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Forrester: Marketing Automation Is 'Table Stakes;' Using Customer Behavior Is the 'Winning Hand'

forrester, marketing automation, cxm, customer experience, digital marketingMost marketers may be using marketing automation to scale and standardize marketing processes, but according to Forrester, the few who use automation to focus on customer behavior are the only ones seeing the benefits.

The Mobile Digital Experience [Infographic]

Truth be told, the state of the digital mobile experience is lopsided. From a consumer point of view, mobile is where they do most everything, from shopping to gaming. For companies, mobile is still lagging behind. The mobile web still isn't fully supported, nor do they have the in-house expertise to optimize mobile for productivity. 

Goodbye and Sweet Streams to Microsoft's MSN TV

Microsoft’s MSN TV, customer experience

From the growing list of ways to surf the Web on your TV, subtract one. This week, Microsoft announced it is closing down its MSN TV service as of September 30.

The B2B Buyer's Journey: Are You on the Right Path? [Infographic]

The customer journey has been well documented for those us who market directly to the consumer. But what about those who market and sell to other businesses? The customer journey for B2B looks a little bit different.

Digital Marketing: Technology Adoption Curve Falls Well Behind Vendor Ambitions

Digital Marketing: CMOs Toolbox

451 Research recently launched a comprehensive report "The CMO Toolkit" that analyzes the shape and dynamics of the Digital Marketing industry. Within it we established our view of the “Customer Acquisition Cycle,” explained the methods and tools that support this process, as well as examined the competitive landscape in 2013, with an eye on what it might resemble in 2015. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Fall Release to Include Improved Marketing Automation, Mobile Access

Microsoft Dynamics CRM fall 2013 release.jpgMicrosoft has just announced that it will release the next version of its Dynamics CRM on-premises and online products in the fall, although it hasn’t given a precise date. According to Microsoft, the new release will offer better customer experience management with customer insight and information accessible through a wide range of devices.

Adobe to Marry Online and Offline Experiences with Neolane Buy

Adobe to Marry Online and Offline Experiences with Neolane BuyAbobe is about to buy US$ 600 million worth of campaign management tools for its Marketing Cloud courtesy of Neolane, and the prospect of marrying online and offline experiences was a main driver of the deal, an Adobe representative told CMSWire.

Adobe to Buy Neolane for US$ 600 Million: Adds Marketing Automation to Marketing Cloud

You knew another big acquisition deal was going to happen. Did you bet on Adobe? To be honest, we're not totally surprised, these days it seems you need the whole package to survive. Here's what the US$600 million Adobe/Neolane deal is about.

Interview: SDL CEO Mark Lancaster on Culture + Building for the Enterprise

Interview: SDL CEO Mark Lancaster on Culture + Building for the EnterpriseMark Lancaster, CEO of SDL, says he loves culture, and whenever a company like SDL buys up another, smaller company, the cultural integration is the real key to a successful acquisition.

Forrester Report: CMOs Must Become Technologists + Master Marketing Tools

Forrester Report: CMOs Must Become Technologists + Master Marketing ToolsMap of cross channel buying journey.

Digital marketing tools are threatening to undermine the role of CMOs who don't have a strong technological understanding, and CMOs everywhere should take stock of how strongly they grasp tech's role in business, a Forrester report found.

Tech Tool Tourist: Gartner's Digital Marketing Transit Map

Tech Tool Tourist: Gartner's Digital Marketing Transit MapFeeling turned upside down by the digital marketing landscape? There's an app for th... well, at least Gartner has taken the time to build a handy transit map style infographic to show us the digital marketing toolkit in a somewhat navigable way.

UPDATE: Marketo's Automated Customer Engagement Engine Going Live June 28

Marketo Customer Engagement EngineMarketo is planning for a June 28 launch date for its intelligent Customer Engagement engine, a module that enables users to create automated content marketing campaigns that aim to make engagement across the customer journey as easy and pleasing as warm apple pie.

Salesforce Acquires BI Start Up EdgeSpring, Marketing Cloud Expands

screenshot-edgespringsalesforce-2013.jpgSalesforce has acquired business intelligence and analytics startup EdgeSpring, and the company’s Marketing Cloud is expanding yet again only a week after the company spent US$ 2.5 billion on email marketing vendor ExactTarget.

Business Intelligence Software Sales Hit Black Ice As New Players Threaten To Shatter Market

At the end of last week Gartner published two different statements that contain all kinds of interesting facts and figures that together show that sales figures for  business intelligence (BI) applications have taken a dramatic nose-dive. The market, it says, is being hit by the triple whammy of poor economic conditions, enterprise confusion over analytics and big data, and signs of market fragmentation caused by new entrants with funky new offerings.

Salesforce ExactTarget Deal Reactions, the Day After

Salesforce ExactTarget Deal Reactions, the Day AfterNow that everyone has had a day to sleep on the Salesforce ExactTarget deal, we've put together some of the most salient bits of reaction we could get our mitts on.

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