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Microsoft Dynamics News & Analysis

Can You Accelerate Sales with a Communications Platform?


The phrase “sales acceleration” with respect to software should trigger a modicum of healthy skepticism. 

Since the 1980s, software that purported to automate sales processes by attaching fixed procedures to them ended up funneling sales through a narrow tunnel, like turnstiles at an amusement park.

You could control sales by making them regular from month to month, but frankly, that’s not what you really want.

A company called Intelliverse is now in the business of delivering a sales acceleration service, which it began integrating with Microsoft Dynamics CRM in mid-March.

Microsoft 'Can't Fail' in Marketing


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is like a baseball team holding a 7 to 1 lead in the final inning. Throw strikes, worry about the batter only and make the routine plays.

That's all the team in the field needs to do to win the ballgame. And its all that Microsoft has to do to win in marketing when it takes the field this quarter, according to an industry analyst.

"If it carries through on the execution of getting Dynamics Marketing to market, packaging it wisely in bundles with Dynamics CRM and enabling its channel to sell it, it almost cannot fail to succeed," said Matt Mullen, 451 Research's senior analyst with the social business practice.

Playing with Gamification: Employee and Consumer Perspectives

Person fishing

We've discussed gamification a lot lately. Why it works for many organizations. Why it may not work. Where a major research firm thinks it's going.

So we cast our gamification fishing lines to find companies who swear by the concept of motivating customers and employees. And we got a couple bites.

AvePoint Timeline Enterprise Available for Microsoft Dynamics

With enormous amounts of customer data to manage and a business to run, it’s a constant balancing act for organizations. 

Reported: Facebook to Introduce Feedback Option for Hidden Posts

Customer Experience Facebook Hide Feedback

Facebook members will soon have the ability to provide feedback on why they choose to hide content on their newsfeeds, according to recent reports.

Report: Privacy Should Be a Concern for IOS and Android Users

Privacy in Online Apps, mobile apps, securityPeople with smartphones balance the desire for privacy with the desire for access, often in return for giving up private data, such as location. While people often give this information freely, external sources can access this data through other means. According to a new report from Bitdefender, smartphone users should be aware of  what information can be released to third-party companies.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Integrates iPad + Yammer

Now that the December 2012 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online update has rolled out, more features are being added like iPad and Yammer integrations.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Includes Regulations for Different Countries, Regions

Microsoft has launched its Dynamics AX 2012 R2 system for integrating business systems in the manufacturing, retail, distribution, service and public sector industries.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Capture for Dynamics CRM, Still No Office 15

This week we’re still waiting for a proper look at Office 15, Dynamics CRM gets a new document capture tool, Sharegate offers economical SharePoint content migration, Colligo builds a fortune around SharePoint, and Doo goes on general release.

Yammer Adds Universal Search, Aims to Replace the Intranet

Earlier this month we pointed out that Yammer has moved past basic social networking and into primary productivity tool territory. But that news was nothing compared to its latest announcement -- universal search.

SharePoint 2010 As a Web Delivery Platform

Each Web Content Management (WCM) platform has a sweet spot and making the right technology decision really depends on what is at the heart of your online business model. Understanding the business model for your website is fundamental in understanding whether Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is the right WCM platform for you.

SAP Releases Sales OnDemand, Competes with Dynamics CRM, Salesforce?

SAP_logo_2010.jpg A final look at SAP’s (news, site) Hanover CeBit show that has finished this week comes from the Sales OnDemand application, due to be put on general release  by the middle of the year -- and which might be able to give Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics a good run for their money.

Microsoft's Dynamics AX Release Speeds-Up ERP Apps Development

Microsoft is still teasing the market with its Dynamics releases. This time, it’s the announcement that it will be releasing a technical preview of its enterprise resource planning software (ERP) at the beginning of February, with a full release scheduled for the third quarter of this year.

Microsoft Provides a Snapshot of Dynamics SL 2011 ERP Features

The slow drip feed of information about the release of Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 ERP has started with Microsoft (news, site) announcing that it will be released in English in the US and Canada in the second quarter of next year.

Dynamics CRM Gets Document Management with Motive’s M-Files integration

M-FilesLogo[1].gif While it may be arguable that CRM systems were never meant for document management, it cannot be argued that a good deal of customer interaction is document-based. And this probably the reason that Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Motive’s document management system have been integrated.

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