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Mini News & Analysis

Out of Nowhere, the iPad Mini Retina Goes On Sale

iPadminiretina.pngRather than announce a release date and get iFans stoked, Apple sneakily updated its  online store overnight. Now available: its latest and likely most sought after mini tablet.

The starting-at-$399 iPad Mini Retina will sit alongside the iPad Air as two of this season's hot sellers, although there is even more competition than last year.

Samsung Unveils Galaxy S4 Mini, Now Packs a 4.3" Screen

samsung galaxy s4 mini android

As part of the Galaxy family's ever-growing line up, Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy S4 Mini for those with diminutive digits, but while the baby of its own family, it is still a touch bigger than an iPhone 5. 

Samsung Galaxy Line-up Adds Mega, Mini and S4 Active to the Roster

Samsung Galaxy Line-up Adds Mega, Mini and Tough to the Roster

South Korean mega-vendor Samsung keeps churning out the devices to cover every conceivable base and user need, with the new Mega 6.3" screen phablet joining a waterproof S4 model, with an S4 mini confirmed on the way. 

Samsung Unveils A Titanium Galaxy SIII Model as Apple iPhone 5 Orders Drop

samsung_titanium_thumb.jpg Information released over the weekend shows Samsung's Galaxy range ship over 100 million units, with a new Titanium model going on-sale, while Apple is supposed to be reducing build orders for the iPhone 5. The Galaxy range now has massive appeal across the board, while Apple's take-our-model-or-leave-it approach may now be starting to bite.

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