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CMSWire's July Tweet Jam: The Mobile Digital Experience - Meet the Experts #CXMChat

Customer Experience: Tweet Jam Mobile Digital Experience

It's no longer a question of whether or not to have a mobile presence, it's how. An organization's success depends on providing not only a great customer experience but providing that experience through mobile. What are the challenges? Is mobile marketing effective? Join us during this month's Tweet Jam to discuss.

Gartner MQ: CRM Customer Engagement Center - Oracle, Pegasystems, Salesforce Lead, Microsoft, SAP Challenge

Customer Experience: Gartner Magic Quadrant CRM Customer Engagement CenterOur first look at Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Centers (CEM) showed a market littered with obsolete business applications. However, the three vendors in the Leader’s Quadrant -- Oracle RightNow Cloud Services, Pegasystems and Salesforce -- appear to be bucking that trend.

Hyland OnBase 13 Released with Photo Upload, Offline Support

Hyland OnBase 13 Released with Photo Upload, Offline SupportHyland's yearly OnBase update is here, and OnBase 13 continues the company's focus on document imaging and workflow, including forms, mobile, photo upload and offline support upgrades to the latest version. 

Lumia Progress Fails To Halt Nokia's Q2 Slide, No Talk Of Buyers

Lumia 1025 new july 3013.jpg Lumia 1025

If Nokia was able to say at the end of Q2 that Lumia had finally overtaken Blackberry in smartphone sales then it was the only good news in a set of figures that shows the Finnish giant is sliding again as competition across the market cuts into its crucial handset sales.

Surface RT Sinks Microsoft's Q4 Figures; PC Sales Disappoint Too

Thumbnail image for surfaceart.jpgMicrosoft's fourth quarter results show that it had to take a US$ 900 million write down on the stock of tablets it is holding and is unlikely to ever sell. As a result earnings came in well below expectations resulting in a fall in share-price of over 6%.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Finally, Office Web Apps for iPad, iPhone, Perceptive Upgrades Search

Office Web Applications for iPad.jpg, productivity, document management, information managementOffice Web Apps for iPad, iPhone

Microsoft has added Office Web Apps for iPad and iPhone, and opened up in 38 new markets. Perceptive has also been busy upgrading its search capabilities, while Nuance took on mobile printing. Here's a snapshot of document management in the past week.

Gartner MQ: CRM Customer Engagement Center - Oracle, Pegasystems, Salesforce Lead Troubled Market

Even a brief look at Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Centers (CEC) shows that this is a technology space that is in trouble. Led by Oracle RightNow Cloud Services, Pegasystems and Salesforce, Gartner says that the established business applications for CEC are obsolete and restricted by inflexible configuration rules.

Report: Privacy Should Be a Concern for IOS and Android Users

Privacy in Online Apps, mobile apps, securityPeople with smartphones balance the desire for privacy with the desire for access, often in return for giving up private data, such as location. While people often give this information freely, external sources can access this data through other means. According to a new report from Bitdefender, smartphone users should be aware of  what information can be released to third-party companies.

HP Appoints Former Microsoft Chief Software Architect, Ray Ozzie, To Board

HP continues re-invent itself with the addition of thee new members to the board, including Ray Ozzie, the former chief software architect at Microsoft who takes up his functions as of Monday.

This Week: Better Mobile Customer Experience + The Price of Social Connectivity

Creating Great Mobile Experiences
There's no question that a mobile presence is necessary, but there's no consensus on how to get there. Thankfully there are strategies and tools that make building a great mobile experience easier.

Social Connectivity at a Cost
What price do we pay for all the connectivity that the digital world provides? In a new column, contributor Stowe Boyd takes a look at what we gain and what we lose when we use social tools, advocating for a new social contract before moving forward.

One Love, One Microsoft
The wait for Microsoft's reorganization plan is over, but does the new, unified Microsoft signal a more agile organization or more of the same?

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Lenovo Takes Top Spot in PC Market as Touch Screens Aggravate Decline

PC Market is in Trouble IDC GartnerIf there was any doubt about the fact that the PC market is in trouble, two different sets of figures released in recent days from IDC and Gartner should clear up any confusion. The PC market is still falling, although for those clutching at straws, the fact that the decline has been less over the last quarter than in recent quarter might provide some relief.

Microsoft Restructured: One CEO To Rule Them All - Windows, Cloud, Mobile, Business

 If you’re not a fan of centralized decision making overseen by a single CEO then the restructuring plan that Microsoft announced yesterday probably won’t impress you. However, IT and business analysts have cautiously welcomed the move, even if many are unsure how Steve Ballmer is going to put everything he plans in place.

Microsoft Cutting $150 Off Windows 8 Surface RT Tablet Prices

surface_tablet.jpgWith the Surface RT tablet having been on-sale approaching nine months, now is probably the right time for Microsoft to cut the price to goose interest before second-generation model refreshes arrive. Will this help sales along or is Surface destined to struggle to gain acceptance among both Windows and gadget users? 

Microsoft Restructuring: No Obvious Bloodstains, But Will It Be More Agile?

Microsoft RestructuringIt's leaner, it's meaner and, undoubtedly, Steve Ballmer is hoping that Microsoft will become a real killing machine. Not that we should expect blood on the production floors at Redmond -- at least not immediately. The killings Ballmer is looking for right now are in sales. Lots and lots of sales, and across all product lines.

Nokia Launches Lumia 1020 Photo-Grade Smartphone

nokia lumia 1020 launchCiting "a passion for pictures" Nokia keeps pushing the Lumia range with a new model launched at a New York press conference. The Lumia 1020 is for those who demand more than just happy snaps from their smartphone. 


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