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Lumia 820 News & Analysis

Nokia Lumia Smartphones Sales on the Rise, With the 620 to Come

lumia620_thumb.jpg Nokia's fourth quarter stock update should put an end to the company's doom-sayers (for a while) as it sells nearly 4.5 million Lumia smartphones, suggesting Windows Phone 8 and Nokia are here to stay.

Motorola and Nokia Nudge the Smartphone Bar With New Devices

moto_logo.jpg This month is pretty much draws a line under what has come before for smartphones, and defines where the market heads in future. Today saw Nokia and Motorola launch bigger, better models, with new features. But, will the public bite and will they matter in just a few months time as Apple awaits?


Nokia Lumia 920 Leaks Ahead of Official Launch

Thumbnail image for nokia920.jpg Oh dear, Nokia couldn't keep a lid on this one, possibly because it is just too bright. Anyway, here's the Lumia 920, the new range-leading device that features a PureView camera, wireless charging and beefed-up specs to bring Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 to the masses. 

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