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Document Management Roll-up: Adobe EchoSign iOS Upgrades, Axceler Aids SP2013 Migration

There was a number of interesting releases this week. Axceler is preparing enterprises for SharePoint 2013, while Adobe has upgraded its EchoSign iOS app and Kofax added analytics to its data capture program. Meanwhile, KonwledgeLake has also upgraded Connect.

Business Intelligence Software Sales Hit Black Ice As New Players Threaten To Shatter Market

At the end of last week Gartner published two different statements that contain all kinds of interesting facts and figures that together show that sales figures for  business intelligence (BI) applications have taken a dramatic nose-dive. The market, it says, is being hit by the triple whammy of poor economic conditions, enterprise confusion over analytics and big data, and signs of market fragmentation caused by new entrants with funky new offerings.

How Worried Should You Be About the NSA's PRISM System Watching You?

How Worried Should You Be About the NSA's PRISM System Watching You?

To paraphrase The Police song (which is apparently the NSA's hold and dial-in teleconference music), "Every Key You Press, The Government is Watching You", as leaked documents show the NSA has full access to most social media and search sites. 

SharePoint Love So Big, EMC Documentum Cuddles Up Too

EMC Documentum SharePoint ReleaseGod knows people love SharePoint. In fact, if you Google “love SharePoint,” you’ll get 430,00 results. Among them, you’ll see images of t-shirts, teddy bears, coffee mugs and even a few tattoos emblazoned with the phrase “I ♥ SharePoint.” 

Composite C1 Releases Version 4

Composite C1 Releases Version 4Composite C1, the open source, .NET based CMS, has released version 4 of its main product after five public beta releases, and the system is now deployed on over 50 production websites running on a pre release version.

Microsoft Takes Users On A Video Guide Through Windows 8.1

windows 8.1, windows rt, video, guide, microsoft

As the hype ramps up for Windows 8.1, Microsoft is preparing the road for new buyers and upgraders ahead of some good, and some controversial, changes. 

Is Microsoft Undergoing a Mid-Life Crisis?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.jpg
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

Will the Microsoft of a few years from now resemble today’s model? New reports suggest that changes are underway. 

Centrify for Office 365 Simplifies Deployment, Gives IT More Control

Thumbnail image for brand_centrify.gif

Office 365 has been gaining momentum. Last week Office 365 Home Premium Edition passed the 1 million subscription mark. Before that it was reported that one in five of Microsoft’s enterprise customers have now subscribed to Office 365, up from one in seven a year ago. With more companies embracing Office 365, IT departments are likely to face additional challenges of deploying, supporting and managing access to cloud hosted versions of Office's server platforms. Enter Centrify for Office 365.

Office 365: 4 Big Reasons to Head for the Cloud

4 reasons to move to Office 365Microsoft released earnings for Q3, 2013 recently and the numbers for its online services clearly indicate that it pays to bet on cloud-based services.

Microsoft Office 365 Reaches 1 Million Subscriptions

It may be a newbie, but already Office 365 Home Premium Edition -- also known as Office 2013 -- has gained considerable traction in the productivity suite space, and has just announced that it has passed the 1 million subscription mark.

Skype, Microsoft Lync Connection Goes Live

Skype, Microsoft Lync Connection Goes Live

Skype and Microsoft Lync are now connected, and it means those who use the Microsoft communications network can now reach out to a wider audience of Skype users.

Microsoft Report: Enterprise Social Tools Now a Worldwide Movement

Is the Bring-Your-Own-Device movement now including bring-your-own-social tools? According to a new survey by Microsoft, enterprise social tools are now considered so helpful in the workplace that nearly a third of respondents said they would be willing to spend their own money on buying the right ones. 

Apple's Road To WWDC 2013: iOS 7, iPhone 5S and iCloud

apple wwdc 2013 ios7, iphone 5s, iphone 6, event

With only a couple of weeks until Apple's big developer event, the company has to match Google's feature-heavy Android and app updates from I/O, Microsoft's new media-friendly Xbox One and keep generating hardware magic in what is becoming a highly predictable market. 

Document Mgt Roll-up: Accellion, Ricoh Mobile Printing, Photoshop Express for Windows 8

This week there were quite a number of releases for mobile including new printing possibilities for mobile users from Accellion and Ricoh. SkyDrive Pro is now available for Windows, while Adobe is offering Photoshop Express for Windows 8, and Cognidox releases XtraNet for document portals.

Microsoft's Xbox One Console Runs Three OSs Including Windows 8

Microsoft crams Windows 8 into Xbox One

What is Xbox One? Is it a games machines, a media center, or an app player? Microsoft wants it to be all three, with near instant-on, voice activation, Skype and many other features, but to do this, it runs a version of Windows 8, a gaming hyper-OS and a media system, highlighting the company's struggles with Windows.

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