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Yahoo Trying To Redefine Mail for Tablets

yahoo_mail_app_logo.jpgYahoo is slowly turning its ship around and still has millions of email users, and might attract more with its new magazine-like approach to mail with a new iPad and Android app. 

Take Your Seats: Microsoft Revs Up IaaS on Azure, Challenging AWS

Grab some popcorn. Microsoft has thrown down the proverbial gauntlet for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), upgrading its Azure cloud service for direct competition with Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Microsoft Upgrades Android App, Includes Mail Threads, Cleaner Interface

In light of the ongoing change-over from Hotmail to, news from Microsoft that it has upgrade its app for Android.

Intel and Microsoft Looking to Reinvigorate PC and Windows 8 Sales

Thumbnail image for win8logo.PNGAfter a barrage of negative press due to weak PC sales, and Intel's latest flat quarterly figures, the PC landscape is looking pretty barren. Both parts of the Wintel alliance are making their own moves to try and improve the situation. 

Colligo Integrates Email Management, Document Collaboration & Sync for SharePoint On Mobiles, PCs

The latest vendor to upgrade its products in an effort to keep up with the ever changing face of SharePoint is Colligo, which has just announced the release of Email Manager v6.0 and Colligo Briefcase v6.0.

Bing Upgrades Apps For Windows 8, Adds Offline Capabilities

It's spring cleaning time, and Microsoft has been busy with Bing. In October it launched six new apps for Windows 8, which it extended to Office 365 at the beginning of February. This week, it announced on the Bing blog that it is now upgrading those apps.

New Nokia Lumia 928 Getting An AMOLED Screen, Bigger Battery

lumia520thumb.jpgAnyone hoping for big new things from the next Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 device will be left wanting, as it looks like a modest upgrade in technology and power.

Microsoft Offers 3D Visualization For Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics

Sometimes when you look at Microsoft and its consumer products you really get the sense of a technology giant that has lost its way. But then it goes and releases something like GeoFlow Preview for Excel, and you really get to see what Microsoft is good at. 

Forrester Wave For WCM: Microsoft, IBM, Ektron & Acquia Contenders

I've covered the Forrester Wave for Web Content Management, looked at the Leaders and the Strong Performers and talked about the WCM market's evolution overall. This last piece looks at the contenders and asks a question that I expect many might be asking.

Newtek Offering SharePoint 2013 as SaaS

One of the principal business considerations around the new SharePoint 2013 official release is going to be pricing. We already saw signs that with the Office 365 upgrade, Microsoft is pushing users towards subscription models. But what about SharePoint 2013 as SaaS? Web hosting vendor Newtek is going to be offering just that.

Recession Relief: New Job Openings at Facebook, Microsoft, Bridgeline, Telerik, MailChimp, Adobe and Skype (11-Apr-13)

Start off the New Year with a new gig -- we've got a shopping list of hot jobs for you to browse. Our featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week (and if you're hiring, post your open jobs here).

SharePoint or No, Organizations Need to Rethink Approach to Records Management

In the last post, I called it like I seen it: SharePoint out of the box can’t do records management. 2007, 2010, 2013 -- none of ‘em left to their own devices are worth much when it comes to automating the retention and (more importantly) disposition of your records according to the retention schedule.

Microsoft Office Apps For iOS, Android on Hold until Fall 2014?

If you actually believe that there is any such thing as a leak from Microsoft, then the most recent one should annoy quite a lot of people. It seems that according to a leaked roadmap, Office for iOS and Android won’t be available until the fall of next year.

Doc Mgt Roll-up: Office, SharePoint 2010 SP Beta2 Releases, and the Paperless Office?

There were a number of interesting releases in the document management space that are definitely worth a look. Among them are the new Service Pack 2 beta releases for Office and SharePoint 2010, WatchDox apps for mobile-desktop collaboration and sharing, and Docstocs new link-up to the Microsoft store. We also revisited the paperless office through EchoSign.

Microsoft's Top Ten SharePoint Online Features

Since the upgrade of Office 365, we've seen our fair share of commentaries and criticisms of SharePoint Online. But what about Microsoft? What does it think the strong points are? In a recent blog post, Mark Kashman, a Senior Product Manager on the SharePoint team, outlined his thoughts.

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