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Google Blows Nexus 5 Reveal with Own Site Listing


While Apple gets the foreign factories to do most of its leaking, Google is happy to do the work itself, with a brief appearance on the Google Play store of a Nexus 5 offering.

The page has vanished now, but with a starting price of $349 -- if the price holds for the official release -- puts top-notch smartphones within easy reach, without the need for a long-term contract with a mobile network provider.

The phone will also be the first device to ship with Android 4.4 KitKat, making it a must-have for those who crave the latest in operating systems and chocolate-covered biscuits. 

Take A Better Look at the Rumored iPhone Budget Color Range


Another day, another pic of the supposed coat-of-many-colors casing for the budget iPhone 6 model that has leaked out of one of Apple's many Chinese contractors.  


Early Build of Windows Blue Appears Online As Microsoft Pushes the Pace

windows8_logo.PNG An early build of Windows Blue, the first upgrade for Windows 8, somewhere between a service pack and Windows 9, has leaked online allowing users a peek at what Microsoft plans for its evolved user interface. Will it make any difference to the depressed PC market in a mobile-obsessed world?

New BlackBerry 10 Pics Leak as the CEO Says RIM Has Only One Shot

bb10_logo.JPG More pictures of the test version of BlackBerry's BB10 smartphone are now out in the wild, as RIM's boss Thorsten Heins and other troops are sent out to butter up the press ahead of next year's launch. 

LinkedIn Targets Weak Security Links

Professional social networking service LinkedIn has already spent some serious cash strengthening its security following an embarrassing breach earlier this year -- and plans to spend more.

IBM Accelerates eDiscovery, Helps Lawyers

IBM Releases eDiscovery Analyzer

The eDiscovery industry has garnered a lot of attention. Whether it’s the costs associated with the process or the burden on lawyers to carry out discovery, companies need to implement an effective knowledge and records management model. Many vendors are stepping up to the plate and offer their strategies and services for how to best manage information.

Recently, IBM announced the launch of eDiscovery Analyzer, a new conceptual search and content analysis software that aims to help legal professionals accelerate eDiscovery.

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