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Microsoft Announcing Second-Generation Surface Tablets Soon

Thumbnail image for surfacepc.bmpThe first product in any line is often more for show, to help raise interest and awareness. So, Microsoft might consider the first Surface a complete success in that respect. But, it likely won't outstay its welcome as newer, faster machines prepare to make an entrance, driven by new hardware and services to create a more compelling offering. 

Gartner MQ for Enterprise Search: Google, Microsoft, Oracle Lead in Changing, Tight Market

If Google, Microsoft and Oracle are the only three vendors that made it into the Leaders Quadrant of this year’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search, Gartner has identified many other vendors in the Challengers quadrant that are jostling for position next time round.

Microsoft Brings Skype to

In another small step forward for, Microsoft has announced that it is making Skype available through the interface. However, unless you are part of a small group of people in the UK that have been offered access to a small beta test, you will have to wait until a little bit later in the year for the new functionality.

Nokia's May London Event to Show Off Lumia 928, Hopefully More

nokia_logo_2013.jpg Leading Windows Phone maker Nokia is inviting the press to an event next month to show off the future of the Lumia range. Expect more than just the Lumia 928 as the company pushes out from its recent turnaround. 

LinkedIn Creates Super-Integrated Contacts App for iPhone

linkedin_ios_logo.jpgSocial business service LinkedIn is making lots of moves this month, and its latest effort integrates your contacts with the likes of Outlook, your Google information and other sources to create a new breed of personal assistant app.

OpenText's Q3 Figures Released: Software Licenses, Cloud Services Push Profits Up 25%

Given OpenText’s performance over the past year, its Q3 figures, which were released last night, were bound to be interesting given the fragile state of the global economy. And they didn't disappoint. Depending on how you look at it, profits were either down from the same period last year -- if you didn't take financial adjustments -- or up 25% if you do. 

Document Mgt Roll-up: SharePoint Could Do Better,'s Two-Tier Security

This week there has been a lot of talk about SharePoint and while there are as many opinions as there are use cases, SmartLogic in a new paper says it could be a lot better. Elsewhere, newbie SkyKick has launched its Application Suite, while DocPath has integrated its document management system with Dynamics AX.

Twitter Dives Deeper Into Advertising With New Agency Deal

twitter_app_logo.jpgStarcom MediaVest is a big name among advertising agencies, supporting massive global brands. Twitter will be using the deal as part of its marketing strategy, as it aims to tie its presence to multiple screens, media and brands. 

Microsoft, IBM, Oracle Lead Software Market Dominated By Big Data, Analytics, Cloud

In a subtle shift from the days in which content was king, the International Data Corporation semiannual Software Tracker published this week reaffirms what we are now seeing on a daily basis -- that data is king. In this scenario though, data access and analytics software is the king-maker and this report makes that clear.

Microsoft Releases Resources to Educate Internet Users on Privacy and Security

With a large number of Americans concerned about privacy issues while online, Microsoft has taken steps to launch a new campaign to educate internet users about online privacy and security.

Google Figures Lifted On Better Click Rates; Microsoft Windows Performs, With New Mini Device Due

If IBM’s figures were disappointing for investors, then those of Google and Microsoft will reassure them and offer some optimism around the IT industry. Google, which was concerned over lower mobile ad prices, appears to have shaken it off and has posted profits of US$ 3.35 billion, up 16% on the last time.

Yahoo Trying To Redefine Mail for Tablets

yahoo_mail_app_logo.jpgYahoo is slowly turning its ship around and still has millions of email users, and might attract more with its new magazine-like approach to mail with a new iPad and Android app. 

Take Your Seats: Microsoft Revs Up IaaS on Azure, Challenging AWS

Grab some popcorn. Microsoft has thrown down the proverbial gauntlet for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), upgrading its Azure cloud service for direct competition with Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Microsoft Upgrades Android App, Includes Mail Threads, Cleaner Interface

In light of the ongoing change-over from Hotmail to, news from Microsoft that it has upgrade its app for Android.

Intel and Microsoft Looking to Reinvigorate PC and Windows 8 Sales

Thumbnail image for win8logo.PNGAfter a barrage of negative press due to weak PC sales, and Intel's latest flat quarterly figures, the PC landscape is looking pretty barren. Both parts of the Wintel alliance are making their own moves to try and improve the situation. 

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