All Things SharePoint 2013, Jahia Releases Wise For Doc Collaboration

It was a big week in the document management and Enterprise CMS space. While SharePoint 2013 was the focus of the Las Vegas SharePoint conference, EMC was also keeping busy in Vienna. Meanwhile, Jahia released Wise and Kofax partnered with Cornerstone.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Apple's OX Mountain Lion's Document Functionality, SpringCM

With  the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, we were always going to be looking for new document functionality in OX Mountain Lion. Also this week, Cabinet NG expanded its file sharing capacity, SpringCM's Android app is generally available and Google buys QuickOffice.

K2, KnowledgeLake Extend SharePoint with Business Process Management

K2, KnowledgeLake Partner for Sharepoint BPM, ECM SolutionsK2 and KnowledgeLake are now collaborating to offer ways for Microsoft SharePoint users to get the information they need for a task, within a business application. The two companies announced earlier this week their strategic partnership, integrating business process management (BPM) with enterprise content management (ECM) on the Microsoft platform.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Alfresco's Formtek Extensions, Lexmark Grows

This week, there have been a number of interesting announcements, including one from Formtek, which has added five extensions to Alfresco; Lexmark continues to grow its enterprise CMS capabilities, M-Files releases Vault 2.0 and KnowledgeLake introduces Unify.

This Week: Communities Are Key for Customer Experience Strategies

As we wrap up this month's focus on Customer Experience Management (CXM), we leave you with some great insights on bridging the gap between Content, Community and Commerce:

We also took at look at a Customer Experience Maturity Model and 3 Ways Content can help improve the online customer experience.

The final results of our poll: What is your top customer experience priority today? are in and it looks like developing customer and users communities is the primary focus. Check out the full results.

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SharePoint Conference 2011 Releases Focus on Content Migration, Social Media #spc11

It's SharePoint time again as this year’s conference kicks off in Anheim, Calif., for four days of demonstrations and releases. With a more than a year gone since the release of SharePoint 2010, there are now dozens of releases of products to the market, and many more as this conference will show.

GRC Roll-up: AvePoint, KnowledgeLake Partner on SharePoint 201, Symantec Closes Clearwell Deal

It’s July and bound to be quiet. Even so, in the GRC space, AvePoint and KnowledgeLake have paired up for SharePoint 2010 content governance, Symantec has finally closed the deal with Clearwell, Aveska’s enterprise governance solution is in big demand, while Vista SP1 support has stopped so no more security upgrades there.

Document Mgt Roll-up: OpenText Offers Doc Governance in SP, Box Connects Docs to ECMs

There’s been a number of releases this week that help document management, including one from OpenText that helps document governance in SharePoint 2010, a connector from Box to your ECMs, KnowledgeLake has released document imaging for SharePoint, while ABBYY’s SDK integrates data capture with third-party applications.

KnowledgeLake Puts SharePoint 2010 on the FAST Track

First week of the New Year and already there are updates for SharePoint 2010. This time they comes from KnowledgeLake (news, site) who have announced that they have added FAST search technology support to their Imaging for SharePoint software.

KnowledgeLake Aims to Spread More Microsoft Ecosystem Love


KnowledgeLake (news, site) makes it easier for SharePoint-equipped enterprises to partner and tie in its document capture tools via a new wave of integrators.

KnowledgeLake Updates Its Products for SharePoint 2010

knowledgelake_2009_logo.gifKnowledgeLake (news, site) brands itself as a SharePoint ECM company, so it is naturally quick on the update when it comes to the new SharePoint 2010 launch.

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