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Metadata News & Analysis

Video Blog: Sharing Tags Across the Enterprise

In light of this month's focus on Social Business, today's post looks at the collaborative potential of tags and how they can help inform taxonomies.

Auto-Classification: Friend or Foe of Taxonomy Management?

Ah, metadata and taxonomies: what’s not to love? Ask your content creators and you’ll be told loud and clear: having to apply said metadata and taxonomies to content through tagging.

Information Architecture - SharePoint's Story

Consider this: Microsoft has sold over 125 million licenses of SharePoint. It is a multi-billion dollar business. SharePoint is a platform that everyone seems to have, many actually use and most don’t understand how to implement and manage properly. There is no platform more in need of a proper information architecture than SharePoint. But what exactly does that mean?

Equivio, Clearwell Add Predictive Coding for e-Discovery #ltny

There’s no doubt that predictive coding is the next big thing in e-Discovery. While predictive coding aims to code, organize, and prioritize entire sets of electronically stored information (ESI) according to their relation to discovery responsiveness, privilege and designated issues before and during the legal discovery process, many e-Discovery vendors have been working hard to offer products and service that offer predictive analytical solutions.

A Look Back at Digital Asset Management

Every year the need for good digital asset management solutions grows, and as organizations look for ways to cut expenses while also tapping into market potential, leveraging existing assets becomes increasing important.

The Enterprise is Untagged and At Risk

The more research I read, the more I realize that the enterprise is barely holding it together. Sure, some of the dysfunction can be attributed to trying to keep up with emerging technologies or changing demographics of their workforce or customers. But when new research reveals that most organizations can't leverage existing work, enterprise knowledge, and institutional memory, I only have two words: face palm.

Video Blog: Updating Metadata in your Digital Asset Management System

Many organizations use a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to store all the various media assets used within marketing material and other applications. But putting your assets in a DAM system is the easy part, finding them can be harder if you don't have a strong taxonomy defined.

In this video blog post, I take you through the process of updating metadata in your DAM system to help find images easier.

Marketing Professionals Prefer Email for Personalized, Targeted Messages

Targeting is not an alien concept to marketing professionals. But as businesses get more intimate with social media and CRM applications, does this mean that social media marketing is also increasingly becoming personalized? A recent survey among marketing professionals gives us a few insights into how firms target and personalize their marketing messages.

DAM Lowdown: Metadata Multiplied, Video as Documentation, More DAM Events

The DAM Lowdown is back with news and notes from the world of digital asset management: DAM Events, Adobe's Edge in DAM, Video as Project Documentation, The Relevance of Your DAM Tools, Metadata Everywhere and the debut of DAM Stew.

Defining, Building a SharePoint Metadata Strategy

While the buzz and excitement around the launch of SharePoint 2010 is now firmly in the past, the reality of working with it is now becoming a daily problem. We say problem in the sense that there is still a very steep learning curve for many enterprises and users before the full capabilities can be released. Metadata in SharePoint 2010 is a good case in question.

MetaVis Simplifies the Management of Information in SharePoint 2010

MetaVis (news, site) has consistently provided tools to support the migration to and management of information for SharePoint. This is no different with the release today of MetaVis Information Manager for SharePoint 2010.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Google Docs Editing in 45 Languages, SP Gets Outlook Integrator

Google continues to develop its Google Docs offering this week with the addition of mobile editing capabilities in 45 languages, SharePoint gets an Outlook integrator, metadata use and misuse explained, while AuraPortal offers integrated BPM and document management.

Document Collaboration and Metadata: An Unholy Alliance

Metadata, a key component of any document management system. Everyone needs it, but getting it set up and having it used are two completely different things.

Organize and Manage Your Data with Index Engines


It’s no secret that companies have a lot of data coming in and going out. From email to documents to archived records, most companies have a general idea where it is stored and what it contains. And even though knowing is half the battle, being unable to successfully account for all of it, can leave companies unprepared and at risk.

Taxonomy, Metadata in SharePoint 2010 - Series Summary and Conclusions

SharePoint 2010 (newssite) has come a long way towards providing better information management via taxonomy and metadata capabilities. But it's important to remember that the technology is only the enabler.

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