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Competitor: Oracle's Latest Acquisition Fills 'Major Gap'

Oracle's $1.5 billion acquisition of Responsys last month is the company's attempt to fill its “major gap” in the marketing technology space, an Oracle competitor told CMSWire.

“This announcement continues to provide validation and further attention to the importance of the marketing technology space,” Suresh Vittal, vice president of strategy at Adobe Campaign, told CMSWire. “However at its core, Oracle is a CRM company and doesn’t understand marketers’ daily issues. It realized it was missing market share. Through another acquisition, it is trying to fill a major gap as the stakes are continuing to increase.”

What the Responsys Acquisition Means for Oracle, Digital Marketing


What company is next after Oracle’s $1.5 billion purchase of marketing cloud vendor Responsys? Some company for sure. And the next buy will come sooner rather than later, analysts told CMSWire.

The Redwood City, Calif.-based software giant's latest acquisition comes during a time of industry transformation.

“Marketing will be an extremely rich area of merger and acquisition activity for the foreseeable future,” said Robert Brosnan, principal analyst at Forrester.

CMSWire's Top 10 Hits of 2013: Digital Marketing

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What was hot in digital marketing this past year? You tell us. In fact, you've told us. We've collected the top most popular stories with our audience for digital marketing. So, without further ado...

CMSWire's Top Contributors 2013 - Martin White

Martin White

You should not underestimate the power of search. And by search, we really mean find. 

Without providing ready access to information, businesses are basically making their employees work with one arm tied behind their back, with blindfolds on. Martin White has been championing search as a business critical application on our site for a few years now, but in practice since his schooldays.

Oracle Buys Responsys for $1.5 Billion, Merges with Eloqua

image-oracleresponsysbuy-2013.jpgExactly a year to the day after Oracle announced its $871 million buy of marketing automation company Eloqua, Larry Ellison and company announced plans to acquire marketing cloud player Responsys for $1.5 billion.


Forrester: 5 Things About Marketo's Insightera Acquisition

Marketo's acquisition of Insightera has created a bit of buzz in the past week. CMSWire has already shared why Marketo leadership thinks the Insightera buy is a good deal and what industry insiders think the acquisition means for the marketToday, we talk with Lori Wizdo, principal analyst and marketing automation specialist for Forrester Research, for her take on the implications of the buy.

B2B Marketing Insiders: Marketo-Insightera Acquisition Industry's 'Next Frontier'

Real time personalization for websites is the “next frontier” of marketing, according to Karl Wirth, CEO/founder of Evergage. In that sense, Marketo’s acquisition of Insightera makes sense, he told CMSWire.

“As marketers, we spend a lot of money — I’m looking at you Adwords — and time — yes, a keyword optimized blog a day takes time — driving people to our websites,” said Wirth, whose company offers real time web personalization. “We are inventing new ways to drive traffic to our sites, but our sites have stayed static.”

What the Insightera Acquisition Brings to Marketo

What the Insightera Acquisition Brings MarketoMarketo's vision has consistently been about multichannel relationship marketing. And last week’s acquisition of Insightera will advance that, according to Jon Miller, vice president of marketing content and strategy and a Marketo co-founder. 

Miller talked to CMSWire this week after the $19.5 million acquisition of the Israel-based real time personalization web and mobile platform. Combining Marketo’s behavioral data, targeting and multichannel engagement engine with Insightera’s capabilities is what the "marketing platform of the future looks like,” Miller said.


Why Marketing Automation Acquisitions like Marketo's Will Continue

Cloud-based marketing provider Marketo scooped up a real time personalization platform for websites and mobile applications with its US$ 19.5 million acquisition today of Insightera. So what does this mean for Marketo and the marketing automation space?

ThinkVine Unveils DIY Version of 'SIMS for Marketers'


Remember the SIMS — a strategic life simulation video game? But have you tried the SIMS for marketing. That’s the idea behind marketing mix modelers like ThinkVine, whose cloud-based platform is now out with a new release. 

The ThinkVine service sets up simulated consumers or “agents,” based on actual US census, media consumption, purchasing behavior and other data, and then provides tools so B2C marketers can test different combinations of campaign budgets, channels, coupons, targeting strategies, timing and other efforts, at product, segment or tactical levels.

In a B2B Marketing Automation World, Consumers Targeted

Marketing automation is heavily invested in B2B.

Big industry players like Oracle-Eloqua, Marketo, Adobe (Adobe Campaign via recently acquired Neolane), Silverpop, (via recently acquired Pardot) and Act-On drive the majority of their revenue from companies who sell to other companies (B2B) rather than to companies who market to consumers, according to Lori Wizdo, principal analyst for Forrester Research.

“But, not all of their revenues,” Wizdo said.

Silverpop Debuts Mobile Connector for Engaging Apps #DF13

Silverpop Debuts Mobile Connector for Engaging Apps #df13Marketing automation vendor Silverpop updated its mobile strategy this week at Dreamforce 2013 in San Francisco.

So yesterday, caught up with Bryan Brown, Silverpop president of product strategy, to learn more about the Mobile Connector and its benefits.

B2B Marketers Still Tepid on Social #DF13

B2B Marketers Still Tepid on Social #df13While Salesforce and other sales and marketing oriented businesses want marketing to become more social, the demand just isn't there yet in the B2B space. In the consumer world, it's a different story.

But B2B marketing is not focused on the same things, Adam Blitzer, vice president and general manager of Pardot said in an interview at the Dreamforce 2013 conference in San Francisco.

New Vocus Marketing Suite Adds Social Customer Tracking

Software vendor Vocus is out with the next generation of its cloud-based marketing and publicity suite, Vocus Marketing. Targeted at medium-sized businesses, the update adds mobile landing pages, campaigns, social customer relationship management (CRM) and enhanced tracking. The new features enhance the ability to pitch, track, personalize and analyze customers in campaigns, across a variety of digital touch points.

New Elcom Release Enhances Marketing Automation, Customer Relationship Management

Australian web content management system provider Elcom is expanding its elcomCMS integration points to some industry heavy-hitters: Marketo,, SugarCRM Box and Google Drive. A company representative told that it’s priced for the mid-market with enterprise feature and capabilities.

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