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Macbook News & Analysis

Apple Confirms iPad Unveiling Event for Next Week


Apple has confirmed that it will host an event next week where we will likely see the new iPad models unveiled alongside new Mac models with OS X Mavericks. With the tag line, "We still have a lot to cover" does Apple have more than just hardware updates to show, or is something more interesting afoot?

Google Goes Hi-Spec With A New Chromebook Pixel Notebook

cb_pixel_thumb.jpg Google's new addition to the Chromebook range boosts it way out of the cheap-and-functional category into the Ultrabook class of sexy and desirable. But will that be enough to boost uptake of Google and partner's Chrome-powered devices?. 

Apple to Make More Macs In America

applelogo.pngIn a TV interview to be aired to review Tim Cook's first year in charge of Apple, he will announce that the company is bringing Mac hardware production back to the U.S.


Windows 8 Off To A Slow Start In Stores and Online

Thumbnail image for win8pro_box.pngWindows 8 might be on many shelves inside new PCs, Surface tablets and via cheap upgrades, but the public isn't buying it in massive numbers, at least not yet. 

As Black Friday Sets Records, Here Comes Cyber Monday

 With over $1 billion spent online by Black Friday stay-at-home shoppers, expect Cyber Monday to be just as busy as the deals keep on coming. With mobile-based purchases booming, what are the best and worst e-tailer shopping experiences you've seen?

Apple's Black Friday Sale Goes Live

 applelogo.pngThose looking for an iPad or MacBook bargain had better get their clicking-fingers ready, as Apple Stores around the world reboot for the company's Thanksgiving sale. 

Failure to Launch: Which One of Google, Apple or Microsoft Is In For A Bad Week?

launch_icon.JPG The coming week sees all three OS and hardware players hosting major product launches. Will this season's essential holiday purchase be a Mac Mini, a Surface Tablet, an Ultrabook, a Chromebook or an iPad Mini? Whatever happens at least one player is likely to be sorely disappointed. 


WWDC Keynote Sees Apple's iOS Future Going Live

wwdc_logo.png Here we go then, another fun joyride through the highs (if you're a developer) and lows (if you expect magical-device unveiling miracles) of an Apple Keynote, with the expected focus on new features in OS X and iOS.

Apple's WWDC Kicks Off Today With iOS 6.0 Beta Unveiling

wwdc_logo.png  Get your Apple rumor bingo card out, as the company hosts the 2012 developer event. Offering the latest developer news, tools and sessions for iOS and OS X, all eyes will be on the updates for iPhone and iPad. Here's what to expect.

Apple Hugely Popular in China; What's The Secret Formula?

Apple Hugely Popular in China; What's The Secret Formula?The Chinese have a love affair with Apple (news, site), as evident with how their Apple Stores in the country are outselling even the most popular Apple Stores in the US. But in a country that's notorious for producing almost-perfect knockoff gadgets and devices, how has Apple managed to appeal to consumers, given its premium pricing?

Sitecore, Jungle Torch Optimize Search, Monitor SEO with Web CMS Partnership

sitecore_logo_2009.gif Web content management provider Sitecore (news, site) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm Jungle Torch have announced a partnership that adds SEO and social media monitoring to Sitecore’s platform. The tools make it easier for organizations using Sitecore to manage their social media programs and optimize search engine performance -- an activity that, despite an influx of vendors, many enterprises are struggling to grasp.

Poll Results: The Next Big Thing for Enterprise Information Management

A full month of guidance on Information Management Agility is nearly behind us. Wrapping things up we checked-in with the CMSWire community via our latest reader poll. The question this time around: What do you think is the next big thing for Information Management? And it's mobile that has taken the winners flag -- but that glossy thing in your right hand ain't the only thing changing the game.


Microsoft Talks Open Data, Open Cloud

Microsoft_CloudServices.jpgMicrosoft was at O'Reilly's OSCON conference last week speaking about the need for interoperability with cloud platforms. Here is their take on Open data, Open Cloud.

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