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Metadata News & Analysis

Taxonomy, Metadata in SharePoint 2010 - Series Summary and Conclusions

SharePoint 2010 (newssite) has come a long way towards providing better information management via taxonomy and metadata capabilities. But it's important to remember that the technology is only the enabler.

SharePoint 2010: Importing Taxonomy Using the Managed Metadata Import File

Taxonomy managed in another tool outside of the SharePoint environment may be imported into SharePoint 2010 (newssite). Although Terms and Term Sets can be created manually using the functionality provided by the Term Store Management Tool, a significantly simpler approach to taxonomy creation is through importation.

SharePoint 2010: Administer Taxonomy Using Term Store Management

Taxonomy management in SharePoint 2010 (news, site) sees a significant improvement over functionality offered by the product’s predecessors.

SharePoint 2010: Using Retention Stages to Manage the Lifecycle of Information

The information your organization generates doesn't necessarily stay relevant forever. Which is why it's important to have an information management strategy. SharePoint 2010 includes some improvements in the area of managing information using Retention Stages.

SharePoint 2010: Share Content Types Across Site Collections

One of the biggest challenges with SharePoint 2007 was working with enterprise wide content types. Fortunately, Microsoft heard the screaming and made a major change to SharePoint 2010 that supports an enterprise approach.

SharePoint 2010: Using Taxonomy & Metadata to Improve Search & Discovery

A good content taxonomy goes hand in hand with good enterprise search, and SharePoint 2010 has made some improvements to their basic search experience with the help of taxonomy and metadata. Here's how.

SharePoint 2010: Using Taxonomy & Metadata to Improve Navigation & Browsing

Metadata represents the foundation for a large range of functionality across sites in SharePoint. The goal of metadata lies not in the tagging of content itself, but rather in the potential it offers for the improvement of findability via navigation.

Colligo 4.1 Extends SharePoint 2010's ECM Capabilities

colligo logo 2009.png Last June Colligo (news, site) released version 4.0 of its Contributor for SharePoint product line and it included a number of new features. Now they add even more functionality to the list including support for SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint 2010: Using Social Features for Personal Classification & Improved Findability

SharePoint 2010 (news, site) provides two ways to tag content: controlled and uncontrolled. In SharePoint 2010: Using Taxonomy & Controlled Vocabulary for Content Enrichment, we reviewed the options for controlled terms. Now, we look at how the social features of SharePoint 2010 provide an uncontrolled approach to tag and categorize information.

SharePoint 2010: Using Taxonomy & Controlled Vocabulary for Content Enrichment

The semantic enrichment of content through the application of metadata tagging is a critical activity in the creation of a well managed and usable information environment. SharePoint 2010 brings a number of key features to this domain. Here's the how and why of SharePoint content enrichment.

3 Ways SharePoint 2010 Supports eDiscovery

Sharepoint 2010_logo_2010.jpgA few months ago we outlined the ways that new features of SharePoint 2010 help evolve document management processes. This week, we’re showing you how SharePoint 2010 enhances eDiscovery.

Iron Mountain Searches PCs For Data, Do You Mind Being Watched?

Iron Mountain Searches PCs For Data, Do You Mind Being Watched?Searching through outlying laptops and PCs for data, or data related to rediscovery looks to be rule rather than the exception as Iron Mountain (news, site) releases Connected Classify & Collect, a solution that can search through data in enterprise computers gather it and classify it for eDiscovery.

3 Ways to Customize SharePoint 2010 Document Sets

Sharepoint 2010_logo_2010.jpg In two recent articles we walked you through the evolution of document management in SharePoint 2010 (news, site), and a new feature called Document Sets. In a final follow-up article we will look at how those Document Sets can be customized so as to make them more flexible and more adaptable.

SharePoint 2010 Document Sets: Organize Related Documents for Project Based Work

Sharepoint 2010_logo_2010.jpg In a recent article, Adam Harmetz, Lead Program Manager for SharePoint Document and Records Management, explained how new document management features in SharePoint 2010 (news, site) build on SharePoint 2007.

In a follow-up to that article Harmetz and Quentin Christensen, Program Manager for SharePoint 2010 Document and Records Management, outline how a new component called Document Sets will help users organize multi-document worksets.

Social Tagging and the Enterprise: Does Tagging Work at Work?

As social tagging grows increasingly popular on the Web, organizations are curious to see how this trendy Web 2.0 approach can benefit the business world.

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