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Microsoft Office News & Analysis

Microsoft Shops Again: Buys LiveLoop, an Office Collaboration Start-Up

Installing software to collaborate on PowerPoint slides is a drag. Signing into web-hosting services like GoToMeeting, for the same reason, isn’t much better.

Microsoft knows this, so it set out to solve the problem — but not by assigning a team of engineers and UX experts to come up with a remedy. Instead it decided to buy a startup that had already found an answer.

Late yesterday a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the company had acquired Office productivity tool maker LiveLoop. Here’s what the statement said:

“Microsoft is excited to welcome the talented team from LiveLoop to help build great collaboration across Office applications, as part of our strategy and vision to reinvent productivity.”

LiveLoop will be permanently shuttered on April 24, the site acknowledges.

The terms of the sale have not been disclosed.

Dropbox + Office = Sticky


Hey CIO -- you know your employees are using Dropbox at work. And, yes, they know you don’t want them to, and that there are other tools available and all of that … but here’s the deal: they just want Dropbox. Anything else is like getting hot fudge covered chix stix when you want chicken fingers …interesting, maybe, but every day, no thanks.

Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g Includes Microsoft Office Updates

Oracle has released its Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g, and among the dozens of changes is a Microsoft Office update that adopts the Oracle Smart View for Office as the single Microsoft Office add in for Oracle BI, Essbase and Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management apps.

Accellion Introduces a Secure Mobile Productivity Suite for iOS Users

Enterprise mobile file sharing solution provider Accellion is releasing the Accellion Mobile Productivity Suite. This new package of applications provides users with secure access to and sharing of Microsoft Office documents, as well as photos from iOS mobile devices

Novell's Enterprise Collaboration Tool Vibe Gets Office Integration, Offline Access

novell_logo_2010.jpgNovell has released a new version of its team collaboration solution, Novell Vibe. The latest version, Novell Vibe 3.3, adds integration with Microsoft Office 2007/2010 and offline access.

CloudOn Brings the Full Office to iPad Via Dropbox

cloudon_logo_2012.jpg Merging cloud storage, a Microsoft Office license and Adobe Reader access, CloudOn lets users access, edit and share their Word, Excel and other Office files, all from the swish confines of their iPad.

Office, iPad Together at Last...Well, Almost

microsoft_office_logo_2010.jpgEven if you aren’t an Apple fan, you have to admit the iPad is lust-worthy. Since its introduction in early 2010, consumer adoption of the device has exploded. Now, iPad use is growing in the enterprise. Apple’s iPad is lightweight, easy to use and snappy, making it almost the perfect enterprise mobility device -- almost.

Cisco Acquires Microsoft Office Collaboration Provider Versly

The folks at Cisco want to make working together a little easier. The company announced that it is acquiring two-year old startup Versly, which provides a tool that allows users to collaborate inside of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Add Real-Time Collaboration to Office Web Application

Microsoft Add Real-Time Collaboration to Office Web ApplicationMicrosoft (news, site) has added real-time multi-user collaboration to the list of features in its Office Web applications, reducing the feature gap between its cloud-based productivity suite and competitor Google Docs.

Interact SharePoint Connector Unifies Document Storage Into Searchable Knowledge Base

Microsoft SharePoint (news, site) enables collaboration and document sharing within teams. However, bigger organizations that have multiple teams within might experience islands of information as each team has its own unlinked site. Interact's (news, site) SharePoint Connector tool enables document search across multiple SharePoint sites for better knowledge management within the corporate intranet.

PlayBook Gets IBM Support On Launch, Slated by the Press

blackberry_logo_2011.jpgRIM's (news, site) new PlayBook is getting a rough ride at its launch, but has software backing from IBM to appeal to those vital enterprise users.

Doc Mgt Roll-up: SharePoint 2010 Penetration, Storing Docs in Google

This week there has been more in the office web productivity space, with upgrades from both Google and mobile apps developer Equitrac. The depth of SharePoint 2010 penetration has been measured as well as its implications for document storage, while SpringCM added document workflow functionality in its latest release.

Microsoft: Office is the New King, But What Will Rule Its Future?

microsoft_office_logo_2010.jpgAfter a 2010 buoyed by Windows 7, Microsoft (news, site) is now relying on Office for the lion's share of its profits.

Intranet 2.0: Integrating Web Apps for True Productivity

The intranets of yesterday were primarily used for document storage and/or simple news. But the next generation of intranets can be much more, especially when we start integrating web applications. Take SharePoint and Office Web Apps for example.

Enterprise 2.0 Roll-up: Email Doesn't Take Holidays, Mobile Predictions for 2011

Consider the dinner table this holiday season. Will you be eating and enjoying time with family and friends, or checking your e-mail with your mobile device? A couple of recent surveys have revealed some uncomfortable facts about American behavior with regards to the mighty inbox, as well as the mobile trends to look for in 2011. 

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