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Xbox One Sells A Million, Microsoft Grapples with Social Media Backlash


Microsoft's new Xbox One console has been branded as the ultimate games and entertainment machine.

The hard reality of those ambitious claims is now biting hard, as early buyers find poor gaming experiences, expensive in-game-content demands and issues with the TV and entertainment features. But Microsoft is handling the complaints well and trying to minimize disruption for users.

5 Major Differences Between Xbox One and PlayStation 4


The tech pages have been buzzing with gaming news in recent weeks, thanks to new consoles from Microsoft and Sony. But if you're not a loyal fan, which one should you choose? 

These five factors — and some simple truths the manufacturers probably don't want you to know — could sway your buying decision.

The Twitter IPO: All You Need to Know

You might have heard: Twitter had an IPO today. It achieved a market capitalization of $25 billion to $26 billion, even though the company has yet to hit $1 billion in revenue and has not earned a dime of profit. But clearly, people were excited.

Pricey Twitter Hits the NYSE Today at $26 A Share

twitter_ipo.jpgTwitter becomes one of the most high-profile US initial public offerings since Facebook today. After raising its starting price range once, it boosted the share price even higher, causing concern among some investors.

Is a mere social messaging service that's still losing money and will only generate revenue of about $620 million this year really worth $18 billion? That's the big bet investors will have to decide. The company is not profitable, and it is not expected to be so until at least 2015.

Nexus 5 Officially Launches With Android 4.4 KitKat, Sells Out


Those tasty fingers of chocolate biscuit take on extra meaning today as the latest version of Android arrives to add flavor to the new range of devices and upgrade those that were losing their bite. 

Google's $349 Nexus 5 smartphone has also been made official, challenging rival devices to a major selling fight over the holiday season.

What else does the company have to offer fans and users increasingly tempted by less-expensive Apple devices, a wide range of Nokia Windows phones and others? 

Apple Confirms iPad Unveiling Event for Next Week


Apple has confirmed that it will host an event next week where we will likely see the new iPad models unveiled alongside new Mac models with OS X Mavericks. With the tag line, "We still have a lot to cover" does Apple have more than just hardware updates to show, or is something more interesting afoot?

Apple Reported to be Unveiling Next iPhone, iPad on 10 September


According to reports flooding the web today, Apple will show off its next iPhone (or iPhones) and possibly other devices in a month's time, heralding silly season for the press and possibly impacting the launches of other devices. Just one tip for Apple, make it interesting!

LG Launches the G2 Learning Smartphone for the High-End


Knocking around in the fight for the number three smartphone market spot for some time, will the new G2 propel LG into the limelight? Or is the high end market no longer where its at for the majority of buyers. 

Facebook Graph Search Rolls Out This Week, Privacy Watchers Standing By

Facebook Graph Search Rolls Out This Week

The wait is over for Facebook users who have been keen to try out the new social graph features of Graph Search. The new features, some six months in beta, roll out this week for U.S. users, with a wider launch to follow. 

Take A Better Look at the Rumored iPhone Budget Color Range


Another day, another pic of the supposed coat-of-many-colors casing for the budget iPhone 6 model that has leaked out of one of Apple's many Chinese contractors.  


BlackBerry 10 App World Passes the 100,000 Mark Ahead of U.S. Launch

 bb10_logo.JPG Just a few months after launch, and as it goes on-sale in the U.S., BlackBerry has announced that its app store is into six-figures, with the promise of more big name apps to come. 

Pictures and Specs Run Riot Ahead of Samsung's Unpacked Galaxy S4 Event

unpacked_logo_2013.jpg  With the big show just hours away, the usual suspects are leaking high quality images and final specifications of Samsung's new high-end smartphone, can the hosts provide some magical twist to wow the crowds?

Ubuntu for Tablets Launching Today, Hardware or Platform?

ubuntu_logo_2013.jpg Having dabbled with a smartphone OS, the countdown for a project that will see Ubuntu running on tablets has almost expired with the reveal due today. Could it transform how tablets are used, or is this another playful niche contender?

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets Sees Weak Launch, 128GB Out Of Stock

 Thumbnail image for surfacepc.bmp Despite having its launch event cancelled due to Blizzard Nemo, Microsoft managed to get people queueing for its new Surface Pro tablet. But, poor stocks left many users frustrated according to reports. 

BlackBerry 10 Events Signal RIM's New Dawn Around the World

rim_logo_2013.jpgWhile the big show in New York is just moments away, the company is staging events around the world to help get the message out about the new BlackBerry 10 OS and phones.

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