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Marissa Mayer News & Analysis

Salesforce Recovers from Outage, Kicks Off Dreamforce 2013 #DF13

image-dreamforceintro-2013.jpgSalesforce opens its biggest conference of the year in San Francisco today under a fog unrelated to the legendary natural mists that haunt the city. The haze is lingering from a massive outage Salesforce customers on multiple continents experienced just three days before the start of Dreamforce 2013.

10 Tech CEOs We'd Like to See In Movies

There's the Social Network. There's Jobs. While Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs have been the focus of recent Hollywood films, there are a host of popular tech CEOs whose stories are just as compelling. Though they may not be headed to the silver screen anytime soon, that's no reason why we can't help cast them, should their bio pic get the green light. And no, Ben Affleck is not included. 

Social Media Briefs: Facebook Apps, Social Ads, and Hashtag Help


Social media is a work in progress. This week, Facebook shows us that there's always room for improvement, while Yahoo makes a play for video and Twitter teaches us how to choose the right hashtag.

Marissa Mayer Celebrates One Year at Yahoo [Infographic]

One year ago today, Marissa Mayer became CEO of Yahoo. In her first year, she's shaken things up - making some key changes and some strategic acquisitions aimed to make a Yahoo a strong competitor once again. 

Yahoo's Updated News Page Boasts New Look, Increased Personalization

As part of its company-wide refresh, Yahoo! has given its News section a makeover. The redesign, which the company described as “a more personal, intuitive and modern design,” is part of an effort to establish a more consistent look-and-feel across the company.  

Confirmed: Yahoo to Acquire Tumblr for $1.1 Billion

tumblr_ios_logo.jpgYahoo has announced that it will acquire Tumblr in a refreshingly honestly press release that states "Per the agreement and our promise not to screw it up, Tumblr will be independently operated as a separate business."

Tumblr The Target of a Social Media Bidding War?


Yahoo is bidding for Tumblr in an attempt to boost its social media credentials, but Facebook and other parties may be interested in spoiling the party. 

Yahoo Simplifies, Personalizes Home Page

New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is rebuilding the venerable Internet company, most visibly this week with the launch of the newly redesigned home page. 

Whither Yahoo? CEO Mayer Says Search Personalization, Partnerships

In what directions does Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer, want to take her company?

Yahoo Buys Social News Sharing Tool, a social sharing tool, now belongs to Yahoo, a company that surely hopes to maintain some semblance of relevancy at a time when Internet travelers are leaping headlong into social sites and mobile apps.

New Yahoo CEO Starts Company Reboot with Email

Given the popularity of Yahoo’s Web-based email -- it’s number one in the U.S. -- it makes sense that it would be the first makeover target for the new CEO, Marissa Mayer.

Yahoo is Changing, Thanks to Marissa Mayer

Change is afoot at Yahoo, and new CEO Marissa Mayer (formerly VP and public face of key Yahoo rival Google) deserves the credit. In a discussion during the most recent Yahoo earnings call that has generated rave reviews from high tech and financial pundits alike, Mayer laid out how and why she plans to institute some significant changes -- designed to shake Yahoo out of the type of situation former President Jimmy Carter called a “malaise.”

Customer Experience: Content is an Enabler

Yahoo, which has traditionally been seen as a content company, has just hired Marissa Mayer, a product person to run it.

Report: Social Tools Lead to Community-Oriented, Flexible Social Businesses

ketchum fedex logo 72112.pngSocial tools in business are moving beyond consumer and brand management, and turning organizations into social businesses. That’s one of the key findings of a new study about the use of social media by businesses. 

A Week in Google: Results, APIs, Jelly Bean and Marissa Mayer

android_jellybean.PNGGoogle records rising profits, but even that isn't enough to keep one of its highest profile employees. While, in the trenches, the Pages API is opened up, Android Jelly Bean goes to phone makers and Google's lawyers continue to bargain around the world. 

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