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Live Chat News & Analysis

Next IT Releases Next Gen of Virtual Assistant, Designed for Live Chat Handoffs

Next IT Releases Next Gen of Virtual Assistant, Designed for Live Chat HandoffsIf computer scientist Alan Turing were around today, he might be hard pressed to verify if the virtual agents we commonly encounter on websites are software programs or live, breathing humans. Virtual assistant provider Next IT is committed to making a would-be Turing’s task all that much harder, and in an exclusive with CMSWire talked about its next generation of virtual assistant, called Alme for Chat.

LiveChat Redesigns its Product to Improve the Chat Experience

Real-time live chat software tool, LiveChat, which provides sales and support for eCommerce sites has updated its flagship product. This update is centered around a design change that helps with seamless chat adoption, as well increased speed and workflow for customer service representatives.

[24/7] Brings Predictive Analytics to Live Chat Support

Live chat is becoming an increasingly important part of the customer support experience. But in many cases, the service customers receive via live chat is siloed from service they get via other channels and not targeted to their specific needs.

Oracle Integrates Live Chat Capabilities into the New Oracle RightNow CX Cloud

Oracle is attempting to enable more proactive customer service by integrating the Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service with the Oracle Engagement Engine Cloud Service as part of its new Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service release.

Next Generation CRM: Combining Power of Live Chat with Online Communities

When businesses engage in customer service, there is a unique thing that happens: science and art collide. Satisfying customers and creating ongoing loyalty is a true art form, while ensuring that call center representatives are highly efficient falls more on the scientific side. Blending both of these worlds can be very challenging.

DemandBase Integrates Live Chat into Its Real Time Web Traffic Service

demandbase-logo.jpgWhat if you could engage customers through live chat while also learning more about their demographics in real time? Now, thanks to a partnership between Demandbase and LivePerson, you can!

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