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10 Cloud Roadblocks and What to Do About Them


As organizations face growing pressure to properly manage their digital content growth, cloud vendors have been marching out a series of improvements in an attempt to gain their favor. One such example is Microsoft’s recent announcement about achieving ISO 27018 and HITRUST compliance. Consumer cloud services are ubiquitous and cloud adoption is steadily climbing in the enterprise. Yet IT organizations still lack experience on how to approach cloud services.

Office Graph From a Partner's Perspective

2014-17-October-Sidecar.jpgWhen Microsoft showcased the power of Office Graph through Project Oslo, the Microsoft partner community collectively wondered about extensibility and API access. But as with many Microsoft products, it will take the greater partner community to push Office Graph into the mainstream.

To explore this dynamic, I spoke with Yaacov Cohen, CEO of, to discuss the Microsoft Office Graph reveal and how it will impact the Silicon Valley-based software developer and its product line.

End-to-End E-Discovery in Office and Office 365 #SPC14

Microsoft’s messaging on e-discovery hasn't changed much since it first launched the service two years ago, but some recent notable changes give it a better position for luring in new customers. If you've never seen the e-discovery platform on the Microsoft stack, start with my first article on the topic as a primer -- it provides the necessary background for understanding what's happened in the last two years. During a session at SharePoint Conference 2014, Quentin Christensen, program manager at Microsoft, provided details on the overall e-discovery story in Office and Office 365.

Deep Dive Into Oslo and Office Graph #SPC14

If you've followed the chatter coming out of the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, you've probably heard of Microsoft's new framework, Office Graph and Project Oslo, a new search-driven app built on Office Graph. In a standing room only ballroom, Cem Aykan, senior product manager, Enterprise Search at Microsoft and Ashok Kuppusamy, group program manager, Microsoft, dove deeper into these two topics and showed us how Microsoft is pushing the envelope for more modern user experiences across the SharePoint and Office families.

CMIS and SharePoint 2013: Native Support for Better Interoperability

With the new year comes a new release of the CMIS 1.1 standard. Let's take a look at how SharePoint 2013 has improved support for the standard and why this should matter to you.

How Clifford Chance Bet on SharePoint for Enterprise Content Management #spc12

In the legal community, it’s well known that Clifford Chance, one of the world’s largest law firms, has been undergoing a major shift towards using SharePoint as the firm’s Enterprise CMS. At the SharePoint Conference last week, I attended the session dedicated to exploring this implementation in more detail. 

Overview of e-Discovery Across the Microsoft Office Platform #spc12

Microsoft has joined in the e-Discovery fray, now pushing a unified offering across the entire Office platform. At the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, I sat in a session by Quentin Christensen, Program Manager at Microsoft, to see exactly what features will be available to end users.

What's New in Enterprise Content Management for SharePoint 2013 #spc12

The topic of enterprise content management (ECM) on SharePoint is always a hot one, and the hype is ever-growing with the 2013 release. 

SharePoint 2013 : Six Mobile Features for the Enterprise

Let’s face it, mobility should absolutely be on your radar if you’re an IT executive or decision maker. Whether your firm has a substantial investment in mobile devices for the workforce or you’ve adopted modern BYOD policies, you cannot ignore the impact of mobile devices on how we do business. Microsoft knows this, and has been hard at work to upgrade SharePoint’s plumbing in relation to the mobile experience.

SharePoint 2013: 5 Reasons Why the New App Model Will Make Everyone Happy

As I’m sure you’ve heard, on Monday Microsoft officially released the public preview for Office and SharePoint 2013. And although the NDA is still in place (super special people only), there’s a wealth of knowledge now in the public domain for consumption.

Book Review: The Heretic's Guide to Best Practices

Have you ever wondered why projects continue to fail miserably even when you throw plenty of PM hours towards them to prevent that from happening? How about design meetings that never get anywhere, because logical conversation is stifled?

Choosing SharePoint: An Innovative Approach to Just About Anything

I recently spoke with a client of mine on a new prospective project using SharePoint to deliver a records management solution. The solution was to replace an existing, outdated product that was in major need of a facelift.

Is Legal Ready for SharePoint?

Last year I wrote an article entitled “Is the Legal Industry Ready for SharePoint?”, as I had just gotten back from ILTA with fresh questions in my mind from inquiring customers about using the platform as a Document Management System (DMS), in lieu of Autonomy Worksite or OpenText DOCS Open. The article was a simple walk through on the viability of moving to SharePoint as a DMS in a law firm.

I’d like to expand on that topic now and share with you some of my experiences with respect to recent client engagements of this type.

Editor's Note: This article serves as part 2 of the article mentioned above.

CMIS Deep Dive, Roadmap & SharePoint's Implementation #spc11

At last week’s SharePoint Conference in Anaheim, I attended the “CMIS Deep Dive and Roadmap” session, which was led by Adam Harmetz, Program Manager at Microsoft and Microsoft’s lead CMIS rep; Mike Mahon, President and CEO of Zia Consulting; and Ryan McVeigh, Director at Zia Consulting and CMIS Secretary and Technical Editor. The talk opened up with Adam giving a brief overview of what CMIS is and what its goals are.

Microsoft's Vision, Strategy for the Future of Business Intelligence #spc11

The first session of the 2011 SharePoint conference I decided to check out was in regards to Microsoft’s vision for business intelligence (BI). This has been a hot topic for many readers who are interested in moving to SharePoint or are already invested in the platform. The presentation was delivered by Microsoft’s Steve Tullis, Group Program Manager for the Office BI team, and Kamal Hathi, General Manager of the BI Group in Microsoft SQL Server.

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