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In the City of Love, Microsoft Courts Open Source #OWF14


PARIS — Let’s face it. One of the things you don’t expect at an open source party is Microsoft. However, Microsoft is here at the Paris Open World Forum (OWF) and outlined its position on open source through the offices of Frederic Aatz, Director of Interoperability Strategy at Microsoft.

What does that title mean in English? You could describe him as the guy that gets things to work together — which was reflected in his message: Microsoft and open source need to get along.

How SAP Will Disrupt the Enterprise in the Big Data Age

2014-04-June-SAPPHIRENOW.jpgWhen it comes to business applications, SAP has owned the enterprise for quite a long time. The world’s third largest software vendor has done a lot of things right -- most notably it has provided the reliable tools managers need to run their businesses.

And while that’s oversimplifying it a bit, the statement certainly lacks a “cool” factor. But if we look at the products and services we use every day, there’s a good chance that SAP’s technologies have been involved somewhere along the way -- from the manufacturing plants that use SAP’s ERP systems, to the marketing pitches that leverage SAP’s customer analytics, to the Financial powerhouses that use Sybase.

But that’s yesterday’s news and SAP knows it. They know something else too -- that if they’re going to remain viable in computing’s next era, they have work to do. Not only that, but they also have to keep their current customers happy as they move to the age of big data, mobile and cloud.

Linux' 22th Birthday Is Commemorated - Subtly - by Creator

Linux, information managementLinux has certainly accomplished a lot for a 22-year-old. It was 22 years ago this past Sunday that Linus Torvalds announced in a posting to a newsgroup that he was in the process of creating a free operating system. "Just a hobby," he wrote. He added that it “won't be big and professional like" the GNU version of Unix. 

Ubuntu for Tablets Launching Today, Hardware or Platform?

ubuntu_logo_2013.jpg Having dabbled with a smartphone OS, the countdown for a project that will see Ubuntu running on tablets has almost expired with the reveal due today. Could it transform how tablets are used, or is this another playful niche contender?

Adobe Releases Flash Player Security Updates for Mac, Windows, Android + IE 10

Malicious Flash Player content has been circulating, and Adobe has responded with an emergency security update for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and various browser systems.

Canonical's Ubuntu for Smartphones - A Mobile Interface to a Unified Platform

If you were releasing a new mobile platform these days, what would be your big differentiator? London-based Canonical has decided that its new Ubuntu for smartphones, announced this week, will be a “smartphone interface” that includes phones, tablets, desktops, televisions and the cloud. 

Raspberry Pi Launches, A Rebirth For Computing?


Decades ago, young men standing in garages building circuit boards launched the personal computer revolution. Are we about to come full circle as a device the size of your hand and the cost of a cheap lunch offers easy programming, decent power and Linux?

Ubuntu Coming to Tablets, Smartphones

Ubuntu Coming to Tablets, SmartphonesThe company behind the popular Ubuntu Linux, Canonical, will be bringing a dedicated version for the new era of phone and digital devices. Just don't expect it in 2012.

Is an Open Source Cloud Smackdown Coming?

Cloud adoption and open source were just a few years ago considered risky, cutting-edge approaches only pursued by the most confident (or poor) of technology departments. Times have changed. Even the federal government -- definitely not known for its propensity to be early adopters -- has embraced both. Despite the growth in adoption and acceptance, the intersection of cloud and open source still has a quite a bit of maturing to do, and from the looks of things, some of that growing up might be quite a battle.

Linux Foundation Reveals Consumer Electronics Long Term Support Initiative

At LinuxCon Europe this week in Prague, the Linux Foundation announced the Long Term Support Initiative (LTSI) project created by its Consumer Electronics (CE) workgroup.

Samsung, Intel Launch 'Tizen' Mobile Operating System to Compete with Android

Samsung, Intel Launch 'Tizen' Mobile Operating System to Compete with AndroidAs mobile platform owners vie for dominance in the smartphone and tablet market, smaller players will need to find a way to beef up their capabilities. But with big names like Samsung and Intel joining forces to launch a new smartphone operating system, do they stand a chance against dominant mobile platforms from Apple and Google?

Will Android, Ubuntu Help Save HP's TouchPad?

A lot of HP TouchPad buyers probably got their hearts broken after HP announced its plans to spin off its PC business and drop support for webOS altogether. This sparked a handful of price drops, with the TouchPad retailing for firesale prices as low as $99 in most online stores and retail establishments. But with the TouchPad selling like hotcakes -- and running out of stock before you can say "touchpad" -- this can actually be a good opportunity for developers to resurrect the platform.

Opera 11.50 Introduces Streamlined Interface, Speed Dial Extensions

Opera Software LogoOur favorite cross-platform browser just got leaner and meaner, and grew a few new toys. Opera (news, site) has just released version 11.50, which comes with a few enhancements that might have been inspired by some of Opera's competitors. But when you're at the #5 position in terms of market share, you can take a few liberties with your design and still call it a stroke of genius.

Red Hat to Launch Cloud Service

redhat-leader.jpgRed Hat (news, site) has been focusing its efforts on supporting enterprises and service providers that use Red Hat software for building and managing cloud networks. With Red Hat's recent acquisition of Makara, the company now has the capability to act as a cloud service provider, and is set to make an announcement at the upcoming Red Hat Summit.

First Look: Are You Ready for Chrome OS?

As Google (news, site) prepares to launch its new operating system, what will it offer to a rapidly diverging market?

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