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Document Management Roll-up: Microsoft Apologizes Over Mobile Office 2010 Beta, Adobe CS 5 Released

This week the outcry over the demise of Office 2010 mobile beta was so great that Microsoft had to apologize. It looks like it will also be having problems with Google Docs. And Xerox is down but far from out.

Google Docs Overhaul Vies for More Enterprise Attention

In a push toward heightened collaboration and cloud-based everything, Google today announced upcoming features and co-editing capabilities for Google Docs similar to those in Google Wave.  

Document Management Roll-up: Google Fixes Outlook Glitch, No MS Office For Blackberry, iPhone

Microsoft has received a lot of attention this week with the technical preview version of its soon-to-be-released upgraded Dynamics CRM and the announcement of no mobile Office solution for the iPhone. Google also kept Microsoft in the news patching a glitch in the connector between Outlook and Gmail accounts. But it wasn't all about Microsoft - not completely.

3 Ways to Customize SharePoint 2010 Document Sets

Sharepoint 2010_logo_2010.jpg In two recent articles we walked you through the evolution of document management in SharePoint 2010 (news, site), and a new feature called Document Sets. In a final follow-up article we will look at how those Document Sets can be customized so as to make them more flexible and more adaptable.

SharePoint 2010 Document Sets: Organize Related Documents for Project Based Work

Sharepoint 2010_logo_2010.jpg In a recent article, Adam Harmetz, Lead Program Manager for SharePoint Document and Records Management, explained how new document management features in SharePoint 2010 (news, site) build on SharePoint 2007.

In a follow-up to that article Harmetz and Quentin Christensen, Program Manager for SharePoint 2010 Document and Records Management, outline how a new component called Document Sets will help users organize multi-document worksets.

Is Microsoft's New Windows Phone 7 Smartphone Competition for iPhone?

winphone7_logo.jpgThe mobile space is always ready for a good dust-up, will Microsoft's (news, site) Windows Phone 7 be the one to shake the Apple tree?

Google Acquires DocVerse, Watch Out MS Office Web!

Google’s made yet another purchase. Rumor has it this time they’ve spent somewhere around US$ 25 million on DocVerse (news, site), a San Francisco-based technology startup that allows people to collaborate on Microsoft Office files online.

How Document Management Has Evolved in SharePoint 2010

Sharepoint 2010_logo_2010.jpg It’s always useful to get some kind of insight into the thinking behind the development of features in new software, particularly when it comes to SharePoint 2010 (news, site).

In a recent entry on the Microsoft Enterprise Content Management Team Blog, Adam Harmetz, Lead Program Manager for SharePoint Document and Records Management, explains how new features in SharePoint 2010 build on SharePoint 2007 and what we might expect in the future. v3.2 is Fast, Secure and MS Office-Friendly v3.2 is Fast, Secure and MS (news, site) – an open source alternative to Microsoft Office – is now out with version 3.2, boasting faster startup times and Office 2007 compatibility.'s New File Viewer Previews Everything (almost) Says Preview Everything with New File ViewerToday, online storage service (news, site) says their users can preview and interact with all their stored files from within their browser of choice. How nice.  

Sync Google Docs with Your Desktop Using Memeo Connect

Sync Google Docs with Your Desktop Using Memeo ConnectIf you’re a Google Apps fan, then you probably tossed up your hat last week when Big G announced the ability to upload and store any kind of file to your account. And if you’re a third-party kind of contributer like Memeo, then you probably rejoiced at all the room left for improvement.

Memeo's complementary tool -- Memeo Connect -- finishes what Google started by allowing users to manage their files from the comfort of their own desktop, providing offline access and the ability to sync files across multiple computers.

WISDOM for SharePoint - Is it Top Shelf Document Management?

SharePointSolutions.jpg SharePoint junkies who still haven’t had their fill after last week’s Las Vegas hoedown might be interested in the release this week of new document management software designed to run on top of SharePoint, but improve upon its abilities. This fancy concept is called WISDOM for SharePoint. Let's see just how sage it is.

Solr 1.4 Offers Richer Document Indexing, Faster Search

Solr 1.4 Offers Richer Document Indexing and Speed

Any day now (if not already), the newest version of Apache's Solr (news, site) project hits the streets. A year in the making since the previous release, the Java-based, open source enterprise search server Solr 1.4 offers some exciting feature and performance improvements.

Mark Logic Extends MS Office Support With PowerPoint Toolkit

Mark Logic Extends Microsoft Office With PowerPoint Toolkit

The information-centric applications provider Mark Logic (news, site)  has just announced its latest step in extending the functionality of Microsoft Office 2007 with the release of Toolkit for PowerPoint.

It follows the release earlier this year of Toolkit for Word and Toolkit for Excel, as well as a connector for SharePoint, which integrated much of the functionality of Microsoft Office 2007 with the Mark Logic Server, an XML server that enables users to manage large amount of content with access to that content provided by XQuery.

Doculex Launches Free Connector to WebSearch Document Management Module

doculex_logo_2009.jpg In the current climate anything for free can only be a good thing. So news that Doculex (news, site) has announced the availability of a free connector that allows users to integrate their business applications with the company’s Archive Studio WebSearch document management software is especially good.

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