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Messaging News & Analysis

IT Pros Warm Up to Open Source Collaboration Software

IT security professionals like the idea of open-source collaborating and messaging solutions. So where the heck are they?

Respondents in a Ponemon Institute study released this week are generally positive about commercial open source applications, especially because of the assurance of continuity. However, despite those benefits, companies are slow to adopt, Ponemon found. 

Zimbra, a provider of open source collaboration software, sponsored the survey of 723 IT and IT security practitioners in the United States and 675 IT and IT security practitioners in 18 Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

What's In WhatsApp? Customer Devotion

Once you dig into the astonishing numbers for WhatsApp, you can kind of see why Facebook paid $19 billion for the company. Kind of.

Facebook was forced to pay such a high price for WhatsApp because of the communications app's ridiculous growth numbers and devoted users, 75 percent of whom used it every day and logged on to the app several times per day.

Skype Competitor Viber Soars to 175 Million Users

It’s a huge hit in the wealthy city-state of Monaco, used by about 90% of that population. And now, the Cyprus-based calling/messaging service Viber -- one of Skype’s start-up competitors -- is reporting that its worldwide user base has soared to 175 million. 

Viber Comes Out to Play With New Mobile Messaging App

Israeli free mobile communication platform provider Viber Media is releasing what it calls a “fun” version of its Viber messaging/phone call app as the company tries to establish itself as a global player in the mobile communication market.

Skype App Finally Making its Way to Windows Phones


It seems odd that Microsoft has the hottest smartphone of the moment but doesn't have a Skype app for it, despite having paid billions for the company. That will change, "soon," as the Windows Phone bandwagon starts to really roll.

Flowdock Offers Streamlined Collaboration for Developers

Flowdock Offers Streamlined Collaboration for DevelopersFlowdock is aimed at software developers and other technical departments working in remote teams, offering a cloud-based inbox with chat for quick-and-easy discussions.

Social Media Marketing 101: Content, Context, Curation

Last week, we helped you define your identity. Today, we seek to give our identity the words it needs to thrive in the marketplace. The way we says things, where we say it and to whom we say it can be the difference between shouting our message blindly from the rooftops or whispering it to an empty room. Ideally, we aim to be somewhere in the middle, talking in our own voice, conversationally to a room full of interested people.

ProcessOne Launches TextOne V2, Android Platform for Push Messaging

ProcessOne logoProcessOne (news, site) has announced the release of version 2 of the TextOne messaging application for Android devices, as well as OpenPush, a new push notification platform and protocol for multiple smartphone ecosystems intended to facilitate development of push-based applications. Inbox, Social Network Aggregator

Today's email inboxes are not the only points of contact that you have. Social networks also play this role, and this can include both personal and professional networks. With the need to manage multiple streams of communication and multiple communities, tools like Threadsy can prove to be useful, whether for personal or business use.

Yahoo! Offers Apps for Android, Goes HTML 5


Yahoo! (news, site) pushes its presence in the mobile space with apps for everyone's favorite smartphones.

Digsby Updates Include New Twitter Interface, Facebook Newsfeed

Digsby Updates Include New Twitter Interface, Facebook NewsfeedDigsby (news, site) adds yet more features to its packed, grid-computing supported, multiple-social-media application.

Find Conversations That Matter, in RealTime with eSwarm

Find Conversations That Matter, in RealTime with eSwarmTwitter's functionality has its critics and trying to make sense of the glut of messages can be a nightmare. Can eSwarm make order out of chaos with a new slant on social networking?

Alterian Has Not One, But Two SharePoint Connectors

Alterian Has Not One, But Two SharePoint ConnectorsNow some of you might ask why Alterian (news, site) would have two SharePoint connectors in their inventory content management connectors. If you knew the history of Alterian, you would know. It's because they have two web content management systems: Morello and Immediacy. And each one connects to SharePoint a little bit different.

Mozilla Tries Again With Snowl Browser Messaging

mozilla tries again with snowl browser messaging The first release of Mozilla’s in-browser messaging/content aggregation client was--at best--a terribly executed extension backed by a good idea and a cool looking logo. 

The new version, released just this week, is a far cry from what it once was. In addition to a ton of bug fixes, Snowl 0.2 supports both incoming and outgoing messages from Twitter, and features a much better looking “river of news” view.

Novell Continues Collaboration, Messaging Battle

Novell Releases Groupwise 8

Groupwise 8 is now available via Novell. The release aims to boosts personal productivity with a customizable dashboard that allows users to interact with traditional and Web 2.0. tools, from e-mail to blogs. It also provides a flexible and reliable tool on a platform that is able to run on multiple servers and clients -- including Windows, Linux, Mac and the Web.

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