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Mark Fidelman News & Analysis

Influencer Marketing Campaigns Done Right

These organizations are finding their “Bob” in their influencer marketing campaigns. 

You remember Bob, right? Our fictitious influencer marketer’s dream connection? He’s plugged in and getting your brand out there through him is optimal.

What is Influencer Marketing? Mark Fidelman, CEO at Evolve, Fills Us In

mark fidelman, cx, influencer marketingDigital Marketing is constantly evolving, trying to keep up with the needs and demands of a well-informed consumer base. One new approach, influencer marketing, is destined to take a leading role in how marketers turn potential buyers into customers. This is the view of Mark Fidelman, and he makes a compelling case.

How Darwin's Social Funnel Transforms CXM Into Sales

Attend virtually any sales or marketing conference today and you’ll see numerous graphs depicting marketing and sales funnels that take leads from awareness through interest, discovery, decision making and ultimately the purchase itself. At each stage, a percentage of leads makes it through to the next stage.

Interview: Mark Fidelman on How Creativity, Innovation and Golf Relate to Social Business

If you haven’t heard of Mark Fidelman, you should become familiar with his name. 

The Secret to Virgin America's Social Business Success (an Infographic Comparison)

Want to know what it might feel like if an airline actually treated its customers like friends? Not a superficial, phony performance marked by fake smiles and fake actors (think the aviation version of the Truman Show). But an airline that is in business to listen, support and aspire to do what’s best for its customers.

10 of the Best Social Business Communities & Why They are Important

Want to convince your company to start an online community?

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