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How Social Collaboration Helps Resolve 'Work From Home' Issues

Ever since Marissa Mayer declared “Work from Home” dead at Yahoo, many other companies have begun to take a closer look at the impact that “Work at Home” is having. In spite of being been placed under a microscope, it is still seen as providing more pros than cons. But like most social business issues, culture dictates how well employees will engage online as they do within a company’s four walls. 

Mavenlink Adds End-to-End Financial Reporting, Management Control

To work smarter there are many things companies can do to make employees more productive and efficient. However, not all solutions or platforms provide a meaningful way to track progress. Today, thanks to new features to Mavenlink’s project management and collaboration platform, users can track their project’s financials with greater visibility and control.

Will 2013 Be the Year that HTML5 Takes Over?

What does 2013 hold for the future of HTML5? If predictions by industry analysts are correct, mobile will be its calling card. And rightly so -- HTML5 has the power to help smartphones, feature phones, tablets, notebooks, desktop PCs, televisions and vehicles come together through cloud services.

[Infographic] The Future of SEO in the Enterprise

As long as content is king, search engine optimization remains relevant. It takes more than just a few Google updates, or the mounting evidence that shows pay per click advertising gets more leads to keep marketers from pouring time, effort and lots of money in to SEO strategies.

Mavenlink and ViWo Launch Apps Domain Pros, Improve Google Apps Implementation

What happens when the number one application in the Google Apps Marketplace and the number one Google Apps SMB Reseller join forces?

Mavenlink Launches HTML5 Mobile Application, Puts Your Projects On the Move

Mavenlink Launches HTML5 Mobile Application, Puts Your Projects On the MoveYou know what they say ‘If you aren’t mobile, you aren’t working’. Well, to be fair, no one is saying that just yet, but soon, as more platforms and applications become available and easier to use on mobile devices, everyone will be saying it. Today, Mavenlink launched a new mobile application, making it even easier for users to access their workforce collaboration platform on any device.

Social Collaboration Meets Project Management with Mavenlink

 Mavenlink_Logo.pngSocial collaboration isn't always easy, nor is project management. While both require a certain degree of strategy, in order to be successful at either the key is to find a platform that provides the right amount of flexibility, usability and functionality to make teams both social and productive. Enter Mavenlink.


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